From Merchant to Messenger

Allah's Response to the Mocking

A Tradition of Mocking and Punishment

From Merchant to MessengerAllah acknowledges that all the prophets and messengers He sent before His Latest and Greatest were accused of not being right in the head at least once during their lives, and that they were relentlessly mocked in revelations that are meant to provide some comfort for a distressed Messenger.

21:41 Many Messengers before you were mocked; then those who scoffed at them were afflicted by that which they used to mock.

For their impertinence, Allah will remind Muhammad, on more than one occasion, that the mockers of the messengers who preceded him, their wives and families were stricken with “that at which they scoffed” i.e. the punishment.

6:10 Other Messengers before you were mocked; but those who scoffed at them were stricken with that at which they scoffed.

6:11 Say: “Travel in the land and look what was the fate of those who disbelieved [in the Messengers].”


13:30 Thus We have sent you forth to a nation before which other nations had passed away, so as to recite to them what We revealed to you; and yet they deny the Compassionate. Say: “He is my Lord; there is not god but he. In Him I have put my trust and unto Him is my return.”

13:31 Had there been a Qur’an by which the mountains are made to move, or the land cleft asunder, or the dead spoken to [they would not believe]. No, the whole affair is Allah’s. Do not the believers know that had Allah pleased, he would have guided all mankind? As for those who disbelieve disaster will not cease to afflict them because of what they did or will settle near their homes until Allah’s Promise is fulfilled. Surely Allah does not break His Promise.

13:32 Many Messengers before you were mocked; so I gave the unbelievers a respite; then I seized them. How then was my retribution!


43:6 How many a Prophet have We sent unto the ancients?

43:7 But not a Prophet came to them whom they did not mock.

43:8 So We destroyed a people mightier than they in valour; and the example of the ancients was gone.

Just about all the civilizations that came before, which mocked His Messengers, Allah quickly did away with in a most spectacular demonstration of His power and ruthlessness. He utterly destroyed countless civilizations for doing to lesser Messenger’s much less than what was done to His favourite and greatest Messenger.

Powerless to Stop the Mocking

In revelation 15:13 Allah admits there is nothing He can do about the mocking, for even with the example of the ancient civilization He has destroyed for not taking His Messengers seriously, and even if He showed the mocking unbelievers heaven by opening one of its seven gates, they would think themselves “bewitched” and still not believe. But then again, it’s all part of the Plan, revelation 15:12.

15:9 It is truly We who have revealed the Reminder, and We are truly its guardians.

15:10 And We have sent forth Messengers before you to the sects of old.

15:11 And no Messenger came to them but they mocked him.

15:12 That is how We instill it into the hearts of the sinners.

15:13 They do not believe in him despite the example of the ancients.

15:14 And if We open for them a gate of heaven, so that they could continue to ascend through it;

15:15 They would simply say: “Our eyes have been covered over, or rather we are a people bewitched.”

It is a tribute to Allah’s imagination and steadfastness in the many justifications He finds for not doing something god-like to help His last and greatest Messenger convince his people that he is who he says he is.

5:101 O believers, do not ask about things which, were they disclosed to you, would displease you; and which, should you ask about while the Qur’an is being revealed, will be disclosed to you. Allah has forgiven you for it; and Allah is All-Forgiving, Clement.

5:102 A people preceding you asked about them, then disbelieved in them.

Narrated Ibn Abbas:

Some people were asking Allah's Apostle questions mockingly. A man would say, "Who is my father?" Another man whose she-camel had gone astray would say, "Where is my she-camel? "So Allah revealed this Verse in this connection:

"O you who believe! Ask not about things which, if made plain to you, may cause you trouble." (5.101)

Bukhari 60.146

In a surah that has little to do with poets, the name notwithstanding, Allah reminds an “exhausted” Messenger that if He had wanted to, He would have sent the unbelievers a sign that would have caused more than just a permanent cricked neck; and again, that they will get what is coming to them from the Compassionate “for what they used to mock”, revelation 26:6.


