The Islamic Hereafter

Answering Your Questions about Judgement Day - Part II/V

You Have To Be Mad

The Islamic HereafterWhat is Judgement Day?

Judgement Day, for the believers, is the day when all of humanity and everyone who ever lived and died will be brought back to life to be judged and be admitted into heaven or cast into Hell.

Why a Judgement Day?

Judgement Day in the Koran, just like in the Bible, is strictly for show.

What do you mean Judgement Day is only for show?

Judgement Day is the second Judgement. According to the Prophet, just before you die you will be visited by the two angels who have been recording your good and bad deeds and in the blink of an eye your life will be flashed before your eyes. Then you really die and sink into the ground where you met your end to be immediately born again underground.

If your grave is comfortable and if you open the curtain and you see heaven, that is your ultimate destination; if your grave is cramped and unconformable and you open the curtain and you see Hell…, need I say more?

I get the picture. So, if Judgement Day is only for show who’s the show for?

Judgement Day will provide Allah with one last opportunity to humiliate you in front of the believers; to gloat and sneer at you for not believing; to publicly enjoy the terror that you will experience as you realize that there is no hope for you, that you will be spending an eternity in agony. Judgement Day is also to give the believers their own opportunity to laugh at you, to mock you as the Compassionate One drags you in chains, kicking and screaming into His Fire.

69:18 On that Day, you shall be paraded, not a whit of your deeds will be concealed.

Doesn’t sound like a compassionate God to me?

What can I say? For Allah, compassion means allowing you to believe in Him, to worship Him and only Him. If you did not do that while you were alive then you have no redeeming value whatsoever in His eyes and Hell is your final destination.

When will it start?

No one knows. Allah did not even confide the date to His most trusted and greatest Messenger.

7:187 They ask you about the Hour, when it will strike. Say: “The knowledge thereof is with my Lord; none but He will disclose it at the right time. It will be fateful in the heavens and on earth, and will not come upon you except suddenly.” They ask you, as though you know about it. Say: “The knowledge thereof is with Allah, but most people do not know.”

So, there will be no warning?

Not necessarily. The Prophet Muhammad said that when women outnumber men and women singers are everywhere the end will be near.

So women will be responsible for bringing on the end of the world?

While women figure prominently in Allah’s doomsday scenario, the Prophet Muhammad also said that when the end is near the worst people will be chosen as leaders and it is reasonable to assume that most of these will be men.

Is the Koran more specific about the end of the world?

If you see Allah coming down in a canopy of clouds, time's up.

2:208 O believers, enter into complete peace (submission) and do not follow in the footsteps of Satan; for he is truly your manifest enemy.

2:209 If however you slip after the clear proofs have come to you, know that Allah is Mighty, Wise.

2:210 Do they wait until Allah comes to them in canopies of clouds with the angels, and thus the matter is settled? Unto Allah all matters shall be referred.

Or, if you look up and heaven looks like Hell, and mountains are bounding around like tumbleweeds in the wind, if they have not been transformed into heaps of sand, then chances are big things are about to happen.

70:8 On the Day when heaven will be like molten brass;

70:9 And the mountains like tufted wool.


73:14 On the Day when the earth and the mountains shall tremble, and the mountains shall turn into heaps of sand. 

And there’s more. In response to a question about the Day of Resurrection here is what Allah had to say:

75:6 He asks: “When is the Day of Resurrection coming?”

75:7 Then, when the sight is dazzled;

75:8 And the moon is eclipsed;

75:9 And the sun and the moon are joined together;

75:10 Man will say on that Day; “Where is the escape?”

75:11 No, there shall be no escape.

The moon is on average 92 million miles or so from the sun. In any event, both the earth and the moon would be burnt to a cinder before any merging could take place.

The leader of a well-known terrorist group Boko Haram which literally means “non-Islamic education is a sin” would argue that you have been brainwashed. In an interview on the BBC he actually argued that the earth was flat because the Koran said so; and in the Koran, the moon and the sun would appear to be approximately the same size and occupy the same orbit, and their race across the sky is what causes night and day. If this is the case, on Judgement Day, one will catch up with the other and merge, causing the grey gloominess – neither night nor day – befitting Judgement Day.

