The Islamic Hereafter

Hell I

The Islamic Hereafter36:59 “Be singled out today, O criminals.

36:60 “Did I not exhort you, O Children of Adam, not to worship Satan? For he is a manifest enemy of yours.

36:61 “And worship Me; for this is a straight path.

36:62 “He has surely led astray numerous generations of you. Did you not understand, then?

36:63 “This, then, is Hell which you were promised.

36:64 “Burn in it today for what you used to disbelieve.”


39:71 And the unbelievers shall be driven to Hell in throngs; so that when they have reached it, its gates will be opened and its keepers will say to them: “Have not Messengers from your own people come to you reciting to you the Revelations of your Lord and warning you against the Encounter of this your Day?” They will say: “Yes, indeed”; but the word of punishment has come to pass against the unbelievers.

39:72 It will be said: “Enter the gates of Hell, dwelling therein forever. Wretched is the dwelling of the arrogant.”


40:59 The Hour is indeed coming, no doubt about it; but most people do not believe.

40:60 Your Lord has said: “Call on me and I will answer you. Those who are too proud to worship Me shall enter Hell totally abased.”


40:73 Then it will be said to them: “Where are those you used to set up as associates,

40:74 “Apart from Allah?” They will say: “They strayed away from us. Indeed, we did not call upon anything formerly.” Thus Allah leads the unbelievers astray.

40:75 That is because you used to rejoice on earth in what is other than the truth and because you use to frolic.

40:76 Enter then the gates of Hell, dwelling therein forever. Evil is the dwelling of the arrogant.


76:4 We have prepared for the unbelievers chains and fetters and a blazing fire.

The keeper of Allah’s Hell is a fellow named Malik.

43:74 Indeed, the criminals shall suffer the punishment of Hell forever.

43:75 They will not be relieved and they are in it completely confounded.

43:76 We did not wrong them, but they were the wrongdoers themselves.

43:77 They call out: “O Malik, let your Lord be done with us.” He will say: “You are surely staying on”.

Another word for Hell is Gehennam.

32:12 If only you could see how the criminals are hanging their heads down before their Lord, saying: “Our Lord, we have seen and heard; so send us back that we might do the righteous deed. Now we believe with certainty.”

32:13 Had We wished, We would have granted every soul its guidance, but My Word is now fulfilled: “I shall fill Gehennam (Hell) with jinn and men, all together.”

And still another is Saqar, a place where everything is flammable.

74:25 “This is only the discourse of mortals.”

74:26 I will roast him (The reference is to al-Walib Ibn al-Mughirah an enemy of Islam) in Saqar.

74:27 If only he knew what is Saqar.

74:28 It leaves nothing or spares nothing.

74:29 Scorching mankind.

Saqar is guarded by nineteen angels.

74:30 Upon it stand nineteen guards.

Allah revealed the number of angels guarding Hell as proof for Christians and Jews that He knows what he is talking about and to make a statement about freewill.

74:31 We have only made angels the guardians of the Fire; and we have not fixed their number except as a temptation for those who have disbelieved; so that those who received the Book (Christians and Jews) might be certain and those who have believed increase in belief; and that those who received the Book and the believers together may not doubt; and that those in whose hearts there is a sickness together with the unbelievers [might say]: “What did Allah mean by this allegory?” Thus Allah leads those whom he wishes astray and guides those whom He wishes rightly. None knows the hosts of your Lord except He. He is only a reminder for mankind.

Hell’s Fire will never go out or lose its intensity.

17:97 Whoever Allah guides is certainly well-guided, and those whom He leaves in error you shall not find for them, besides Allah, any protectors. We shall gather them on the Day of Resurrection, falling on their faces, blind, dumb and deaf. Their dwelling shall be Hell, and whenever it abates, We shall rekindle its flames.

Hell is a warning for mankind!

74:32 By the moon;

74:33 And the night when it recedes;

74:34 And the morning when it lights up.

74:35 Surely it is one of the great ordeals (Hell),

74:36 A warning to mankind;

74:37 To whoever of you wishes to advance or retreat.

