Persona Non Grata

On January 1, I called it quits, then, the flagship of Canadian print media denied me a platform on which to express an opinion on Motion 103.

Conservatives argue motion to condemn Islamophobia impacts freedom of speech

Globe and Mail, February 15, 2016.

My Comments:

As we accept more and more refugees and immigrants whose values and beliefs are often at odds with our own, which one will change the other for the better, and who is to define what the better is. Today, to favour one over the other, even if you are Muslim, is to invite accusations of being an Islamophobe or of spreading Islamophobia.

If there is a fear of Islam it is not of the person, but of its sacred texts, the Koran in particular. If a discussion of Islamophobia leads to a discussion of the Koran it will be time well spent.

For years I have argued on my website for such a discussion. The world desperately needs an honest discussion about Islam, starting with an unfettered dialogue on the Koran, if we are to allay the fear of the other and foster a trust in the other that is sadly lacking and a reason to fear that the worst is yet to come.

The Globe and Mail's Response:

This account has been disabled indefinitely.

Good Luck and Goodbye

January 1, 2017 - If you are lucky, you will not lose your job in a trade war. Luck to save your life may be harder to come by with the easily provoked pathological twitter (sic) in the White House that is the answer to an Islamist's prayer and Israel's worse nightmare, which it has mistaken for a dream come true.

In a previous life, before I decided to abandon a thriving consultancy to apply my training and experience to a systematic review of the Koran, I was asked by a senior government official to include in a cost benefit analysis an estimate of the value of the life of an aboriginal.

I imagine that during the discussions the Honourable Stephen Dion had with his officials, before he signed off on the sale of 16 billion dollars' worth of mobile gun platforms to serial abusers of human rights, it was mentioned that they would be used by Muslims to kill Muslims. Did this factor in their cost benefit analysis of the deal?

I doubt very much had this been a sale of weaponry to a despotic Christian regime to be used against Christians, that it would have been approved.

To Professor Daniel Turp, who is challenging this adjectively immoral transaction in court, good luck and a happy new year! You have my sympathies, for your happiness will have to come from fighting the good fight and losing, and there is not much fun in that, no matter what they say.

And good luck to the planet in 2017 which promises to be a make it or break it year, where global warming is concerned.

"Global warming," a software engineer told me not long ago, half jokingly, "was God doing a reset."

If humanity's alleged invisible friend would prefer to see us fried and baked rather than allow His beautiful Creation to be transformed into a dark and dreary place made-to-measure for His nemesis then, we are literally toast.

The election of a climate change denier and a born-again believer in Armageddon as President, which could put an end to any chance we have of saving our fragile home in space, may be an indication of the Almighty's intentions.

But, why worry about a slow burn when Doomsday fanatics on both side of the religious divide are working hard to see all of us incinerated in a nuclear fire so that their variation of a fickle god can bring us back to life to be judged.

They may not agree on where we will all meet after death, Dabiq or Megiddo, but there is a consensus, in my opinion – the election of Trump being one manifestation of that consensus – that in 2017 the battle for religious supremacy, Jesus or Muhammad, will take on a new urgency.

The Way is survival. Here is wishing that in 2017, against all odds, sanity will prevail and we will discover a way of avoiding burning to death, period!

Good Luck ... I'm out of here!

Has it been almost 14 years?

Yes it has. I started in April of 2003.

Boreal will now become mostly an archive site where you can research more than a thousand always relevant mostly scripture-inspired postings.

Thank you, it's been fun.

Bernard Payeur, January 1, 2017