That makes sense; but why did you answer yes and no to my question about the Koran being more specific about the signs that will indicate Judgement Day is imminent?

Because in other revelations, it’s not always the same scenario; for example, in the following revelations the sun does not merge with the moon but is all coiled up.

81:1 When the sun shall be coiled up;

81:2 And when the stars shall be scattered about;

81:3 And when the mountains shall be set in motion;

81:4 And when the pregnant camels shall be discarded;

81:5 And when the beasts shall be corralled;

81:6 And when the seas shall rise mightily;

81:7 And when souls shall be paired off;

81:8 And when the buried infant shall be asked:

81:9 “For what sins was she killed?”

81:10 And when the scrolls shall be unrolled;

81:11 And when heaven shall be scraped off;

81:12 And when Hell shall be stoked;

81:13 And when Paradise shall be brought near;

81:14 Then each soul shall know what it had brought forth.

You're making that up?

Would I lie to you?

81:15 No, I swear by the alternating stars;

81:16 Which circle then hide;

81:17 And the night when it recedes;

81:18 And the morning when it breaks,

81:19 It is truly the discourse of a noble Messenger (the Angel Gabriel, the Messenger to the Messenger who brought Allah’s revelations to the Prophet Muhammad);

81:20 Who has power, with the Lord of the Throne, and is highly placed;

81:21 Obeyed, then trustworthy.

You have to be mad!

It's the truth, and if you can't trust the angel Gabriel who told the Prophet what Allah told him, then who can you trust?

81:22 Your Companion (the Prophet Muhammad) is not mad;

81:23 He saw him (Gabriel) upon the luminous horizon.

The Charmer

I think I need a drink.

You won’t need a drink on Judgement Day to get drunk.

22:1 O people, fear your Lord. Surely the clamour of the Hour is a terrible thing.

22:2 The Day you will witness it, every suckling mother will be distracted from the child she is suckling, and every pregnant woman will deliver her burden, and you will see people drunk, whereas they are not drunk; but the punishment of Allah is terrible. 

How will it start?

It may start with a beast coming out of the ground. A beast which may or may not be Allah in disguise. On the cusp of Judgement Day, knowing full well the answer, the beast will ask a “throng” from each nation why they denied its Signs.

27:82 And when the Word (the Devine Decree) is fulfilled against them, We shall bring out of the earth for them a beast which shall address them thus: “Mankind has not believed with certainty in Our Signs.”

27:83 On the Day when we shall muster from each nation a throng of those who denied Our Signs; then they will be held in check.

27:84 Until they come forward and He says: “Have you denied My Signs, and did not comprehend them? Otherwise, what were you doing?”

Knowing the answer, there may have been no point in giving “the throngs” the opportunity to answer.

27:85 And the Word shall come down upon them for their wrongdoing and so they will not speak.

There will be no rest for the wicked, and the believers may be too excited with all the stuff going on to even think of taking a nap; but still Allah will remind “the throngs” about why He made the night and the day, on a day when it will be impossible to distinguish day from night.

27:86 Do they not see that We made the night, so that they might rest in it, and the day so that they might see? Surely in that are signs for a believing people.

Will the beast have a number like in The Book of Revelation?

Probably not. I don’t think it’s that type of beast.

What next?

A trumpet will be blown; but before continuing I must tell you that scholars disagree on the sequence as to whether the beast comes before the trumpet is blown or after.

Fair enough! So who will be blowing what has to be a humongous trumpet if everyone on earth is expected to hear it?

It will be a trumpet whose blast will be so powerful that it will literally wake up the dead. The angel Israfil, who has been waiting all his life for this one big occasion will do the honours, blowing his massive horn – not once, but twice.

The first blow will kill anyone who is still living, including Jesus. After everyone is dead, Israfil will blow his horn a second time. This second blast will raise the dead who will begin marching out of their graves like zombies (or maybe locusts) in a ghoulish procession in the direction of the angel blowing the trumpet. Islamic tradition claims this place where everyone will gather to be somewhere in present day Syria.

