Children and the Koran

The End of Empathy

Fall 2017. Not a children's book!

Cover is from an 123RF stock photo which has been embossed for artistic purposes and to obscure the identity of the children photographed reading the Koran.


Getting Kids To Feel Nothing

An Invitation to Brutality

Safeguarding Antipathy

Instilling a Lifelong Desire to Kill and be Killed

Little Boys Learning To Hate Little Girls and Little Girls To Hate Themselves

Allah Really Hates Homosexuals

Slave Girls, Oh Boy!

Paradise, the Final Obscenity

The Petra-Khidr Influence

Imagination, Freewill and the Lies We Are Told

A Brilliant Malevolent Idea

Allah's Worse Nightmare

Teach Your Children Well

If the arguments made here have not convinced you of the pressing need for Western nations to make the Koran for adults only, nothing else will!