Verses about criminals burning in Hell e.g. 43:74 may not refer to ordinary criminals such as robbers and murderers, but again to unbelievers, as is the case for wrongdoers.

74:38 Every soul is a hostage to what it has earned;

74:39 Except for the Companions of the Right;

74:40 In Gardens (Paradise), they will ask,

74:41 Concerning the criminals:

74:42 “What drove you into Saqar?”

74:43 They will say: “We were not among those who prayed,

74:44 “And we were not among those who fed the destitute;

74:45 “And we used to romp with the rompers;

74:46 “And we used to deny the Day of Judgement;

74:47 “Till the Certainty came to us.”

Allah said it before, and He will say it again here. Intercessors will not do you any good even if they are from your own family or your kin!

74:48 But the intercession of the intercessors will avail them nothing.


70:10 And no friend shall ask an intimate friend.

70:11 They shall be made to see each other. The criminal wishes that he would be redeemed from the punishment on that day by his sons;

70:12 His spouse and his brother;

70:13 And his clan, who gives him refuge;

70:14 And everyone on earth, then that he might save  him.

Allah likes to anthropomorphize i.e. ascribe human features to things, including natural and supernatural phenomena – take His beloved Fire for example.  In surah 104, The Backbiter he refers to Hell’s Fire as the Smasher whose flames creeps toward victims bound and stretched out on pillars and eventually will reach and burn through their flesh to reach and burn their hearts.

104:5 And if only you knew what is the Smasher.

104:6 It is Allah’s kindled Fire,

104:7 Which attains even the hearts.

104:8 Upon them it is closing in;

104:9 On pillars stretch out.

Same thing for Hell, for Allah it is a living thing.

67:6 And to those who have disbelieved in their Lord, the punishment of Hell is reserved; and what an evil resort!

67:7 When they are cast into it, they hear its heavy breathing, as it boils over.

67:8 It almost bursts with rage. Every time a new throng is cast into it, its keepers ask them: "Has no warner come to you?”


25:11 No, they deny the Hour; yet We have prepared for those who deny the Hour a blazing Fire.

25:12 When it (Hell) sights them from a distance, they hear its raging and exhalation.

25:13 And if they are hurled in a narrow space therein, tied up in fetters, they would call out there for ruination.

25:14 Call not out today for one ruination, but call out for many ruination.

On Judgement Day Hell will be brought forward; a living Hell whose sadistic punishment has surpassed that of its Lord, revelation 89:25 – as if that was possible.

89:21 No; when the earth is demolished completely.

89:22 And your Lord comes, together with the angels, in rows upon rows

Angels come in a variety of configurations which would make the spectacle even more impressive.


35 Sûrat Fâtir

In the Name of Allah,

the Compassionate, the Merciful

35:1 Praise be to Allah, Originator of the heavens and the earth, Who appointed the angels as messengers, having wings twofold, threefold and fourfold. He increases the creation as He wills. Allah, indeed, has power over everything.

89:23 And Hell is brought forth on that Day. Then man will remember on that Day; but wherefrom will remembrance come to him?

89:24 He will say: “Would that I had advanced something for (this) my life!”

89:25 On that Day, none shall punish like His punishment.

Allah appears much more at ease when He is describing the horrors of Hell than when He is expounding on the delights to be found in Heaven. The fact that Hell is a place where no distinction is made between men, women and children probably makes it much easier to describe than Paradise with its double standard for men and women.

48:6 And that He may punish the hypocrites, men and women, and the unbelievers, men and women, who think evil thoughts of Allah. Upon them is the evil turn of fortune. Allah is wrathful at them, curses them and has prepared Hell for them; and what a wretched fate!

15:43 “Hell shall be the appointed place for them all.

Hell has seven gates by which sinners will enter depending on the sins they committed.

15:44 "Seven gates it has; and to each gate a part of them is assigned."

Those condemned to roast in Allah’s Fire exist in a state between life and death.

87:10 He who fears shall remember;

87:11 And the most wretched shall refrain from it;

87:12 He who shall roast in the great Fire,

87:13 Then, he will neither die therein nor live.

