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The Crisis, Thomas Paine

In my books and commentaries on Islam, the Koran and the Prophet Muhammad, in the tradition of Thomas Paine, I have tried to explain the seemingly complicated in terms we can all understand.

Women Who Condemn Those Who Hate a Religion Which Hates Them!

On Friday, February 24, 2017 another young woman, Lilly Chin, beat out two young men to win the Jeopardy College Championship. What must the Prophet be thinking?

I mention this in passing because the day before, the Ontario Legislature approved a motion sponsored by Liberal backbencher Nathalie Des Rosiers which mimicked one sponsored at the federal level by Ms. Iqra Khalid and which condemns people who hate a religion which hates them.

Are women like Des Rosiers and Khalid living up to the Prophet's assessment of their sex or are they simply misinformed? And what does this say about the men and women we elect who vote in favour of such motions?

The Feminisation of Radicalism

2007 was the year men decided their interest would be better served if they sent women to the barricades. That was the year of the Hérouxville Fourteen. It was an inspired decision. The motion introduced by women in the Canadian Parliament and in the Ontario legislature condemning Islamophobia and racism in the same breath is the result. Misogyny never had it so good with a promise of even better things to come.

Negotiating a Minefield

Canadians, by and large, are not racist; Ms. Iqra Khalid's claim to the contrary, with which her Liberal colleagues in Parliament agree, notwithstanding. Accusing non-believers of being both Islamophobes and racists is simply one of the ways, as mentioned earlier, that activists in Allah's Cause, with the help of Chahdortt Djavann's "useful idiots"* have "mined the debate" by equating a rational fear of Islam with an irrational fear of people with a different complexion.

Patricia Crone in Slaves on Horses writes that Islamic scriptures have "an extraordinary capacity to resist internal criticism, a feature unparalleled in either the Skandhara [the life of the Buddha] or the Gospels, but characteristic of the entire Islamic tradition, and most pronounced in the Koran: one can take the picture presented or one can leave it, but one cannot work with it."

In defending yourself against accusations of racism for admitting to a fear of Islam to a Commons Committee which will be tasked with substantiating Ms. Khalid's assertions about Canadians, insist on being allowed to present those off-limits facts . If enough of you do this, the Committee may still not listen to you, but at least the charade will be exposed, and that would be a good thing for all, including progressive believers which governments and the media will simply not listen to.

As a proud Canadian and a member of the Ummah explained to me years ago when I first started writing about the Koran, it was up to non-Muslims to makes certain things known if we are to save our country from the fundamentalists, for, while there is a risk for a non-Muslim to do what I have advocated here, for a Muslim, he said, "it is a death sentence."


* Novelist and essayist, Chahdortt Djavann left Iran for France in 1993. In a scathing book she lambastes the intellectuals and "useful idiots" who, according to her, are being played.

This inveterate enemy of the veil today launched "How to effectively combat Islamic ideology (Grasset), a book which would show how, on the issues of the veil, "Islamophobia" and terrorism "Islamists have mined the debates and any intellectual and political discourse."

Le Point (my translation), Nov. 26, 2016 .

If you do not fear Islam, you do not know Islam!

In a short, archaic often brutal book in which a belligerent deity demands that non-believers be subdued by hook, by crook or by death, Allah, on at least a dozen separate occasions, bellows "fear Me", if you know what is good for you.

A fear of Islam is a legitimate fear. Those who would slander their benefactors after Canada welcomed and sheltered believers fleeing god-inspired violence in their homeland in their tens of thousands would like you to think otherwise. Not unlike the MP who introduced a motion in Parliament condemning Islamophobia and racism in the same breath, they seek to mask a rational unease with one which is not: racism.

Express a fear of Islam and you risk an end-of-discussion accusation of racism, as if Islam was a race not a religion.

Unless we come to grips with the fact that it is not people, believers and non-unbelievers who are the source of the turmoil which threatens to engulf us all, but a dissonant text from the Dark Ages, there is no hope.

The Fundamentalist v. the Progressive

The Fundamentalist

It’s time for Quebec to kill Bill 62, and stop targeting religious minorities.

Globe And Mail, Editorial, Feb. 17, 2017

Quebec opens another difficult debate over the place of religion and minorities in the province with hearings Tuesday into a proposed law that would ban veiled women from receiving government services.

Globe and Mail, October 18, 2016

The Progressive

Bill 62: An Act to foster adherence to State religious neutrality and, in particular, to provide a framework for religious accommodation requests in certain bodies.


Lepage: But what is the link between the wearing of religious apparel and the fundamentalists?

Houda-Pepin: For the fundamentalists, a woman must not be seen in public, right. If, by chance or by necessity a woman must go out in public, she must be invisible. She must, when going out [in public], wear her prison and that way we don't see her figure, we don't see her beautiful face or her hair because it's [sexually] seductive and so on and so forth … This means that the public space is not for these women …

It is a segregation [of the sexes] that is done in the public space. We in Québec and in Canada went to the United Nations to denounce apartheid regimes, segregation based on race was unacceptable and I would not accept segregation based on sex because that is what it means, the chadors, the burqas and all these imported ways of dressing which are meant, in the name of freedom of religion, to impose values that are alien and from another century.

Freedom of religion, for me, leaves some things to be desired. We will eventually have to confront this reality.

I believe that the state's neutrality in religious matters is our best guarantee of freedom of conscience and religion which is why it is so important to define limits and what those limits mean and write it in the [Canadian] Charter of Rights so that it applies equally to all.

