Getting to Know Allah - Legacy Edition

Paperback, 310 pages

Getting to Know AllahIn the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful is the phrase you hear Muslims repeating over and over during their daily prayers, and almost every time the name Allah is mentioned in print or during a conversation.

111:1 Perish the hands of Abu Lahab, and may he perish too;

111:2 Neither his wealth nor what he has earned will avail him anything.

111:3 He will roast in a flaming fire,

111:4. And his wife will be a carrier of fire-wood,

111:5. She shall have a rope of fibre around her neck.

If compassionate is defined as being aware of the suffering of an other and wishing to relieve it, and merciful as being unconditionally kind and forgiving, then these are not the qualities we would associate with the author of verses about roasting a man over an open fire, with his wife, tethered like an animal, supplying the firewood fueling the flame that is burning her husband.

Does it matter that Abu Lahab and his wife, in the early days, did not hide their disdain for the Prophet Muhammad and his new religion? It matters to Allah, and what matters to Allah is what Getting to Know Allah is all about.

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1 - Revelations and Generalizations

Three Translations, One Interpretation

Insights Into Omnipotence

2 - Allah's Mercy

A Conditional Type Of Mercy

Terrified Into Believing

Allah’s Way of Old

Unbelievers Not by Choice

3 - Salih and The Destruction of Thamud


4 - Allah Days

A Litany of Death and Destruction

Allah’s Covenant with His Prophets

The World Before and After the Messengers

Why No Roofs and Stairways of Silver 

Messengers to the Common People

 Allah Days or the Nearer Punishment

5 - Allah and the Crime of No Longer Believing

The Example of Pharaoh

Repentance Denied 

"Kill them wherever you find them"

Telling Apostates and Believers Apart On Judgement Day

6 - Allah vs. Alleged Associates

The Largest and Heaviest of Gods

Phantasmagorical Creations of God and Man

“Is there, then, another god with Allah?”

Goddesses and the Fathers Who Worshipped Them

Children! Do Not Obey Parents Who Worship ...

Gog and Magog

Alexander and the Wall

The True Promise

7 - Allah’s Parables



Parables and Slaves

Mixed Metaphors 

8 - Allah, Two Boys and A Dog

9 - Allah's Do Not Do List 

Grave Sins - An Introduction

The Greatest Sin of All

The Top 40

10 Made Up Sins

Tips for Avoiding the Grave Sins

10 - Allah and the Ptolemaic Universe

The Near-Earth Constellations

11 - Allah and the Shape of the Earth

Floating on a Sea of Mud

Pointed Revelations About a Flat Earth

Who Stops the Sky From Falling?

Full Circle in Seven Verses

12 - Allah’s Calendar

The Names Of The Months

Year Zero

13 - Allah and the Beginnings of Life

A Fluid Beginning

Bones Then Flesh

Beware of the Clot

It's All About the Sperm

Things Which Don’t Come in Pairs

Allah as Proof that Imperfection Is Pervasive

14 - Allah and the Jinn

The Myth and the Reality

How the Jinn Heard About the Koran etc.

How the Jinn Heard About the Koran

Jinn and Men Together on Judgement Day

Messengers to the Jinn

The Jinn and the Prophet's Grandfather

15 - Allah and She Who Blows in Reeds

16 - Allah and the Unseen

17 - All-Sufficient Heart Reader

18 - Allah's Bounties

19 - The Rainmaker

20 - Allah on the Present Life


21 - Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

Not Doing What is Being Asked as a Sign

Why No Signs for the Messenger

22 - The Eternal Adolescent

Doomed Children at Play

The Responsible Adult v. The Adolescent

More Destruction, Less Creation

Playing With Toys

Hooked On Praise

I AM the Greatest! Worship ME!

23 - One-on-One with Allah

24 - Prayers

Negotiating the Prayers

The Call to Prayer

Prayers in War and Peace

An Answer to a Prayer

The Night Too Is For Praying

The Prayer of the People of Paradise

25 - Pilgrimages - The Hajj and the Umrah

The Importance of Mecca

Safa and Marwa

Deaths, Molestations and Managing the Hajj

Safely accommodating millions more pilgrims at the Hajj

The Anthropological Impact of the Hajj

Post Pilgrimage Rituals and Early Departures

26 - Ramadan

Ramadan in the Land of the Midnight Sun

If Truth Be Told!

27 - Allah Does Not Care for Homosexuals

The Foul Act

Crime and Punishment

Where Homosexuals Go When They Die

28 - Allah Despises the Riba-Eaters

The Prophet as Borrower

29 - Allah Loves His Messenger Perhaps More Than He Loves Orphans

30 - Allah Loves His Cattle; Dogs, Not So Much

An Ode to Cattle

Domesticated in Paradise

Water, Men and Cattle

Allah on the Versatility of His Cattle

Slicing the Ears of Cattle

Dogs in a Cattle World

31 - Allah's Charity Is Not All It Seems

32 - Oaths Can Be Broken

33 - Immutable Truths About Slavery

A God’s Dilemma

Why Slavery Cannot Simply Be Abolished

Slavery and the Prophet

34 - The Babylonian Exile and the Roman Diaspora

35 - Trees to Impress a God

36 - You Are What You Eat

The Table Is Set

Pork is for Other Gods

Vegetarians are not Muslims

What Do the Jews Have To Do With It!

Where You May Dine

Why Some Gods Go Hungry

37 - Tidbits Meccan Surahs

38 - Tidbits Medinan Surahs

It Wasn’t Always Like That

39 - Arabs, Before and After

40 - Competing Word Views

41 - The Cartoon Protests


42 - Pillars

Pillars of Faith

Pillars of Islam

43 - The First Koran