Remembering Uzza

A Bitter Sweet Disappointment

Tue 2018-09-04 11:41 AM

Dear Bernard,

Thank you for submitting UZZA to us for consideration and thank you very much for your patience. We’ve now had the chance to review the materials internally and, unfortunately, we will not be moving forward with it for development.

We thought there were many creative merits to this project and particularly appreciate the level of thought that went into crafting each character and their relationship with one another. That said, the team did not respond as strongly to the material as other projects we have under consideration. We have a very robust slate this year so have had to be highly selective of any new projects we add to it.

A factor that we also take into consideration is that CBC does not produce content in-house, we license content from production companies. Because of this, we typically require projects to have a production company attached to them before we can move forward with development or production consideration.

We're sorry for the disappointing news. Thank you again for bringing this project to us; we hope you find the right home for it.

Best, CBC Scripted Content Team

Remembering Uzza is mostly a first draft which is bound to garner more accolades with each revision. But, it will all be for naught, as the CBC makes clear, unless I find a producer.

Bernard Payeur