26 Ash-Shu’ara’

In the Name of Allah,

the Compassionate, the Merciful

26:1 Tah – Sin -Mim (“The same letters occur at the beginning of Surah 28; the significance of this is not clear” Fakhry)

26:2 Those are the Signs of the Manifest Book.

26:3 Perhaps, you are exhausting yourself, because they will not believe.

26:4 If We will, We would send down on them from heaven a sign, so their necks will stay subjugated thereto.

26:5 No new reminder from the Compassionate ever comes to them but they will turn away from it.

26:6 They have indeed disbelieved; therefore, there will come to them the news of what they used to mock at.

26:7 Have they not considered the earth, how much We have caused to grow therein of every noble pair?

26:8 There is surely in that a sign; but most of them will not believe.

26:9 Your Lord, indeed, is the All-Mighty, the Merciful.

In defending His Messenger, Allah is often careful not to name names.

22:8 And of the people, there is one who disputes concerning Allah without any knowledge, or guidance, or an illuminating Book.

22:9 Bearing himself proudly so as to lead people away from Allah’s Path. His is disgrace in the present world and, on the Day of Resurrection, We shall make him taste the agony of burning:

22:10 That is what your hands have advanced in deeds and Allah is never unjust to His servants.


46:10 Say: “Have you considered? What if it be from Allah and you disbelieve in it, while a witness* from the Children of Israel bears witness to the like of it and believes, whereas you wax proud? Surely, Allah does not guide the wrongdoing people rightly.”

* “A large number of the commentators have taken this "witness" to imply Hadrat Abdullah bin Salam, who was a famous Jewish scholar of Madinah, and who believed in the Holy Prophet after the migration. As this thing happened in Madinah, these commentators say that this verse was revealed at Madinah …”


46:11 The unbelievers say to the believers: “Had it been any good, they would not have beaten us to it”, and since they have not been guided by it, they will certainly say: “This is an old fabrication.”

46:12 And before it, came the Book of Moses, as a guidance and a mercy; and this is a corroborating Book in Arabic tongue to warn the wrongdoers and serve as good news to the beneficent.

46:13 Indeed, those who say: “Our Lord is Allah”, and then are upright, have no cause to fear and they shall not grieve.

46:14 Those are the companions of Paradise dwelling therein forever, as a reward for what they used to do.

Allah and His Angels Respond to a Request for Angels

In revelation 15:7 sceptics asked God’s Messenger why he did not bring them angels if he was truthful. Allah’s response was to reveal to His Messenger that He will eventually send the angels “with the Truth” when “they will have no respite”, which can only mean on Judgement Day

15:8 We do not send the angels down except with the Truth; and then they will have no respite.

In surah The Criterion, Allah confirms that those who wanted to see the angels (or Him) before believing, will see them on Judgement Day, but they will be sorry they ever asked, for they will be treated like “criminals”.

25:19 They have denounced you as liars, regarding what you say; and so you are not able to divert the punishment or give support. Who does wrong among you, We shall make him taste a grievous punishment.

25:20 We never sent any Messengers before you but they ate food and strolled in the markets; and We made some of you tempters of each other. Will you stand fast? Your Lord is All-Seeing.

25:21 And those who do not hope for Our Encounter, say: “If only the angels were sent down to us, or we were made to see our Lord.” They have grown arrogant within themselves and became most overbearing.

25:22 The Day they see the angels, there is no longer any cause for rejoicing for the criminals; and they (the angels) will say: “A firm prohibition [upon you].”

25:23 And We shall proceed to the work they did and turn it into scattered dust.

The angels themselves put in their angels’ worth:

19:64 We (the angels) do not come down except at the Command of your Lord. His is what is before us, what is behind us and what is in between. Your Lord is never forgetful.

19:65 Lord of the heavens and the earth and what is between them. So worship Him and be steadfast in His Worship; do you know anyone who is worthy of the same name?

The Jinn Believe You

Perhaps to bolster the Prophet's confidence, Allah informed him that he had sent a group of jinn to listen in on His greatest messenger delivering verses from the Koran and that they had been suitability impressed, therefore, to "bear patiently, revelation 46:35.

