Getting to Know Allah

Tidbits Medinan Surahs

"A small and particularly interesting item of information."

Getting to Know AllahWhile the Koran offers little in terms of a timeline, Scholars have grouped Allah's revealed truths into two time periods; what he revealed to the Prophet during His Messenger's time in Mecca, and what He later communicated to him after His latest and greatest spokesperson took up residence in Medina.

Allah’s Face is everywhere even if He never laid claim in the Koran to being the owner of the North and the South.

2:115 To Allah belongs the East and the West. So whichever way you turn (while praying), there is Allah’s Face. Indeed, Allah is Omnipresent and Omniscient.

Allah’s Quid Pro Quos:

2:152 Remember Me (by glorifying Me) then I will remember you (by rewarding you). Give thanks to Me (by obeying Me) and do not be ungrateful (by disobeying Me).

2:186 And when my servants ask you about Me, say: I am near; I answer the prayer of the suppliant when he calls; so they should answer My Call (by obeying me) and believe in Me, that they might be rightly guided.

Your fathers and forefathers were ignoramuses!

2:170 When it is said to them: “Follow what Allah has revealed”, they say: “We would rather follow that which we found our fathers doing.” What, even though their fathers understood nothing and were not rightly guided!

5:104 And if they are told: “Come now to what Allah has revealed and to the Messenger”, they reply: “Sufficient unto us what we found our forefathers doing”, even if their forefathers knew nothing and were not rightly guided!

Don’t bribe the judge!

2:188 Do not devour each other’s money unjustly or offer it to the judges in order to devour a part of other people’s money sinfully and knowingly.

Satan = Poverty, Allah = Bounty!

2:268 Satan induces you to expect poverty and orders you to be niggardly, and Allah promises you His Forgiveness and His Bounty. Allah is Munificent, All-Knowing.

Why some people are smart and others less so.

2:269 He gives wisdom to whom He wills. And he who receives wisdom has received an abundant good. But none take heed except people of understanding.

Information is power, and Allah knows more than anyone.

3:29 Say (O Muhammad): “Whether you conceal what is in your hearts or you reveal it, Allah knows it; and He knows what is in the heavens or on earth, and He has power over everything!”

If you have feared the Judge and served Him well He will be lenient with you come Judgement Day.

3:30 The Day [will come] when every soul shall find every good it has done set before it; and whatever evil it did, it wishes that it was far away from it. Allah warns you to be wary of Him, and Allah is Compassionate towards His servants.

If anyone other than the Prophet Muhammad, one has to assume, seeks to lord it over them – including angels who would be Lord of an earthly realm – they are twisting Allah's Words or making it up.

3:78 And there is a group of them who twist their tongues while reading the Book, so that you may suppose it is part of the Book; whereas it is not part of the Book. They also say: “It is from Allah”, whereas it is not from Allah; they only speak falsehoods against Allah knowingly.

3:79 It is not given to any mortal that Allah should give him the Book, the judgement and the Prophethood and then he should say to the people: “Be servants to me, rather than to Allah”; but rather: “Be learned men, by virtue of what you used to teach of the Book and what you used to study.”

3:80 Nor would he enjoin you to take angels and the Prophets as lords. Would he enjoin you to be unbelievers after you have become Muslims?

If you are not willing to part with something you cherish, no matter how religious or reverent you are, Allah will not consider you among the pious.

3:92 You will not achieve piety until you spend part of what you cherish; and whatever you spend, Allah knows it very well.

Could "the upright people" of revelation 3:113, be the Sabians, who, along with the Jews and Christians, Allah considers people of the Book; not the Koran, but the Bible, or perhaps another book of revealed truths revealed by the one and only god to a mortal .e.g. the Avesta?

3:113 They are not all alike. For of the People of the Book, there is an upright nation who recite Allah’s Revelations, throughout the night, while prostrating themselves.

3:114 They believe in Allah and the Last Day, bid the right and forbid the wrong and hasten to do the good deeds. Those are among the righteous people!

3:115 And whatever good they do, they will not be denied. Allah knows well the God-fearing!

A somewhat uncharacteristic admonition from Allah, that women, whom the Koran considers in most circumstances nothing more than chattel, like men, have "a share of what they earned".

4:32 Do not covet that with which Allah has favoured some of you over the others. Men have a share of what they earned, and women a share of what they earned. And ask Allah to give you of His Bounty. Allah indeed has knowledge of everything! 

Allah does not like show-offs, or perhaps unbelievers who are show-offs.

4:38 And for those who spent their wealth in order to show off, and do not believe in Allah and the Last Day. He who has the Devil as a companion, an evil companion has he!

On at least nine occasions, Allah will remind His readers, but not in the following revealed truth, that He is indeed a well-informed god. His knowledge about a wide range of subjects is evident in His use of the word atom from the Greek átomos to describe something infinitely small in the following revelation.

