A Fear of the Irrational

Trump's choice for national security adviser, retired US Army three-star lieutenant-general Michael Flynn, tweeted in February 2016 that the "fear of Muslims is rational". Is he correct?

An irrational fear is being afraid of something when you have no reason to be apprehensive. If you have not read the Koran, then your fear of Islam could rightly be called irrational. If you have read the Koran, your apprehension is more than justified.

In Mein Kampf a man ranted about a superior race. In the Koran, a god makes the same type of claim to superiority for those who believe in Him exclusively and seek to impose His Will on those who don't.

A mortal's absurd i.e. irrational idea about race brought us the Holocaust. A god's thinking along the same line caused even more death and destruction; with a promise of much more to come.

Allah was initially comfortable with his followers only imposing His Will on those whom He calls idolaters, who had no choice but to submit or die.

61:9 It is He Who sent His Messenger forth with the guidance and the religion of truth, to make it triumph over every religion, even though the idolaters may be averse.

According to Moududi, the "Period of Revelation" for the surah i.e. chapter of the Koran containing this revealed truth (an immutable fact communicate to a mortal by a god) was sent shortly after the battle of Uhud, the only confrontation with the superior believers the idol worshippers won in the war that would see their eradication from the Peninsula.

… a study of its subject-matter shows that this Surah probably was sent down in the period closely following the Battle of Uhud, for by reading between the lines [we] perceive a clear description of the conditions that prevailed in that period.

The Koran is somewhat disorganized. There is no timeline per se. Unless there is mention of a known historical event, scholars can only speculate, as Moududi does, as to when Allah revealed what He revealed.

There is no need for speculation as to when surah 48 was sent down.

Al-Fath (The Victory) relates a milestone event in the war to rid the Peninsula of unbelievers which occurred after the successful defence of Medina and the massacre of the  men of the; Banu Qurayzah: the signing of the Treaty Hudaibiyah.

The massacre of a People of the Book was a game changer, not to make light of a pitiless deplorable act, and in effect made them candidates for conversion or slaughter in Allah's Cause, the Jizya notwithstanding, as confirmed by a subsequent revelation where Islam must be made to triumph over every religion, not just that of the idolaters.

48:28 It is He Who sent forth His Messenger with the guidance and the religion of truth, that He may exalt it above every other religion. Allah suffices as Witness.

Those who read Mein Kampf and, fearing the irrational, escaped to the Americas, survived. Those who didn't, died!

Today, there is no escaping the irrational; you stand your ground, you fight and win, or you die.

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Bernard Payeur