They Club Seals Don't They?

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated" Gandhi

The animal advocacy organization will stop distributing a New Yorker-style cartoon protesting the annual Canadian seal hunt after the North American distributor of Canadian Club whisky failed to see the humour in the drawing of a seal requesting a drink from a bartender with: "Anything but a Canadian Club." On the back of the postcard is a photograph of a hunter about to club a seal. Globe and Mail

There is no pain-numbing clubbing before the animal is bled to death in ritual Islamic slaughter. PETA is looking for animal suffering in all the wrong places.

Muslim community calls PQ alarmist over halal meat

Members of the Muslim community, however, say the PQ has mischaracterized the issue and is being unduly alarmist. The only difference between halal meat and the meat sold for general consumption, they say, is that the animals are first blessed before being slaughtered – in the same manner that other animals are slaughtered in the province. Globe and Mail, October 15, 2012

The preceding statement is true only if ritual slaughter in Canadian slaughterhouses is different from that in France, which I doubt.

All that Quebecquers wanted was assurances that the meat they purchase at their local supermarket has not come from an animal ritually i.e. tortured to death, as the French have recently discovered; animal suffering is the issue, not the blessing.

If only you could be both a believer and vegetarian:

Three women approached the Prophet one day. One of them said, “O Prophet! My husband has shunned the company of his wife.” The second said, “My husband has stopped eating meat!” The third said, “My husband has stopped using perfume!”

Hearing the women, the Prophet was upset. He saw that misguided ideas were beginning to take root amongst his followers.

Although it was not the time for any mandatory prayer, he proceeded to the mosque. He went in such a great hurry that even his cloak was not properly placed on his shoulder and one end of it was touching the ground. He ordered the people to assemble in the mosque. People rushed there leaving aside their tasks.

The Prophet ascended the pulpit and said,” I have heard that my companions are getting wrong ideas.” He added, “I am Allah’s Messenger, I eat meat and delicious food! I wear good clothes! I wear perfumes and keep the company of my wives and have conjugal relations with them! Whosoever opposes my ways is not my follower!”

The Prophet has repeated this sentence on several occasions: "One who does not adopt my ways is not a Muslim". Wasa'il