39:68 And the Trumpet shall be blown, so that whoever is in the heavens and on earth shall be made to expire, save him whom Allah wishes. Then it shall be blown another time, and behold, they shall arise, looking out.

36:51 And the Trumpet is blown, then behold how from their graves, unto their Lord, they slink away.

36:52 They will say: “Woe betide us; whoever has roused us from our sleep? This is what the All-Compassionate has promised, and the Messengers have spoken the truth.”

36:53 It was only a single cry, and behold they were all brought before Us.

36:54 So, today no soul shall be wronged a whit, and you will only be rewarded for what you used to do.


54:7 They will come out of their graves, with their eyes downcast, as if they were swarming locusts,

54:8 Scrambling towards the caller. The unbelievers will say: “This is a very hard day.”


39:69 And the earth shall shine with the light of its Lord and the Book shall be laid down. Then, the Prophets and the witnesses shall be brought forward, and judgement shall be passed justly between them, and they shall not be wronged.

39:70 Every soul shall be paid in full for what it has done, and He knows best what they do.

Most will walk towards Allah in rows upon rows.

18:47 And on the Day We shall cause the mountains to move and you see the earth uncovered, and We gather them all, having left no one behind.

18:48 And they will be brought before your Lord in rows: “Now you come to Us as We created you for the first time. Nay, you claimed that We would not fix for you an appointed time.”

Will it be a long walk?

Not for the God-fearing.

50:31 Paradise will be brought closer to the God-fearing, not a far distance.

50:32 “This is what you were promised; to every penitent keeper (of Allah’s ordinances),

50:33 “He who fears the Compassionate in the Unseen and comes forward with a penitent heart.

50:34 “Enter it in peace; that is the Day of Immortality.”

50:35 They will have whatever they desire therein, and We have yet much more.


16:30 And, it is said to those who fear God: “What has your Lord revealed?” They say: “Something good.” To those who do good in this world is the good reward; and the Hereafter is surely much better. Blessed indeed is the abode of the God-fearing!

16:31 Gardens of Eden they shall enter, beneath which rivers flow. They will have therein whatever they desire. Thus Allah rewards the God-fearing.

16:32 Those whom the angels will carry off while in a state-of-grace, saying: “Peace upon you; enter Paradise for what you did.”

16:33 Do they only expect that the angels should come to them, or that your Lord’s Command should come? This is what those who came before them did. Allah did not wrong them, but they wronged themselves.

16:34 They were afflicted by the evil consequences of their actions, and were overtaken by what they mocked (the punishment).

What about those on whom Allah will inflict evil for whatever they did?

An interesting concept, doing evil to those who did evil. But that was not your question. Those who will suffer the evil consequences. i.e. Hell will also be carried off by angels but the flight will not be as pleasant.

47:27 How, then, will it be when the angels shall carry them off, beating their faces and their buttocks?

47:28 That is because they have followed what has angered Allah and were averse to His good pleasure. So He has foiled their works.

How will they be able to do that while carrying them? Do angels have claws for feet like hawks?

I doubt it. Maybe one angel will do the lifting and another the beating. After all, there will be two of them, each wondering who will be the charmer.

Who will be the what???

75:20 No indeed, you loved the present life;

75:21 And forsake the Hereafter.

75:22 On that Day, faces shall be radiant,

75:23 Looking upon their Lord.

75:24 And faces, on that Day, shall be scowling;

75:25 Thinking that a disaster shall be wrecked upon them.

75:26 No indeed, when (the soul) reaches the breast-bones,

75:27 And it is said: “Who shall be the charmer?”

According to Moududi, “charmer” in revelation 75:27 refers to the angel who will take the soul of the reborn deceased, when it reaches, in Fakhry’s translation, the breast-bone. In his interpretation, it’s when the soul reaches the throat, but I digress.

If you loved your life among the living – that is before you died and were reborn – it will be an angel from the Punishment contingent; if you yearned for the Hereafter, and did all the right things, it will be an angel from the Mercy contingent. Again, this is all according to our foremost authority on Allah's Book and the first recipient of the King Faisal International Award for his contribution to Islamic studies and our understanding of the Koran.

How charming! But wait! One minute I am walking, and the next I am flying. Which is it?

