The Koran Six

1 - Revelations and Generalizations

Shared Prophets

2 - An Unfair Comparison

How the Bible Came To Be

How the Koran Came To Be


The Torah

3 - Adam - Paradise Lost

4 - Adam - Origins and the First Covenant

Adam's Dust Origins

Adam's Clay Origins

Allah's Covenant with Adam and His Progeny

5 - Eve

Adam's Soul Mate

First in a Verse

6 - Cain and Abel

Law of Retaliation

7 - Noah

A Simple Storyline

The Noah Surah

The Spit of Angels, Noah's Age, and What Became of His Wife

The Answerer and the Boiling Oven

Criminals on the Ark

Noah in Hud

What became of Noah's Son

Where is al-Judi?

No Mercy for Noah's Son

Noah, Two Short Versions

8 - Eber/Hud

Hud I - The Ramparts

Hud II - The Prophet Hud

Hud III - The Poets

The Destruction of 'Ad and the Great Calamity

9 - Abraham

A Muslim, a Friend and a Patriarch

Challenger of Idols


Abraham at Mecca

Abraham and His Father

Allah's Safety Argument

Abraham Uninterrupted

10 - Lot

Lot Uninterrupted

11 - Joseph, Son of Jacob

Jacob and the Breaking of Blood Ties

The Vision

Sold Into Slavery

Joseph and the Governor's Wife

Joseph in Jail

Joseph and the King's Dream

Appointed Treasurer

A Camel's Load

Joseph and the King's Drinking Cup

The Other Brother

All's Well That Ends Well

Why the News from the Unseen

12 - Jethro and the Destruction of Midian

Day of the Parasol

Was Median Destroyed by an Earthquake?

13 - Moses - The Familiar Story

A Favourite of Allah

Raising Mount Sinai

The Fire on the Mountain

The Golden Calf and Want of a Death Wish

Moses and Pharaoh’s Magicians

The Plagues

The Pathetic Tenth

Allah’s Gift to the Jews

Death of Pharaoh

Pharaoh on Judgement Day

Egypt Changes Ownership

The Ten Commandments

The Never-Ending Punishment of the Jews

The Promised Land

Moses at the Gates

The Promise and the Threat

14 - More Moses and a Familiar Story

Six Short Recapitulations

Moses Uninterrupted - Taha

Moses Uninterrupted - The Poets

15 - Moses - Strange But True!

The Hidden Believer at Pharaoh’s Court

Moses and the Bad Samaritan

Moses vs. Karoon a.k.a. Korah

Moses and Khidr

16 - Moses v. Muhammad

17 - Saul

18 - David

The Psalms

David and Solomon Together

19 - Solomon

Solomon and the Queen of Sheba

The Light-Footed Horses

Death and the Fate of the People of Sheba

20 - Jonas a.k.a. Jonah

Allah Does Not Compel People to Believe,

Except When He Does

21 - Job, Elijah, Ezekiel and Enoch

The Gospels

22 - Muhammad’s Introduction to Christianity

Allah the Protector of Monasteries, Churches, Synagogues and Mosques

The Inspiration for a New Religion

23 - The Prophet as Arbitrator of Scriptures

Advice for the Arbitrator

Deuteronomy 22:23-4 Upheld

24 - Jesus and Allah

The Prophet Jesus

If Allah had wanted a Son

A Mere Servant

Jesus Has No Power of Intercession

Was Created, Does Not Create

Jesus Will Plead for Mercy

25 - John the Baptist

26 - Jesus and the Virgin Mary

Jesus - Conceived

Jesus - Birth

Jesus - First Words

27 - Jesus - The Last Days

The Last Supper

The Crucifixion Myth


The True Story

28 - The Holy Spirit

29 - The Way - Jesus or Muhammad?

Love and Hate Incarnate

Getting To Know Allah

30 - Allah's Mercy

A Conditional Type Of Mercy

Terrified Into Believing

Allah’s Way of Old

Unbelievers Not by Choice

31 - Salih and The Destruction of Thamud


32 - Allah Days

A Litany of Death and Destruction

Allah’s Covenant with His Prophets

The World Before and After the Messengers

Why No Roofs and Stairways of Silver

Messengers to the Common People

Allah Days or the Nearer Punishment

33 - Allah and the Crime of No Longer Believing

The Example of Pharaoh

Repentance Denied

"Kill them wherever you find them"

Telling Apostates and Believers Apart On Judgement Day

34 - Allah vs. Alleged Associates

The Largest and Heaviest of Gods

Phantasmagorical Creations of God and Man

“Is there, then, another god with Allah?”

Goddesses and the Fathers Who Worshipped Them

Children! Do Not Obey Parents Who Worship ...

Gog and Magog

Alexander and the Wall

The True Promise

35 - Allah’s Parables



Parables and Slaves

Mixed Metaphors

36 - Allah, Two Boys and A Dog

37 - Allah's Do Not Do List

Grave Sins - An Introduction

The Greatest Sin of All

The Top 40

10 Made Up Sins

Tips for Avoiding the Grave Sins

38 - Allah and the Ptolemaic Universe

The Near-Earth Constellations

39 - Allah and the Shape of the Earth

Floating on a Sea of Mud

Pointed Revelations About a Flat Earth

Who Stops the Sky From Falling?

