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2016 Commentaries

November 1 - December 31

Dec 5 - Should Defeating the Islamists Be Like Defeating the NAZIs?

In the days following 9/11, John Stewart, on the Daily Show, speculated as to whether the attack called for a commitment of the type America made during the Second World War.

Fifteen years later, Trump, in picking retired Marine Gen. James Mattis for Secretary of Defense – a man he referred to as his "George Patton" – has obviously come around to that conclusion.

Mattis writes that the US is at a disadvantage because America's enemies are fighting "total war" while the United States is fighting "only limited wars."

CNN Dec 3, 2016

Dec 4 - A Son for a Drop Dead Handsome Man

John the Baptist announced the coming of Jesus; Jesus would announce the coming of the Prophet Muhammad. And no, it was not sorcery.

61:6 And when Jesus, son of Mary, said: “O Children of Israel, I am Allah’s Messenger to you, confirming what came before me of the Torah, and announcing the news of a Messenger who will come after me, whose name is Ahmad.” Then when he (Ahmad i.e. Mohammad) brought them the clear proofs, they said: “This is manifest sorcery.”

Like the virgin Mary, Amina was informed that the child she was carrying was special, with a disembodied voice adding that she should be wary of Jews.

The child to whom you will give birth will be a prophet and a law promulgator to the Arab people. Be wary of the enmity and the jealousy of men; especially the Jews. Seek refuge with God.

ibn Sa'd b. 784 d. 845

The birth of the Prophet Muhammad, like that of Jesus, was announced by a star.

I was a child of about seven or eight years when I heard the Jews of Medina who had gathered in the street speaking loudly. One of them climb onto a roof and called over his coreligionist, telling them to come together. Once they had assembled in the street, the one who had climbed on the roof shouted: "This night, the star which announced the birth of Ahmed appeared in the sky. Ahmed is born!

Hassan ibn Thabit d. 674

More than a hundred and fifty years after the death of God's last and greatest spokesperson, ibn Sa'd wrote about a  spectacular widespread phenomenon which heralded the ultimate messenger's birth which traditional historians across the then known world overlooked.

At the moment of Prophet's [birth] a blinding light floods the planet. Amina spots the silhouettes of camels in Bosra more than a thousand kilometers away and the streets of the souks of Damascus as if she was there. The Palm trees of Yatrib (Medina) are lit up as if by giant projectors. The fires of in the temples to Zoroaster in Persia go out.

ibn Sai'd

The birth of the greatest of them all is said to have occurred during the year Mecca was attacked by a fellow by the name of Abraha whose army was defeated by squads of Allah's sparrows.

Dec 3 - Ohio State Attacker Diagnosed with DDS by Administrator

Sympathy for Ohio campus attacker's 'pain' triggers fury

Stephanie Clemons Thompson (Ohio State University) reportedly wrote on Facebook that students should "find compassion" for the "pain" of business student Abdul Razak Ali Artan.

Nearly 1,500 people had signed a petition by Friday morning calling for Ms Thompson to be fired.

Eleven people were injured in Monday's car and knife attack in Columbus.

"Think of the pain he must have been in to feel that his actions were the only solution," the assistant director of residence life wrote in the now-deleted Facebook post.

BBC Dec 4, 2016

The police, while praising Johnny MacDonald's aggressor for relieving his distress without actually killing Mr. MacDonald, would like to remind viewers that the law now provides for harsh penalties for those who would deliberately or even inadvertently cause a believer to experience a traumatic religious episode.

If it’s not too much trouble, if you are experiencing dogmatic distress because of something somebody said or wrote about your religion, please call the police and let the law deal with the cause of so much pain and discomfort.

From Remembering Uzza

It may be only of matter of time before the condition I chose to refer to as Dogmatic Distress Syndrome (DDS for short) in the long delayed sequel to The Fractured Nation Interviews becomes a defence for the most horrendous crimes done in the name of religion.

Dec 2 - The Father of a Drop Dead Handsome Man Strikes a Bargain with God

(For the first posting in this series see A Drop Dead Handsome Man - Nov 1)

God's last and greatest spokesperson owes his very existence and his prestigious job to a bargain – later renegotiated with far-reaching consequences – made with his future Employer by his grandfather.

Abu-Mutallib bargained with God through intermediaries. His grandson would do so face-to-face. The much referenced prayer negotiations.