I don’t know! Maybe you will be walking part of the way and flying another part. Don’t make things complicated, just believe and everything will make sense; even the stuff that doesn’t.

The Driver

Here’s an uncomplicated question; how should I dress?

I you are an unbeliever, fireproof clothing would be a good idea; if you are a believer, and you have the time, put on the finery that Allah has provided for you.

7:32 Say: “Who has forbidden Allah’s finery which He fashioned for His servants, or the good things He provided?” Say: “These are meant, in this present world, for those who believe, and exclusively for them on the Day of Resurrection.” Thus We make clear Our Revelations for a people who know.

Can I have a smoke while waiting for Allah to pass Judgement?

Probably not, but there will be a lot of smoke on Judgement Day, just take a deep breath, if you dare, along with all those who will be pleading not to be sent to Hell because they were true believers which they weren’t, and when the Prophet said this Day would happen they said he was mad, and Allah said He would have his revenge. Nobody, but nobody calls any of Allah’s Messengers madmen and certainly not His greatest and last Messenger and gets away with it.

44:8 There is no god but He. He gives life and causes to die; your Lord and the Lord of your forefathers.

44:9 Yet, in doubt, they frolic.

44:10 Await, then, the Day when heaven shall bring forth visible smoke;

44:11 Enveloping the people. This is a painful punishment.

44:12 “Our Lord, lift the punishment from us, for we are true believers.”

44:13 How can there be for them an admonition, when a manifest Messenger has already come to them?

44:14 But they turned away from him saying: “He is a tutored madman.”

44:15 We will lift the punishment a little. Surely, you are reverting.

44:16 On the Day when We shall strike the mightiest blow, then We shall take our revenge.

How will I know where to go? What to do?

You will be accompanied by two angels; one of the two who has been following you around all your life and recording your good and bad deeds in a book and who will give this book of evidence to God. The other angel, the Koran calls the driver. His name may be an indication of what he does. I don’t know. The following verse would seem to suggest that it has something to do with herding cattle, human cattle that is.

50:19 The death pang has come in truth. “That is what you were turning away from.”

50:20 The Trumpet will be blown; “That is the Day of Warning.”

50:21 Every soul will come forward with (an angel) driver and a (an angel) witness.

50:22 “You were oblivious of this; so We lifted your cover from you and your vision today is keen.”

If you were part of an entire nation who did not believe in Allah you will be marching as one into the Fire; and if you are the first or last nation to enter Hell you will shout accusations at each other, in unison I presume, if you want to be heard.

7:38 Allah will say: “Enter together with nations who have gone before you, jinn and men, into the Fire. Every time a nation enters it, it curses its sister-nation; so that when they shall have followed each other into it, the last of them will say of the first: “Our Lord, these led us astray; inflict on them a double punishment in the Fire.” He will say: “A double [punishment] to each, but you do not know.”

7:39 And the first of them will say to the last: “In no way are you better than us; so taste the punishment for what you did.”

You may also be able to just follow your leader, as Pharaoh’s people will do?

Which Pharaoh?

The Pharaoh of Moses; he is the only historical real-world leader to be mentioned by name, his title, as making an appearance on Judgement Day when he will lead his people into Hell. It will be a magnificent procession of the downcast.

11:97 ... Pharaoh’s command was not sound.

11:98 He shall be at the head of his people on the Day of Resurrection; thus he shall lead them into the Fire. How wretched is the place to which they will be led!

Note to self: Don’t follow pharaoh on Judgement Day he’s going where you don’t want to go. But wait a minute, won’t the believers also be fumbling in the darkness towards the judgement place.

Not really, Allah will have provided them with a light.

57:12 On the Day that you will see the believers, men and women, with their light beaming in front of them, and in their right hands [the sign]: “Your good news today is Gardens beneath which rivers flow, dwelling therein forever. That indeed is the great triumph.”

57:19 And those who believe in Allah and His Messengers are truly the pious and the martyrs in their Lord’s Sight. They shall have their wage and their light; but those who disbelieve and deny Our Signs, are truly the companions of Hell.

So if I don’t have a light of my own I can follow those with light?