Hell also has its couches but they are not as comfortable as those in heaven.

7:41 Hell shall be their couch and over them shall be canopies [of fire]. Thus We punish the wrongdoers.


38:55 “That is that, but the aggressors shall have the worst resort.

38:56 “Hell, in which they roast. Wretched is their couch!”

Refreshments are available but leave a lot to be desired.

38:57 “That, let them taste it, as boiling water and pus.

38:58 “And another, of the same kind, manifold.

Hail has hail. Who would have thought! The hail mentioned in verse 78:25 would also indicate that some parts of Allah’s Hell freeze over after all, and that Hell has some form of cloud cover.

78:21 Hell is, indeed, lying in ambush;

78:22 A refuge for the transgressors;

78:23 Tarrying therein for ages;

78:24 Wherein, they do not taste any coolness or fresh drinks,

78:25 Except for boiling water and freezing hail;

78:26 As an appropriate reward.

78:27 Indeed, they did not expect any reckoning;

78:28 And denounced Our Signs as lies.

78:29 Everything We have enumerated fully in a Book.

78:30 So taste. We will only increase your punishment.

And the food! You will eat like cattle, pus-eating cattle.

47:12 Allah shall admit those who believe and do the righteous deeds into gardens beneath which rivers flow; but the unbelievers shall take pleasure and eat like cattle, and the Fire shall be their abode.


69:33 “He certainly did not believe in Allah, the Sublime.

69:34 “And did not urge feeding the destitute;

69:35 “Therefore, today he shall have no intimate friend, here;

69:36 “And no food except foul pus;

69:37 “Which only the sinners will eat.”

You will choke on your food.

73:11 And let Me deal with those who deny and live in luxury; and give them a little respite.

73:12 We have indeed shackles and a blazing Fire;

73:13 And food upon which they choke and painful punishment.

At the bottom of the lowest level of Hell grows the tree of bitterness, the Zaqqum tree. It fruits may leave a lot to be desired and must be consumed while drinking boiling water and having boiling water poured on one’s head perhaps by Allah himself.

44:43 The Tree of Zaqqum (the Tree of Bitterness) will certainly be (sic)

44:44 The food of the sinner.

44:45 Like molten lead, which boils in the bellies;

44:46 Like boiling water.

44:47 “Take him and trust him  into the pit of Hell.

44:48 “Then poor over his head the agony of the boiling water;

44:49 “Saying: 'Taste, you are truly the mighty and noble one.’

44:50 “That is the punishment which you used to doubt.”

Workers of the world work, or taste that horrible tree:

37:58 “Are we not then going to die,

37:59 "Except for our first death? And will we not be punished?”

37:60 Surely, this is the great triumph.

37:61 For the like of this, let the workers work.

37:62 Is that a better outcome or the Tree of Bitterness?

37:63 We have made it a temptation for the wrongdoers.

37:64 It is a tree that grows out of the bottom of Hell;

37:65 Its shoots are like the heads of devils.

37:66 They shall eat from it till they fill their bellies.

37:67 In addition, they have with it a mixture of boiling water.

The Tree of Bitterness may just be a way station.

37:68 Then, their return is unto Hell.

Following in the footsteps of their parents, their parents’ parents …

37:69 Indeed, they found their fathers steeped in error.

37:70 And so they are fast following in their footsteps.

37:71 And before them, most of the ancients were in error.

37:72 We had sent among them some warners.

37:73 But behold what was the fate of those who were warned.

37:74 Except for Allah’s sincere servants.

Don’t expect a warm welcome … or is it expect a warm welcome?

38:59 “This is another throng marching with you; no welcome to them, they will roast in the Fire.”

People in Hell will fight among yourselves, accusing one another of having lied about Allah. They will ask Allah to increase the punishing of those who mislead them.

38:60 They say: “No welcome to you; you have offered it to us in advance, and what a wretched resting-place!”

38:61 They say: “Our Lord, whoever has offered this to us, multiply his punishment in the Fire.”

38:62 And they say: “What is it with us that we do not see men here we used to reckon among the wicked?

