The Mosque Murders

The Danger in Slandering your Benefactors

In The Fractured Nation Interviews it is the murder of a Muslim at a mosque in the province of Quebec that a guest of Johnny MacDonald maintains was the seminal event which led to the breakup of Canada.

If Sunday night's confrontation between two guests of Guy A. Lepage, host of Québec's most watch current affairs program Tout le monde en parle is any indication, the real life heinous murder of six men may turn out to be just that if activists in Allah's Cause do not tone down their accusations of racism and xenophobia on the part of the society which welcomed and sheltered believers in their thousands e.g. during the Algerian civil war (1993 and 1998), and continues to do so, .

Within seconds of the start of a discussion ostensibly about promoting religious tolerance and understanding after the mosque murders came the accusations of racism, with the now ubiquitous champion of a religion which considers them stupid and evil, the hijab wearing activist accusing the Parti Québecquois of xenophobia.

A polite rebuttal by another guest of Mr. Lepage, none other than Martine Ouellet an elected member of the Parti Québécois  who is seeking the leadership of the Bloc Québécois in Ottawa who said she was deeply hurt by Ms. Dalila Awada's accusations. Ms. Awada, when confronted, mollified her accusations of racism and xenophobia somewhat but the intent was clear.

Unfounded accusations of racism to camouflage a religious agenda, as was evident when the discussion shifted to whether the gains made by the Quiet Revolution towards a more secular society must be abandoned to accommodate Islam, must eventually rebound on the accusers. And when that happens, the separatist movement will have found a new raison-d'être, safeguarding the gains made by a Revolution started by the Liberals of Jean Lesage.

The Quiet Revolution Part II, if The Interviews are any indication, may not be as quiet as when progressive politicians confronted a church that was willing to take NO for an answer.

February 13, 2017

Enough Canada and Québec Bashing, Already!

3:85 Whoever seeks a religion other than Islam, it will never be accepted from him, and in the Hereafter he will be one of the losers.

Terror and the promise of more brutal horrors has been very successful in changing society, for better or for worse depending on your point of view.  For reasons expressed in Terrorism as a Force for Change the six innocent men shot to death in a Quebec City mosque will not further the killer's objective, but have the opposite effect.

Within 24 hours of the shootings, Konrad Yakabuski of the Globe and Mail, in writing about the massacre, suggested that this would be a good time for the government to abandon legislation which would require those who dispense and/or receive some government services to show their faces.

Since the mosque murders, Canadians in general, and Quebecquers in particular, have been blasted in the English media for our alleged Islamophobia, with Canada's newspaper of record leading the charge with some of the most inflammatory misleading headlines and content. Example:

A message to the Muslim children left fatherless

Despite our best efforts to alert decision-makers that we feared the rise of Islamophobia in Canada, including in Quebec, it wasn’t enough to save your fathers.

Amira Elghawaby, Communications Director at the National Council of Canadian Muslims, Globe and Mail, February 5, 2017

The number one reason so many Muslim children have no one to call father has nothing to do with acts of terrorism which are emblematic of the Religion of Peace; but I digress.

Also, to say that Québec has not done enough to counter a legitimate fear of Islam is grossly unfair. It was the first province to introduce mandatory Islamic studies in the public school system. In effect, sacrificing gains made during the Quiet Revolution to accommodate the Religion of Peace, after denying the Catholic Church the right to interfere in the public education system.

And what of the Supreme Court of Canada condoning the doing away with a secular public education to allow Islam to be taught to non-Muslim students. No other Western country has yet gone this far, risking their children's education in values they hold dear to accommodate a religion which brooks no equal.

Bernard Payeur, March 9, 2017