Think again. Allah thinks of everything.

57:13 On the Day the hypocrites, men and women, will say to the believers: “Wait for us, so that we may borrow from your light.” It will be said: “Go back and seek for yourselves a light.” Then a wall will be raised between them both, which has a door. On the inner part thereof is Mercy, and on the opposite side the outer part thereof is punishment.

57:14 They will call out to them: “Were we not with you?” They will say: “Yes indeed; but you deluded yourselves, you waited long, doubted and were deceived by false hopes, until Allah’s Decree came and the deceiver (Satan) deceived you regarding Allah.”

I thought the hypocrites were those who couldn’t make up their minds about accepting Islam? The on-again, off-again apostates!

You may be right. All that is known for certain is that only the believers will be given a light.

At least I have a driver; that is very considerate of Allah.

Not really, not if you believed in other gods, or worshipped the Son He never had. If you did, that driver angel and his friend spell trouble, big trouble.

50:23 His companion (angel) will say: “This is what I have; it is ready.”

50:24 (Allah will say): “Cast into Hell every obdurate unbeliever;

50:25 “Hinderer of the good, transgressor and doubter;

50:26 “Who has set up another god beside Allah. Cast him, then, into the terrible punishment.”

Children Scared White

What is this inner door called Mercy?

Again, I am not sure. What I am sure of however, is that if you were a hypocrite or an unbeliever you will not be allowed through it.

57:15 Therefore, today no ransom will be taken from you (the hypocrites), nor from the unbelievers. The Fire will be your refuge; it will be your master; and what an evil fate!

So the believers will go through the door of Mercy and enter Paradise?

I don’t think so. Believers who have committed no sin don’t require mercy to enter Paradise. Maybe that is why Allah will gather the believers in one group and lead them to the gates of heaven. Maybe that is where the driver angel comes in?

19:85 The Day we shall gather the God-fearing before the Compassionate as one party.


13:20 Those who fulfil their pledge to Allah and do not violate the Covenant;

13:21 And those who join together what Allah has commanded to be joined, fear their Lord and dread the terror of reckoning;

13:22 And those who forbear, seeking the face of their Lord, perform the prayer, spend freely of what We have provided them with, secretly and in public, and counter evil with good – to those belong the blissful and of the Hereafter.

13:23 They shall enter the Gardens of Eden, together with the righteous among their fathers, their spouses and their posterity; and the angels shall enter upon them from every gate [saying]:

13:24 “Peace be upon you for your forbearance and blessed is the final Abode!”

And the other kind, the unbelievers?

13:25 As to those who break Allah’s Covenant once it is contracted, sever what Allah commanded to be joined and spread corruption in the land, upon them shall be the curse and theirs is the evil abode (Hell).

They will be herded into Hell.

19:86 And drive the wicked into Hell as one thirsty herd.

After parading the culpable around Hell on their knees there will be a selection of the most guilty.

19:66 Man says: “If I die, shall I be raised from the dead?”

19:67 Does not man remember that We created him before, when he was nothing?

19:68 By your Lord, then, We shall certainly gather them together with the devils, then we will lead them around Hell on their knees.

19:69 Then We shall seize from each group the most rebellious against the Compassionate.

How will He know who are the most guilty and why will He be singling them out?

He is Allah, what can I say. As for the why: to single them out for special treatment, for a double burning to a crisp perhaps, although I don’t know how you would do that.

16:88 [As for] those who disbelieve and debar people from the Path of Allah, We will add punishment to their punishment on account of the mischief they used to make.


19:70 And We certainly know best who among them deserves most to be burned therein.

19:71 There is not one of you but will go down to it (Hell). That is for your Lord a Decree which must be accomplished.

Or He may single them out to blind them.

To blind them! Why?

Because they shunned His Reminder, the Koran.

20:124 “But he who shuns My Reminder will have a life of hardship, and We shall raise him up a blind man, on the Day of Resurrection.”

20:125 He will say: “Lord, why did your raise me up a blind man, while I was originally capable of seeing?”

20:126 He (Allah) will say: “That is how our Revelations came to you, but you forgot them; and that is how, today, you shall be forgotten.”

