From Merchant to Messenger

Doubts Dismissed

About a Foreign Messenger

From Merchant to Messenger14:4 And we have sent forth no Messenger except in the tongue of his own people so that he may expound to them clearly. Then Allah leads astray whom He pleases and guides whom He pleases. He is the Mighty, the Wise.

The Prophet may, at one time, doubted his ability to deliver Allah’s Revelations to the people who mattered to the point of asking his Mentor if a foreign Messenger, perhaps a foreign Messenger with a foreign Koran might do a better job of convincing people of the terrible punishment that awaited them if they failed to heed his warning about Allah.

A foreign Messenger, i.e. a non-Arab with a non-Arabic Koran would not have made any difference because as Allah reveals on many occasions, He deliberately makes some people oblivious to His Message; and for not believing after He has made them impervious to His Revelations they will get what’s coming to them, i.e. “the painful punishment.”

26:198 Had We sent it down on some foreigner;

26:199 And he had read it to them; they would still not have believed in it.

26:200 Thus We have insinuated it into the hearts of the criminals.

26:201 They will not believe in it until they witness the very painful punishment.

26:202 It will come upon them suddenly, while they are unaware.

26:203 Then, they will say: “Are we given any respite?”

26:204 Do they, then, seek to hasten Our Punishment?

26:205 Do you see, if We were to allow them some enjoyment for some years?

26:206 Then, they are visited by what they were promised.

26:207 What would that whereof they derived enjoyment avail them?

About Foreign Koran

In surah Well-Expounded, Allah will repeat the assurance that a foreign Koran would have made no difference.

41:40 Those who turn away from Our Signs are not hidden from Us. Is he, then, who is cast in the Fire better than he who comes forward safely on the Day of Resurrection? Do what you please; He is Fully Aware of what you do.

41:41 Nor are those who have disbelieved the Reminder when it came to them [hidden from Us]. It is surely a noble Book,

41:42 To which falsehood does not come from its front nor from behind it – a revelation sent down from the Wise, Praiseworthy.

41:43 You are not told except what was told to the Messengers before you. Surely, your Lord is a Master of Forgiveness and a Master of Painful Retribution.

A Master at inflicting pain, and obviously proud of it! This is quite an admission for any god.

41:44 Had we made it a foreign Qur’an, they would have said: “If only its verses were well expounded!” What, whether foreign or Arabic, say: “It is for the believers a guidance and a healing; but for those who do not believe, it is a heaviness in their ears, and for them it is a blindness. It is as if, those (unbelievers) were called from a distant place.”

If it is any comfort, people also objected to Moses’ revealing of the Torah.

2:107 Do you not know that to Allah belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth, and that apart from Allah you have no guardian or helper?

2:108 Or would you rather question your Messenger as Moses was questioned before? He who veers from belief to unbelief has strayed from the Right Path.


11:110 And We have given Moses the Book, but discord broke out around it; and but for a Word that preceded from your Lord, the matter would have been decided between them. They are indeed in disturbing doubt with respect to it.

11:111 And your Lord will surely pay them all in full for their works. He is truly aware of what they do.

11:112 Be then upright as you have been commanded, together with those who repented with you, and do not be unjust; for He sees whatever you do.

11:113 And do not incline towards the wrongdoers, lest the Fire should touch you. You have no supporters apart from Allah, and you will not be helped.

11:114 And perform the prayer at the two ends of the day and [the first] watches of the night. Surely the good deeds will wipe out the evil deeds; that is a reminder for those who remember.

11:115 And be patient; for Allah does not waste the reward of the righteous.


When Moses (peace be on him) was granted the scripture, people raised a variety of objections against it. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be on him) should not, therefore, feel disheartened that his people rejected the teachings of the Qur'an despite their lucidity. This is being said [revelations 11:110-115] in order to comfort the Prophet (peace be on him) and his Companions. They are being asked to be patient and not to seek a hasty judgement from God concerning those who differ about the Qur'an.