The Fractured Nation Interviews

Muhammad Abdullah

Muslims And Québec Independence

The Fractured Nation InterviewsJohnny: Does it surprise you that the initial violent confrontation occurred in the Canadian province of Québec as oppose to say – Ontario – where the struggle between the secular authorities and the Islamic courts had been center stage for such a long time. The two issues already discussed; the age of consent and beating your wife being the most obvious examples.

Muhammad: Not at all. [leaning forward] My turn to tell you and your viewers about a little known, unappreciated piece of Canadian, Québec history. The heroic history of how committed fighters and martyrs in the name of Allah the Conqueror, infiltrated the Catholic fortress of Québec.

In 1992, Algeria's military-backed government cancelled parliamentary elections in which the Islamic Salvation Front, an organization intent on governing by Koranic law, was set to win. This action led to the war between the followers of Allah, the Victory-Giver, and the anti-Muslim Algerian military.

The Front split into a number of armed factions. The most glorious of these being the Armed Islamic Group, which is credited with the slaughter, between 1993 and 1998, of an estimated 70,000 worthless souls who would not accept the rule of Allah The Kind One. Unfortunately, our glorious fighters for Allah The Opener were not successful in their struggle to establish the Islamic Republic of Algeria, but they did live to fight another day, in Québec no less.

Johnny: Huh???

Muhammad: Being French-speaking, they fled to Québec, some were accepted as immigrants, most as refugees. The Canadian government accepted the refugees’ argument that they would face death if returned to Algeria. This was true. The Algerian government of the time did not make any distinction between killing in the name of Allah, the Compassionate and killing for other motives.

Johnny: Interesting that their next fight or at least their children’s fight would not be to establish an Islamic government in North Africa but in Canada, even if those were municipal governments.

Muhammad: Allah The Patient, The Delayer works in mysterious ways and the battle to establish his sovereignty over all nations of the world is not over. The Holly Alliance of Muslim Municipalities is no small accomplishment and is part of the inexorable march of history towards an Islamic future for all mankind.

Johnny: No small accomplishment indeed. The Holly Alliance of Muslim Municipalities has been holding talks with the Government of Québec about allowing Muslims from the former province of Québec to return to the country of Québec. Has the Holly Alliance of Muslim Municipalities made peace with Québec?

Muhammad: Muslims and Québecquers had and have more in common than most people think. It was unfortunate that we came to blows since we both were trying to protect something we considered more valuable than life itself: our culture, our traditions, our religion. We should have been allies in the fight against Canada’s attempts to deny us these things which we held in such esteem.

Johnny: Québec had survived as a distinct French Canadian society, in a sea of mainly protestant Anglophones, thanks in large part to the informed, enlightened policies of the central government in which they were active participants. How was it that at the end of the twentieth and beginning of the twenty-first century their culture, their traditions even their religion was threatened?

Muhammad: It was because of the bad application of a good idea. In the last quarter of the twentieth century Canada welcomed immigrants from the four corners of the world, promising them that under its policy of multiculturalism, they would be allowed to keep their traditions, their values – even after becoming Canadian citizen. The problems began when the Canadian government broke that promise. Breaking that promise not only threatened Muslim traditions and values but Québec culture and traditions as well.

Johnny: How is that?

Muhammad: Multiculturalism that dilutes the values and traditions of all is not multiculturalism. Today we have true multiculturalism.

Johnny: But to get this true multiculturalism the country had to fracture. Was it worth the price?

Muhammad: Today, Muslims in the former territory of Canada can practice their religion as Allah, The Most Glorious One and The Prophet, the peace and blessings of God be upon him, intended. You tell me, was it worth it? Of course it was!