4:40 Surely Allah will not wrong anyone an atom’s weight; and if it is a good deed, He will multiply it and give from Himself in addition a great reward.

Allah exhorts you to judge justly.

4:58 God commands you to deliver trusts to their owners and, if you judge between people, to judge justly. Splendid is Allah’s exhortation to you. Allah is indeed All-Hearing, All-Seeing.

Allah has no objection to lawyers, for example, sharing in the proceeds of a successful litigation or mediation.

4:85 He who offers a good intercession (he who intercedes for people in accordance with Muslim law) shall have a share of it; and he offers a bad intercession shall suffer from its consequences. Allah has power over everything.

If Allah wanted, He could annihilate and replace you at any time.

4:132 To Allah belongs what is in the heavens and on earth, and Allah suffices as Guardian!

4:133 If Allah wants, O people, He would annihilate you and replace you by others. Allah has the power to do that.

4:134 Whoever desires the reward of this world, with Allah is the reward of this world and the next. Allah is All-Hearing, All-Seeing.

Allah on the use of foul language:

4:148 Allah does not like the public uttering of foul words, except by one who has been wronged. Allah is All-Hearing, All-Knowing.

4:149 Whether you do good openly or secretly, or pardon an evil deed, Allah is indeed All Pardoning, All-Powerful.


... if a wronged person speaks out against a wrong-doer, he is quite justified in doing so. Even though this is a person's right, it is more meritorious to continue to do good both in public and in private, and to ignore the misdeeds of others.

It is not the evil per se that is the problem, it is its abundance; and no, the use of the determinate article "the" does not imply that Allah is "the evil" which you must fear. If that was the case, the first letter of evil would be capitalized.

5:100 Say: “The evil and the good are not equal, even if the abundance of the evil should appeal to you.” Fear then Allah, O people of understanding, that perchance you may prosper.

Is Allah the flip side of God?

5:98 Know that God is Severe in punishment and that Allah is All-Forgiving, Merciful.

On Judgement Day, Allah will tell you what you should already know.

5:105 O believers, take care of yourselves; you will not be harmed by him who has gone astray, if you are well-guided. To Allah you will all return; then He will tell you what you were doing.

Those who are cursed by Allah are in for a really, really bad time, including running the risk of being transformed into monkeys and pigs.

5:60 Say: “Shall I tell you about those who will get a worse punishment from Allah? Those whom Allah cursed and on whom He poured forth His Wrath, transformed them into monkeys and swine, and worshippers of the Devil. They are worse off and farther astray.”

Allah does not believe in reincarnation. Enough said!

13:5 Should you (Muhammad) wonder, the wonder is their saying: “What, if we turn into dust, will we be created anew?” Those are the ones who disbelieve in their Lord, and those are the ones around whose necks are chains, and those are the people of the Fire, abiding therein forever.

Allah knows what you say and what you don’t say.

13:10 It is the same whether any of you conceals his words or utters them, and whether he hides by night or goes forth by day.

Allah assigns guardian angels to protect your front and your back at all times.

13:11 There are guardian [angels] before him and behind him, guarding him by Allah’s Command. Allah does not change the condition of a people until they change what is in their hearts. And if Allah wills to afflict a people with a misfortune, it cannot be turned away, and they have, apart from Allah, no protector.

Allah imitating Jupiter:

13:12 It is He who shows you the lightning, inspiring fear and hope, and originates the laden clouds.

13:13 And the thunder sounds His praise and the angels, too, in awe of Him. And He sends forth the thunderbolts smiting with them whomever he pleases. Nevertheless, they dispute about Allah, but he is Mighty in prowess.

It is only logical that shadows would prostrate themselves before Allah.

13:15 Those in the heavens and on the earth prostrate themselves to Allah willingly or unwillingly, and so do their shadows morning and evenings.

Allah can’t be bribed and don’t even try; more or less what He revealed in the Meccan verses 39:47-48.

13:18 To those who obey their Lord belongs the best [reward (Paradise)], but those who disobey Him, were they to have all that is on earth plus its equal, would offer it as ransom. To those a bad reckoning is reserved, and their abode will be Hell, and what a miserable resting-place!

Those who dispute with Allah have the devil for a friend.

22:3 And there are some people who dispute regarding Allah without any knowledge, and follow every rebellious devil. 22:4 It has been written against him (the Devil) that whoever takes him for a friend, he will lead astray and guide him to the punishment of Hell.

What you risk losing if your worship of Allah is half-hearted i.e. tepid.

22:11 And of the people, there are some who worship Allah tepidly. When good fortune comes his way, he is pleased with it, but if an ordeal befalls him, he turns around (goes back to disbelief) losing both this world and the world to come. That is the manifest lost.

Allah chooses His Messengers from among angels and men and knows what is behind and in front of them.

22:75 Allah chooses from angels and men Messengers; Allah is All-Hearing, All-Seeing.

