The Islamic Hereafter

Paperback, 132 pages

The Islamic Hereafter is all about pleasure and pain – hedonistic pleasures and agonizing pain. While Muslim children are expected to have read the entire Koran by the age of seven, The Islamic Hereafter is not for children whose parents are not into persuasion through terror.

If Allah’s revelations about the appalling indescribable pain and cruelty unbelievers can expect on Judgement Day, and later when He confines them all in His Hell, are not enough to cause them to experience unforgettable bone-chilling nightmares, His Messenger’s ghastly visions of a claustrophobic zombie-like existence underground surely will.

Hell is visible from the glorious heights of Paradise, and the unbelievers burning therein will be part of the entertainment for those worthy of Allah's Beneficence.

Allah's Paradise is very much a lustful desert dweller's utopia, an oasis cum pleasure abode with all the amenities such men would expect to find there such as "cushions and superb rugs … uplifted mattresses ... ranged couches in the shade." Amenities meant to make nearly non-stop fornicating for an eternity with "wide-eyed houris ...  purified spouses ... virtuous maidens averting their gaze" as comfortable as only a god can make it.


Revelations and Generalizations

Life in the Grave

Judgement Day

The Great Blasphemy

Answering Your Questions about the Day *


The Charmer

The Driver

Children Scared White


A Trick Question

Blue-Eyed with Terror and Flatterers Only

No Excuses

Witnesses for the Prosecution

The Messengers, the Scale and Inconsistencies

The Naked Ones and How Long

Partners in Crime

Questions About Bones

Gog and Magog on the Last Day

The True Promise


The Nuts and Bolts*

Distance from Hell

Food and Drinks*

A Man's Paradise*

An Eyewitness Account

The Tracks of Heaven


Fire and Flesh

On the Wall Between Heaven and Hell

An Eyewitness Account

Women on Fire

An Argument between Heaven and Hell

The Bridge over Hell as Purgatory


Pillars of Faith


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