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Any study beside that of the Quran is a distraction, except the Hadith and jurisprudence in the religion. Knowledge is what He narrated to us, and anything other than that is the whispering of the Satan.


The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.

Stephen Hawking 1942-2018

Scriptures Essentials

The Minimum You Need to Know!

The Truth About Martyrdom


The Month of Great Heat

Islamic State

"This Khalifah will have no borders, only fronts... 

What Every Prospective Jihadi Bride Should Know

Islam and Gays

The Foul Act

Crime and Punishment

Ritual Slaughter

How much suffering?

Universal Comments On Islam

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Islam and the Canadian Experience

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Canada Day 2008

Remembering Uzza is a transformative script. If you are a reputable producer who's into making a difference, read it and get in touch.


Days of Pain and Madness

The Mob


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These are the times that try men's souls.  The Crisis, Thomas Paine

In my books, essays and comments on the Koran, the Prophet and Islam, in the tradition of Thomas Paine, I have tried to explain the seemingly complicated in terms we can all understand in a solitary campaign against the willful ignorance that will be our undoing.