38:63 “We took them for a laughing-stock, or have our eyes been diverted away from them”?

38:64 This is perfectly true, the feuding of the people of the Fire.

In keeping with Allah’s creative mind when it comes to inflicting pain, the retribution for some will be in keeping with their sin.

9:35 On the Day when all that will be heated in the Fire of Hell, and their foreheads, sides and backs will be branded with it. This is what you hoarded for yourselves; taste now what you used to hoard.

What about people who accused the Prophet of plagiarism?

68:15 If our verses are recited to him, he says: “Legends of the ancients.”

68:16 We shall brand him upon the muzzle.

The Prophet only worships Allah, and so should you, unless you prefer awnings of fire above your head and beneath your feet.

39:14 Say: “Allah alone I worship professing to Him my religion sincerely.

39:15 “Worship, then, what you wish, apart from Him.” Say: “Indeed, those who have lost themselves and their families on the Day of Resurrection are the real losers. That is truly the manifest lost.”

39:16 They shall have over them awnings of fire and under them other awnings. That is what Allah frightens His servants with: “O My servants fear Me, then.”

Shades will not be made of fire but neither will they offer any relief from the heat or protection from the flame for those who did not believe in Allah’s Hell or Fire.

77:29 Go fourth to what you used to denounce as lies.

77:30 Go forth to a three-pronged shade;

77:31 Which neither shades nor avail against the flames.

Even in Hell clothing is not optional.

14:50 Their garments made of pitch, and their faces covered with fire.

People in Hell will not need the services of a barber.

70:15 No, it is truly a blazing fire;

70:16 Which strips off the scalps.

70:17 It summons him who has turned his back and fled;

70:18 And amassed wealth and hoarded it.

And entertainment will be fireworks like you have never seen before.

77:32 It (Hell) shoots forth sparks as huge as a castle;

77:33 Which look like golden camel-herds.

77:34 Woe betide, on that Day those who denounce.

Confessing your sins and asking forgiveness will only make it more likely that the Compassionate One will confine and torment you in His Hell for an eternity.

67:9 They will say: “Yes indeed; a warner came to us but we disbelieved and said: ‘Allah did not send down anything; you are simply in grave error.’"

67:10 And they will also say : “Had we listened or reasoned, we would not be among the companions of the Fire.”

67:11 So, they will confess their sin. Away, then, with the Companions of the Fire!”

Let us take a moment to remember the Companions of the Left, even if it is displeasing to the Compassionate One. While the Companions of the Right are pounding their couches, breaking hymens, popping grapes and drinking non-alcoholic wine, the Companions of the Left will be in Hell, in shackles.

56:41 As for the Companions of the Left; and what are the Companions of the Left?

56:42 Amid searing wind and boiling water;

56:43 And a shadow of thick smoke,

56:44 Which is neither cool nor bounteous.


89:26 And none shall bind with fetters like His.

You can do the righteous deed and still be a wrongdoer. It's not enough to do the good deed; you have to do the good deed right by Allah's standards.

35:36 But the unbelievers shall have the Fire of Hell, wherein they will not be finished off and die, nor will its punishment be lightened for them. Thus we will reward every thankless person.

35:37 Therein they will cry out: “Our Lord, bring us out and we will do the righteous deed, differently from what we used to do.” Did We not prolong your life sufficiently for him to remember who is apt to remember? The warner came to you, so taste now. The wrongdoers shall have no supporter.

Heaven or Hell! Which will it be? Only Allah knows for sure.

17:54 Your Lord knows you best. If He pleases, He will have mercy on you, and if He pleases He will torture you. We have not sent you to be their guardian.

Is Allah referring to the Prophet when He says: "If He pleases, He will have mercy on you, and if He pleases He will torture you"?


This is to declare that a Prophet is sent to convey the Message and not to decide whether a person will receive mercy or get chastisement. It does not, however, mean that, God forbid, the Holy Prophet himself did such a thing and Allah had to warn him. In fact, this is to warn the Muslims that when the Prophet himself is not in a position as to decide the fates of the people, they should never think of such a thing as to assign Paradise and Hell to anyone.