Fatima Houda-Pepin, from an interview with the former Muslim member of the National Assembly.

The Subject Was Islam

As of this morning February 16, 2017, I have been banished from the Globe and Mail's Comments section. You would think that a newspaper-of-record would be more accommodating of different perspectives on national issues.  But then again, the subject was Islam.

The remarks which appear to have triggered my expulsion are now the object of an appeal to the National Press Council. The Council has never categorically upheld a complaint against the daily with the largest weekly cross-country readership.

Complaint summary

I believe I am owed an explanation from the Globe and Mail for deactivating my account indefinitely following two comments I made which were favorably received by its readers pertaining to their headline "Conservatives argue motion to condemn Islamophobia impacts freedom of speech", February 15, 2017:

1) As we accept more and more refugees and immigrants whose values and beliefs are often at odds with our own, which one will change the other for the better, and who is to define what the better is. Today, to favour one over the other, even if you are Muslim, is to invite accusations of being an Islamophobe or of spreading Islamophobia.

2) If there is a fear of Islam it is not of the person, but of its sacred texts, the Koran in particular. If a discussion of Islamophobia leads to a discussion of the Koran it will be time well spent. For years I have argued on my website for such a discussion ( The world desperately needs an honest discussion about Islam, starting with an unfettered dialogue on the Koran, if we are to allay the fear of the other and foster a trust in the other that is sadly lacking and a reason to fear that the worst is yet to come.

The Mosque Murders - The Danger in Slandering your Benefactors

In The Fractured Nation Interviews it is the murder of a Muslim at a mosque in the province of Quebec that a guest of Johnny MacDonald maintains was the seminal event which led to the breakup of Canada.

If Sunday night's confrontation between two guests of Guy A. Lepage, host of Québec's most watch current affairs program Tout le monde en parle is any indication, the real life heinous murder of six men may turn out to be just that if activists in Allah's Cause do not tone down their accusations of racism and xenophobia on the part of the society which welcomed and sheltered believers in their thousands e.g. during the Algerian civil war (1993 and 1998), and continues to do so, .

Within seconds of the start of a discussion ostensibly about promoting religious tolerance and understanding after the mosque murders came the accusations of racism, with the now ubiquitous champion of a religion which considers them stupid and evil, the hijab wearing activist, accusing the Parti Québecquois of xenophobia.

A polite rebuttal by another guest of Mr. Lepage, none other than Martine Ouellet an elected member of the Parti Québécois  who is seeking the leadership of the Bloc Québécois in Ottawa who said she was deeply hurt by Ms. Dalila Awada's accusations. Ms. Awada, when confronted, mollified her accusations of racism and xenophobia somewhat but the intent was clear.

Unfounded accusations of racism to camouflage a religious agenda, as was evident when the discussion shifted to whether the gains made by the Quiet Revolution towards a more secular society must be abandoned to accommodate Islam, must eventually rebound on the accusers. And when that happens, the separatist movement will have found a new raison-d'être, safeguarding the gains made by a Revolution started by the Liberals of Jean Lesage.

The Quiet Revolution Part II, if The Interviews are any indication, may not be as quiet as when progressive politicians confronted a church that was willing to take NO for an answer.

February 13, 2017

Enough Canada and Québec Bashing, Already!

61:9 It is He Who sent His Messenger forth with the guidance and the religion of truth, to make it triumph over every religion ...

Since the murder of six innocent men in a Québec mosque, Canadians have been blasted in the media, not only for not showing enough respect for a religion which brooks no equal, but for our alleged Islamophobia.

Example: Globe and Mail contributor, Communications Director at the National Council of Canadian Muslims, Amira Elghawaby, in a column dated February 5 entitled "A message to the Muslim children left fatherless" writes: "Despite our best efforts to alert decision-makers that we feared the rise of Islamophobia in Canada, including in Quebec*, it wasn’t enough to save your fathers."

If France is any indication, there is reason for hope that the tide of Islamophobia, if there is such a thing in Canada, may be about to turn as a campaign there to show an unreciprocated respect for a religion which claims to be the exclusive custodian of the Truth and that what you believe is mostly lies has led to a decline of 58.5% in attacks on Muslim places of worship in 2016 as reported by the Interior Ministry. Unexplained is a rise of 17.4% in attacks on Christian places of worship.

The number one reason so many Muslim children have no one to call father has nothing to do with acts of terrorism which are emblematic of the Religion of Peace.


* Québec was the first province to introduce mandatory Islamic studies in the public school system; in effect, sacrificing gains made during the Quiet Revolution to accommodate the Religion of Peace, after denying the Catholic Church the right to interfere in the public education system. To say that Quebec, and Canada, whose Supreme Court condoned the doing away with a secular public education to allow Islam to be taught to unbelievers' children, has not done enough to counter a fear of Islam is grossly unfair.

February 5, 2016

"Six dead in ‘terrorist attack’ at Quebec mosque" Globe and Mail, Jan 30, 2017

The Minarets and Steeples War

Terror and the promise of more brutal horrors has been very successful in changing society, for better or for worse depending on your point of view.  For reasons expressed in Terrorism as a Force for Change the innocent men killed in Quebec will not further the killer's objective, but have the opposite effect. Example: within 24 hours of the shootings, Konrad Yakabuski of the Globe and Mail, in writing about the massacre, suggested that this would be a good time for the government to abandon legislation which would require those who dispense and/or receive some government services to show their faces.


Boreal and Islam

Our willful ignorance will be our undoing, not the sword.

Why the Pessimism?