46:29 And when We dispatched towards you a group of jinn to listen to the Qur’an, and they attended to it, they said: “Listen”, but when it was finished they returned to their own people to warn them.

46:30 They said: “O our people, we have heard a Book sent down after Moses, confirming what came before it and guiding to the truth and to a Straight Path.

46:31 “O our people, respond to the caller (Muhammad) unto Allah and believe in him, and He (Allah) will forgive you some of your sins and save you from a painful punishment.”

46:32 He who does not answer the caller unto Allah will not thwart Him on earth and he will not have any protectors apart from Him. Such people are in manifest error.

46:33 Have they not seen that Allah, Who has created the heavens and the earth and has not been wearied by creating them, is Able to raise the dead? Yes, indeed, He has power over everything.

46:34 And on the Day that the unbelievers shall be exposed to the Fire [they will be asked]: “Is this not just?” They will say: “Yes, indeed, by our Lord.” He will then say: “Taste now the punishment for your disbelief.”

46:35 So bear patiently, as the Constant Messengers (Noah, Abraham, Moses and Jesus) bore up, and do not seek to hasten it (the punishment) for them. On that Day they shall see what they were promised, as if they had not lingered except for a single hour of the day. This is a proclamation. Shall any but the sinful people be destroyed?

Put Up With It, Help Is On the Way

Allah reminds His Messenger that in His Koran, He has glorified him, revelation 94:4, which should make the hardship easier to bear; and that, everything considered, it hasn't been all bad all of the time.


94 Ash-Sharh

In the Name of Allah,

the Compassionate, the Merciful

94:1 Did We not dilate your breasts;

94:2 And lift from you your burden;

94:3 Which had weighted down your back?

94:4 Did We not exalt your name?

94:5 Surely, along with hardship is ease.

94:6 Surely, along with hardship is ease (repeated, not a typo!).

94:7 So when you have finished, toil on;

94:8 And unto your Lord, incline.

Understood is that if he toils on and continues to do what Allah expects of him, help will be forthcoming, as it was for the messengers who came before him.

6:33 We know that what they say grieves you. For they do not deny what you say; but the wrongdoers [continue to] deny Allah’s Revelations.

6:34 Other Messengers were denounced before you, but they put up with the denunciation, and they were injured until Our Help came to them. None can change the Words (His Promises to support His Messengers) of Allah. Tidings have already been imparted about those Messengers.

I am not sending you a sign, but you can seek one for yourself, if it will help.

6:35 And if you find their aversion unbearable, seek, if you can, a hole in the earth or a ladder to the sky in order to bring them a sign. Had Allah pleased, He would surely have led them all to guidance; so do not be one of the ignorant.

Don't be stupid, you will not find a sign, and explain to the ignorant why that is.

6:36 Only those who hear will respond, and the dead will be raised by Allah; and unto Him they shall be returned.

6:37 And they also say: “Why has no sign (miracle) come down to him from His Lord?” Say: “Allah is surely Able to send down a sign, but most of them do not know.”

6:38 There is no animal [crawling] on land or a bird flying with its wings, but are communities like yourselves. We have not left anything out in the Book. Then unto their Lord they shall be gathered.

6:39 And those who deny Our Revelations are deaf and dumb in total darkness. Whoever Allah pleases, He will lead astray; and whoever He pleases, He will lead onto a straight path.

Who you gonna call?

6:40 Say: “Tell me, if Allah’s Punishment overtakes you, or the Hour (Judgement Day) strikes, would you call upon any one other than Allah, if you are truthful?”

6:41 Nay, upon Him you will call and if He will lighten that about which you call, if He pleases; and then you will forget what you used to associate with [with Him].

Allah may not have been prepared to obliterate the cities and towns that harbored the mockers, Mecca especially, as He did in the past. Knowing the future, He must have been well aware that the words He fed His Messenger, via the ubiquitous "say" in His revelations, would be sufficient to carry the day with the Arabs, who would go on to do what He used to do, destroy the civilizations who would not Submit. In the meantime, orotundity will have to do.