Full Circle in Seven Verses

40 - Allah’s Calendar

The Names Of The Months

Year Zero

41 - Allah and the Beginnings of Life

A Fluid Beginning

Bones Then Flesh

Beware of the Clot

It's All About the Sperm

Things Which Don’t Come in Pairs

Allah as Proof that Imperfection Is Pervasive

42 - Allah and the Jinn

The Myth and the Reality

How the Jinn Heard About the Koran etc.

How the Jinn Heard About the Koran

Jinn and Men Together on Judgement Day

Messengers to the Jinn

The Jinn and the Prophet's Grandfather

43 - Allah and She Who Blows in Reeds

44 - Allah and the Unseen

45 - All-Sufficient Heart Reader

46 - Allah's Bounties

47 - The Rainmaker

48 - Allah on the Present Life

49 - Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

Not Doing What is Being Asked as a Sign

Why No Signs for the Messenger

50 - The Eternal Adolescent

Doomed Children at Play

The Responsible Adult v. The Adolescent

More Destruction, Less Creation

Playing With Toys

Hooked On Praise

I AM the Greatest! Worship ME!

51 - One-on-One with Allah

52 - Prayers

Negotiating the Prayers

The Call to Prayer

Prayers in War and Peace

An Answer to a Prayer

The Night Too Is For Praying

The Prayer of the People of Paradise

53 - Pilgrimages - The Hajj and the Umrah

The Importance of Mecca

Safa and Marwa

Deaths, Molestations and Managing the Hajj

Safely accommodating millions more pilgrims at the Hajj

The Anthropological Impact of the Hajj

Post Pilgrimage Rituals and Early Departures

54 - Ramadan

Ramadan in the Land of the Midnight Sun

If Truth Be Told!

55 - Allah Does Not Care for Homosexuals

The Foul Act

Crime and Punishment

Where Homosexuals Go When They Die

56 - Allah Despises the Riba-Eaters

The Prophet as Borrower

57 - Allah Loves His Messenger Perhaps More Than He Loves Orphans

58 - Allah Loves His Cattle; Dogs, Not So Much

An Ode to Cattle

Domesticated in Paradise

Water, Men and Cattle

Allah on the Versatility of His Cattle

Slicing the Ears of Cattle

Dogs in a Cattle World

59 - Allah's Charity Is Not All It Seems

60 - Oaths Can Be Broken

61 - Immutable Truths About Slavery

A God’s Dilemma

Why Slavery Cannot Simply Be Abolished

Slavery and the Prophet

62 - The Babylonian Exile and the Roman Diaspora

63 - Trees to Impress a God

64 - You Are What You Eat

The Table Is Set

Pork is for Other Gods

Vegetarians are not Muslims

What Do the Jews Have To Do With It!

Where You May Dine

Why Some Gods Go Hungry

65 - Tidbits Meccan Surahs

66 - Tidbits Medinan Surahs

Women and the Koran

67 - A Devine Bias

Why Muslim Men Are Always Right

68 - Who Gets What - Wills and Testaments

Wills and Witnesses

Husband Dies

Wife Dies

A Vicious Circle

69 - Marriage

Women As Fields To Be Ploughed

A Contractual Affair

Women of the Faith

Women of the Book and Slave-Girls



Orphaned Girls

Spinsters and Prostitutes

The Suckling Imperative

The Coitus Imperative

Polygamy – For or Against?

70 - Divorce

Divorce by Zihar

71 - The Perfect Wife - A Man and His Wives

In the Prophet's House

72 - The Perfect Wife - A Taste of Honey

73 - A Child Bride’s Indiscretion

74 - Stoning

A Lost Verse Remembered

Speculation About the Lost Verse

75 - The Satanic Verses

76 - An Androcentric Universe

A Prophet and a Prude

The Cult of Masculinity

76b - Women and What It Means To Be Civilized

Women of Islam

Women of Sumer

Civilization In The Balance

The Hereafter

77 - The Living Dead - Life in the Grave

78 - Judgement Day - Introduction

The Great Blasphemy

The Punishment is Coming, the Punishment is Coming!

79 - Judgement Day - Questions 1

Answering Your Questions about the Day

You're Making That Up, The Charmer, The Driver, Children Scared White, Location

80 - Judgement Day - Part III

Answering Your Questions ... (continued)

The Trick Question, Blue-Eyed With Terror

81 - Judgement Day - Part IV

Answering Your Questions ... (continued)

No Excuses, Witnesses for the Prosecution, Losing It, The Naked Ones

82 - Judgement Day - Part V

Questions About Bones

Partners in Crime

Earth and the End of Eternity

Eternity May Not Be Forever

Uninterrupted Madness

The Dispatched Ones, The Cleaving Asunder, The Rending Asunder, The Earthquake, The Chargers, The Clatterer

83 - Heaven I

The Nuts and Bolts

Location and Construction, Distance from Hell, Gardens and Springs, Buildings

Food and Refreshments

Clothing etc.

