Women Who Bite Children to Death

From Lipstick and dresses return to Mosul’s streets, BBC. Excerpt title is mine.

I will never forget that awful day and what happened to a little seven-year-old on our street.

The girl had come down to the small neighbourhood shop to buy some sweets when IS militants approached her. The girl, chatting innocently to the old shop owner, was asked by the militants where her home was. She pointed it out before running and hiding.

Her parents come to see what was going on and the IS fighters lectured them about how their daughter was violating Sharia law by being alone with the seller.

Even this innocent young girl was not allowed to enjoy her childhood and go and buy sweets.

After a long debate, the fighters decided the girl's punishment was to be bitten or pinched in her face or on her hands by the women of the Hisba [the religious police], or the more adequately described "monsters of Hisba".

The terrified mother begged them to punish her instead of her young daughter but there is no room for discussion with IS.

The child was punished in front of her screaming mother. The monsters aggressively and repeatedly beat her and pinched her.

The child was screaming until she passed out and her heart stopped.

The wailing mother completely lost her mind when she saw her child die in front of her. The whole neighbourhood went mad in fear for our children after that day.

Maha, 36, Al Zuhour neighbourhood

BBC 22 May 2017