22:76 He knows what is before them and what is behind them, and to Allah are all things returned.

That chirping you hear ... Everyone and everything prays to Allah in its own way.

24:41 Have you not seen how Allah is glorified by whatever is in the heavens or the earth, and by the birds in flight. He knows the prayer of each and its glorification. Allah knows well what they do.

An order of closeness:

33:6 The Prophet is closer to the believers than their own selves and his wives are like their mothers. The kinsmen are closer to each other, in Allah’s Book, than the believers or the Emigrants; unless you are doing your friends an honourable deed, that has already been inscribed in the Book.

Allah’s angels extend His blessings on the believers. There may also be those, who, when they encounter their Lord express a wish for "Peace", and for good reason.

33:43 It is He Who blesses you, with His angels (His angels invoke blessings on you, Moududi), that He may bring you out of the shadows of darkness into light; and He is Ever Merciful towards the believers.

33:44 Their greeting, when they encounter Him is: “Peace”, and He has prepared for them a generous reward.

Allah expects you to break up fights among believers, unless …

49:9 If two parties of the believers should fight one another, bring them peacefully together; but if one of them seeks to oppress the other, then fight the oppressor until it reverts to Allah’s Command. If it reverts, then bring them together in justice, and be equitable; for Allah loves the equitable.

49:10 Surely, the believers are brothers together; so bring your two brothers together and fear Allah, so that you may receive Mercy.

Calling each other names, including sobriquets, is considered ungodliness.

49:11 O believers, let not one people scoff at another people, lest they be better than they; nor women at other women, lest they be better than they. Do not slander yourselves and do not revile each other with false names. Wretched is the name of ungodliness, after belief! He who does not repent, such are the wrongdoers, indeed.

Allah says He created nations and tribes in an effort to get people to get to know each other. The logic of creating divisions to foster understanding escapes me; but, I sure Allah knows what He is doing, even if earlier, revelation 6:65, He said, in effect, that it was to foster conflicts.

49:13 O mankind, We have created you male and female and made you nations and tribes, so that you might come to know one another. Surely the noblest of you in Allah’s Sight is the most pious. Allah indeed is All-Knowing, All-Informed.

Before Allah creates a disaster, He writes it down in a book.

57:22 Not a disaster befalls in the earth or in yourselves but is in a Book, before We create it. That for Allah is an easy matter.

57:23 So that you may not grieve for what you missed, and rejoice in what came your way. Allah does not like the conceited and the boastful;

57:24 Those who are niggardly and bid people to be niggardly. He who turns away, Allah is All-Sufficient, Praiseworthy.

Why Allah sent iron down from heaven:

57:25 We have sent forth our Messengers with clear proofs and sent down with them the Book and the Balance, so that people might act equitably. We have also sent down iron, which has mighty power and benefits for mankind, and that Allah might know who supports Him and His Messengers invisibly. Allah is indeed Strong and Mighty.

Forget Allah, and you will forget who you are.

59:18 O believers, fear Allah and let each soul consider what it has forwarded for the morrow. Fear Allah; He is Aware of what your do.

59:19 Do not be like those who forgot Allah, and so He made them forget themselves. Those are indeed the sinners.

If it’s a choice between Allah and your children!

63:9 O believers, let not your possessions or your children distract you from the remembrance of Allah. Whoever does that – those are the real losers.

The money you paid to the Catholic Church in the bad old days, for so-called indulgences, which came with a sin-forgiving guarantee went mostly to pay for monuments. The money Allah requests in revelation 64:17 served mainly to fund Islam's defence and later its wars of expansion.

The Catholic Church's request for sin-forgiving monetary contribution was a man-made law, therefore the aberrant practice was largely abandoned earlier on thanks in part to the Protestant Reformation and Martin Luther. Allah's variation of the Catholic Church's indulgences are permanent, for revealed truths are immutable and eternal.

64:17 If you lend Allah a fair loan, He will multiply it for you and forgive you. Allah is All-Grateful, All-Clement;

If you follow Allah’s revelations about praying and glorifying Him to the letter, you may not get much sleep, and you will not get to enjoy the present life much, which may be what it’s all about.

76:24 So bear up with your Lord’s Judgement and do not obey any sinful or thankless one of them.

76:25 And mention the Name of your Lord morning and evening.

76:26 And for part of the night, prostrate yourself to Him and glorify Him all night long.

76:27 Those people love the present world and leave behind them (ahead of them, Moududi) a burdensome Day.

If you have aching joints, it is not because Allah did not fasten them well.

76:28 We have created them and fastened their joints well; and if We wish We change their likes completely.

76:29 This indeed is a reminder; so he who wishes will follow, unto His Lord, a path.

You wish in tandem with Allah.

76:30 Yet, you do not wish unless Allah wishes. Allah is truly All-Knowing and Wise.

76:31 He admits into His Mercy whomever He wishes; and for the wrongdoers He has prepared a painful punishment.