The Tracks of Heaven

84 - Heaven II

A Man's Paradise

An Eyewitness Account

85 - Hell I

86 - Hell II

On the Wall Between Heaven and Hell

The Bridge Over Hell

An Eyewitness Account

Women on Fire

Jihad - The Enemy

87 - Allah's Enemies List

88 - Vanquished Enemies of Old

The Meccans Who Should Have Emigrated

The Meccans and their Allies Who Fought...

The Arab Hypocrites and Apostates

The Jews of the Hejaz

The Antagonizers

Unbelievers of Yore

89 - The Unsubmitted


The Perverted




The True Unbelievers


Jihad - Rules and Rewards

90 - Killing Unbelievers Haram


Christians and Jews

91 - Killing Unbelievers Halal

92 - Killing During The Sacred Months

The Murder of Amr-ben-al Hadra’mi

93 - Jihad As Penance

94 - Stay-at-Home Warriors and Female Jihadists

95 - Emigrating in the Cause of Allah

Someone’s Gotta Die

96 - Calling for Peace

97 - The Booty

Sex and the Booty

Greetings and the Booty

98 - Conscientious Objectors

99 - War, the Life-Giver

Sedition, A New Definition

100 - War and Fantasies

Jihad - Genesis

101 - The Enemy Within

Kinsmen, Parents and Children

Women Choose Sides

102 - Battle of Badr

Sparrows at War

Spoils of War

103 - Battle of Uhud

Who's to Blame for the Defeat

104 - Medina

The Jews of Medina

Battle of the Ditch

105 - The Massacre of the Banu Qurayzah

An Avoidable Tragedy

The Broken Covenant

A Change of Direction - The Qibla Revelations

106 - The Treaty of Hudaibiyah

107 - Battle of Khaybar

The Bedouins Learn Their Lesson

108 - Mecca

Mecca Surrenders

Spend Freely and Spend Wisely

109 - Battle of Hunayn

Jihad - Expansion

110 - Announcing a Universal War

War's First Casualty

111 - Tabuk

The Destruction of the Christian Mosque of Medina

The Three Sincere Believers Who Lied

112 - A Pitch for Martyrs

113 - The Religion of Peace in Persia

Who First Destroyed the Birthplace of Zoroaster

114 - The Saudi Way

115 - Wars Never-Ending

Jihad - Children

116 - Raising a Holy Warrior

A Very Special School

Lessons In Cruelty

117 - Lebensraum

Willing Executioners

From Merchant to Messenger

118 - A Book Revealed

Allegations of Plagiarism and Fabrication

Trading in Revelations

Punishment for Misrepresenting Allah's Book

119 - Mocking the Messenger

Not Worthy

An Object of Curiosity


Laughing Stock

A Gullible Man

A Poet Possessed

A Man Bewitched

A Madman

120 - Allah's Response to the Mocking

A Tradition of Mocking and Punishment

Powerless to Stop the Mocking

No Angels Intervene and Why

The Jinn Believe In You

Put Up With It, Help Is On the Way

121 - Rhetoric to the Rescue

More Questions than Answers

Nothing But Rhetoric

Who Will Have the Last Laugh

122 - Doubts Dismissed

About a Foreign Messenger

About a Foreign Koran

123 - Not His Brother's Keeper

124 - A Messenger's Duty

Paying for the Message

125 - A Teacher and His Star Pupil

The Pupil Admonished

126 - He Who Must Be Obeyed

127 - The Seal of the Prophets

The End is Near

A Matter of Time

A Disagreement Among Scholars

Show me Hell or Give Me Death

128 - If You Can't Believe God ...

Ephemeral Revelations On Etiquette

Paying for an Audience

Man on a Mission

129 - Revenge and An Extraordinary Accomplishment

A Prophet on His Own

No Jesus-like Miracles

For the Love of a Father

130 - Conceit and the Damning of Innovation

131 - Method or Misstep


132 - Mughirah - Enemy of the Prophet

What Mughirah Heard

What Mughirah May Not Have Heard

Abu Jahl

133 - Night Vigil

What Aisha Saw

134 - Rukaya Saves Her Father

Rockin the Ka’ba

135 - Thirteen Wives and a Concubine

Khadijah, Sauda, Aisha, Hafsa, Zaynab b. Khuzayma, Umm Salama, Zaynab b. Jahsh, Juwayriyya, Rayhanah, Umm Habida, Safiyya, Mariya, Maymuna, Asma

 The Last Sermon

136 - The Prophet's Last Sermon

It Wasn’t Always Like That

140 - Arabs, Before and After

141 - Competing Word Views

142 - The Cartoon Protests

143 - Two Once Extraordinary Verses About Tolerance

Revelation 2:62

Revelation 109:6


144 - Enough!

145 - The Skimper, the Profligate and the Pious


146 - To Be A Believer

Can We Be Friends?

Stopping the Draining of the Light

Orchids and the First Draft