20:127 And that is how We reward the extravagant who would not believe in the Revelations of His Lord. The punishment of the Hereafter is surely more terrible and more lasting.

Then that means all unbelievers will be blinded. O My God!

I don’t think so. Allah’s Hell isn’t just about pain and terror on a cosmic scale; it’s also about gloating. Remember, Hell can be seen from Paradise, and vice versa. In fact, Hell will be a large part of the entertainment of the inhabitants of Paradise who, along with Allah, will laugh at and mock the tormented unbelievers, from the comforts of Paradise, for not having believed in the Koran and the Prophet Muhammad until it was too late.

Throughout the Koran, Allah revels in what He will do to unbelievers when they inevitably cross into His Dominion. Blind unbelievers roasting in Hell and not being able to see how much fun those who believed in Allah and His Messenger are having would seriously reduce the gloating factor. In fact, Allah in a revelation admits that He will not blind them, so that they can “see the path they should have taken” (Moududi) .

36:66 And had We wished, We would have blotted out their eyes. Then they would race upon the pathway but how will they see.

36:67 And had We wished, We would have deformed them upon their own seats, so that they could not take off or turn back.

Gloating! If it wasn't for the sadism, that would be so childish!

Children can be cruel, perhaps not that cruel, and children also will not be spared the terror of Judgement Day.

73:17 So, how will you guard, if you disbelieve, against a Day which will make children white with fear?

What kind of god takes pleasure in scaring children? I thought Jesus was one of Allah’s Messenger and didn’t he say something about the Kingdom of Heaven belonging to children?

To children and people who were like them, Mathew 9:14; but the Kingdom of Heaven is Allah’s, and remember, the Prophet Muhammad was sent to correct lesser messengers such a Jesus who obviously got it wrong. Heaven belongs to children who behave like believing adults and fear and worship Allah, not the other way around.

Children being scared white; how awful!

If you think that’s awful; those terrified children will then have to appear alone before Allah to be judged.

31:33 O people, fear your Lord and beware of the Day when no father shall stand for his child and no infant shall stand for his father in the least. Allah’s promise is true, so let not the present life delude you or let any deceiver delude you regarding Allah.

Did Allah actually single out infants?

In my translation, yes.

I think I am going to be sick … What next?

Then it is time to separate the good people from the bad.

19:72 Then, we shall deliver the righteous and leave the wrongdoers therein on their knees.

19:87 They have no power of intercession, except for him who has taken a pledge from the Compassionate.


40:70 Those who disbelieved in this Book and what We sent Our Messengers with; they shall surely know.

40:71 When the fetters and chains shall be upon their necks and they shall be dragged along.

40:72 In the boiling water; then, in the Fire they will be consumed.

Haven’t we already done that?



How will you know who are your friends?

If Allah pleases or if you are in Allah’s good books your face will not be covered with blackness, soot would be my guess, and you will not be despondent. Therefore, look for the white happy people, those are your friends.

Friendships as we know them may not be what Allah has in mind:

14:31 Tell my servants who believe, to perform the prayer and give freely of what We have provided them with, secretly and in public, before a Day comes wherein there is no trade or friendship.

10:25 And Allah summons to the Abode of Peace and leads whomever He pleases to a straight path.

10:26 To those who do the good is the best reward (Paradise) and more (they will be able to look at Allah); and their faces shall not be covered with blackness or misery. Those are the people of Paradise, wherein they will abide forever.

Do I dare ask how I will know my friends if Allah has not guided me down a straight path?

You will have no friends; and Allah revealed to His Messenger to make that very clear, but not before repeating what should be obvious by now.

40:15 Exalted in rank, Owner of the Throne, He cast the spirit by His command upon whomever of His servants He wishes, to warn of the Day of the Encounter.

40:16 The Day on which they will emerge, nothing of theirs being concealed from Allah. “Whose is the sovereignty today?” “It is Allah’s, the One, the Conqueror.”

40:17 Today, every soul will be rewarded for what is has earned. There is no injustice today. Allah is surely Quick in reckoning.

40:18 Warn them of the Day of Imminence, when the hearts shall come up to the throats. The wrongdoers will have then no intimate friend and no intercessor who will be heeded.

