Ten Letters and Twenty Books

The following letter, along with the two books mentioned within, was mailed on March 31, 2017 to the Honourable Hedy Fry, Chair of the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage and the other nine members of her committee who have been tasked with substantiating the accusations made in Motion 103 and reporting back to Parliament no later than November.

March 31, 2017

The Honourable Hedy Fry

c/o Mr. Andrew Bartholomew Chaplin,

Clerk  of the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage

Sixth Floor, 131 Queen Street

House of Commons

Ottawa K1A 0A6

Dear Ms. Fry,

Re: Motion 103

Please find enclosed my contribution to an informed debate on Islamophobia.

It may be presumptuous on my part, but I consider it essential that committee members, as moderators of this milestone discussion, be fully conversant with what it means to be a Muslim, a Christian or a Jew according to Islam's core religious text.

You will not find a more comprehensive account of what they have in common and where they invariably and irrevocably diverge, as revealed in the Koran, than in Shared Prophets, Boreal Books, 2012.

Shared Prophets brings together revelations i.e. immutable facts communicated to a mortal by a god, about the Biblical heroes, and the odd villain, whom Allah invited to strut their stuff on His stage, the Koran. Do not assume that because you have read the Bible, you know their story. Allah's varied recollections of what they actually said and did will both amaze you and fill you with a new understanding of what it's all about.

Islamophobia implies a fear of Islam. It is my contention that this fear originates, in part, in what people believe the Koran has to say about making war on unbelievers. Find out what you need to know about Allah's ground-breaking concept of a near perpetual unrelenting holy war, how it was first put into practice and its modern often old-fashioned singularly cruel manifestation*, in Jihad in the Koran, Boreal Books, 2012.

I hope you will accept my books in the spirit that they are given, and that you will find them helpful.

Sincerely Yours


Bernard Payeur

Enclosed: Shared Prophets, Jihad in the Koran


* Old-fashioned refers to one of the methods used by the Prophet, whose example is a precedent for those who would rule in Allah's Name, to eliminate his opponents and impress the living who would deny the supremacy of the new religion: the mass beheadings, e.g. the Massacre of the Banu Qurayzah.

The first to do as God's Messenger did was his immediate successor Abu Bakr during the revolt of the Apostates. His kin in name and in outlook Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi continues that terrifying tradition, knives replacing the sword with accomplished swordsmen not as common today as they were then making today's slaughter of unbelievers, where guns are not used, more gruesome and agonizing than need be.

Allah, like His acclaimed last and greatest spokesperson is all for an exemplary mass beheading of unbelievers before proceeding with the enslavement or release of the lucky ones: revelation 47:4. Holy warriors should not be in a hurry to claim enemies of Allah as their chattel until a reasonable number have been slain; His warning to His Prophets, revelation 8:67, is also applicable to them, if not more so.

Please note that the preceding explanation was not part of the letters.