40:19 He knows what the eyes betray and what the breasts conceal.


43:67 Friends on that Day shall be enemies of one another; except for the God-fearing. 

The only people you will be remotely intimate with will be the unbelievers in chains next to you and your faces will be on fire or blackened by fire.

14:49 And you will see the wicked sinners on that Day bound together in chains.

14:50 Their garments made of pitch and their faces covered with fire.

14:51 That Allah may reward every soul according to what it has earned. Surely Allah is Quick at reckoning.

14:52 This is a proclamation to mankind that they be warned thereby, and know that He is One God, and that men of understanding may remember well.


39:60 On the Day of Resurrection, you will see those who told lies against Allah with their faces blackened. Is not there in Hell a resting-place for the arrogant?

Narrated Abu Huraira:

The Prophet said, "On the Day of Resurrection Abraham will see his father covered with Qatara and Ghabara. (i.e. having a dark face)."

Bukhari 60.291

39:61 And Allah will save the God-fearing on account of their felicitous deeds. No evil will touch them and they will not grieve.

The Compassionate is One Vengeful God indeed, and what is this about “the earth shall change into another earth”?

Based on what you heard so far, the earth will take quite a beating on Judgement Day. In fact, in one revelation Allah smashes it to bits.

69:13 Then when the Trumpet shall be blown a single time;

69:14 And the earth and the mountains shall be lifted and then crushed with a single blow.

There appears to be a consensus among Islamic Scholars that Judgement Day will take place on earth; this, in spite of revelation 44:56 where Allah mentions a death in Paradise.

44:56 They do not taste death therein (Paradise), except for the first death; and He guards them against the punishment of Hell;

44:57 As a Bounty from your Lord. That is the great triumph.

With that uncomfortable declaration out of the way, if Judgment Day is to take place on earth, Allah will need a useable planet. I will let Moududi explain how He will go about re-creating one:

It is obvious from this verse (14:48) and some hints in the Qur'an that on the occasion of Resurrection, the Earth and the Heavens will not be totally destroyed but at the blowing of the "First Trumpet", the existing physical system shall be disarranged. After this, between the blowing of the "First" and the "Last Trumpet" the present form and aspect of the earth and the heavens shall be transformed and a new physical system with new physical laws will come into existence. That will be the world of the Hereafter. When the "Last Trumpet" will be blown, all human beings from Adam to those born before the "First Trumpet", shall be brought to life and appear before Allah. The Qur'an calls this (Hashr) which literally means "to muster and gather together". It appears from the wording of the Qur'an and some clear statements in the Traditions that this will take place on this Earth. The "Seat of Judgment" and the "Scales" will be established on the Earth and the decisions will be passed here. 

Still, it will a be tight squeeze. Imagine earth with more than a trillion people; that’s more than a thousand billion people.

I know what a trillion is. Maybe that is why Allah flattened the mountains or send them careening across sky, to make more room.

20:105 And they will ask you about the mountains, say: “My Lord will reduce them to dust,

20:106 “And leave them as bare flatland,

20:107 “In which you see no ups and downs.”


27:87 And on the Day the Trumpet is blown, those in the heavens and on earth are terrified, except for whomever Allah wills; and everyone will come to Him humbly.

27:88 And you will see the mountains and suppose them immobile, whereas they are passing quickly like clouds – the Handiwork of Allah Who perfected everything. He is truly conversant with what you do.

But, if you can still manage, while being pressed on all sides, to do a good deed on that Day, you won’t be terrified by Allah’s end-of-days spectacle. Then again, revelation 27:89 may have to do with doing a good deed before all the mayhem.

27:89 Whoever performs a good deed will receive a reward better than it, and they are secure on that day against terror.

Of course, if you do an evil deed on that day, or have done evil deeds before the big squeeze, you will be cast face first into the fire

27:90 And those who perpetrate an evil deed, their faces will be cast into the Fire. Will you be rewarded except for what you used to do?

39:24 Is he who wards off with his face the evil punishment on the Day of Resurrection? And it is said then to the wrongdoers: “Taste what you used to earn.”