Dec 1 - The Coming War with Iran and the End of Israel

CIA chief warns Trump: Scrapping Iran deal 'height of folly'

BBC Nov 30

If Trump tears up the deal, the likelihood that Iran will get the BOMB a year or two into his Presidency, or more likely that of Pence, increases dramatically.

People who believe they have a place to go when they die, and a good one, don't usually fear death as much as those who don't.

Khamenei, like most Ayatollahs, and like Trump, is a very rich man who can afford just about anything that Allah's materialistic and hedonistic Paradise has to offer, with the added benefit that he is first here. In Paradise, he would rank behind the countless messengers and martyrs even if worthy of a place in the seventh heaven which Allah and His greatest and last spokesperson call home.

He could, of course, improve his standing in Paradise, and stay in the best accommodation that its owner has to offer, by doing what God would do if He were here, and that is burn his real and imaginary enemies in a nuclear fire not unlike that of Hell. But I wouldn't count on it.

Old people, especially rich ones, unlike gullible young people, are in no hurry to meet their maker.

A wealthy Ayatollah in the here-and-now, unlike the relatively poor, in real terms, true believers like Ahmadinejad, will not risk losing it all here on a promise of more of the same in the Hereafter made by a mortal claiming to speak on a god's behalf.

Trump is both a rich man and an opportunistic believer. Unless Khamenei drops the BOMB on Israel, he can be expected to rip up treaties and rattle sabres, but that is about it.

Pence, on the other hand, like Ahmadinejad, is not a wealthy man compared to the other two, and like Ahmadinejad believes in a Judgement Day and a scriptured (not a typo) end-times scenario.

Pence's fairytale begins and ends with an Israel that is not a radioactive wasteland. The slightest threat to make it inhabitable, if Pence is President (Trump is not only old for the demands of the job, but also overweight, and an early impeachment is a real possibility), and it's missiles and bombers away.

Under a Pence Presidency, war with Iran is inevitable, if it has the BOMB.

The U. S. will not be able to stop a motivated Iran under attack from exploding at least one nuclear weapon over Israel, which will be enough to bring an end to the Zionist experiment, prompting a ten-fold retaliation in kind from the Israeli nuclear missile submarines on patrol in the Persian Gulf.

This devastating nuclear counter-strike will make the remainder of the Middle East and much of North Africa a radioactive desert. It all has to do with which way the Trade Winds blow, and in the Northern Hemisphere that is from East to West. Unless, of course, Hell's heavy breathing interferes, but I wouldn't count on that either.

Bring on Armageddon

Nov 30 - Cartoons to Shame

There are women, who given a second chance in the West, of their own free, will chose to serve as living billboards for a religion that hates them. The latest, parading in the obscenity that is the burkini.

And then, there are the western feminists who pay it homage (see How Islamists are Smarter Than Andrea Horwath, Nov. 28) in support of the former.

And then, there are those who have no illusions.

This is the case for North-African female cartoonists who were invited by the BBC as part of its 100 Women Series to illustrate, through their art, some of the stuff that believing women here and their apologists would rather ignore.

Award-winning Egyptian cartoonist Doaa el-Adl uses a supermarket setting for her lambasting of the practice of wealthy Gulf men buying young Egyptian girls from impoverished families in rural areas to use and abuse and discard, an unwitting legacy perhaps of the perfect human being.

A cartoon from Tunisia, where lovable cats make a pathetic statement that has nothing to do with love is my favourite.

Nov 29 -  Burkini Pageantry: Flaunting (sic) the Rules!

Muslim teen first to compete in hijab for Miss Minnesota

A Somali-American has become the first to compete in the Miss Minnesota USA pageant wearing a hijab and burkini.

She said she hopes her participation inspires other Muslim women to be confident about their identity.

The St Cloud resident said she was overwhelmed to be in the top 15 contestants and has received an outpouring of support from women around the world.

BBC, Nov 28, 2016

It's not enough for her to hide her finery, she must also not flaunt it, which is an integral part of a beauty pageant, except in front of a select audience - rev. 24:31.

Allah is not into half-measures which the hijab/burkini combination definitely is. And then, there is His Messenger's warning about an unaccompanied female:

[The Prophet said] "It is not permissible for a man to be alone with a woman, and no lady should travel except with a Muhram* (her husband or a person whom she cannot marry e.g. her father, brother… "

Bukhari 52.250

If she must appear on stage, to keep within the bounds set by the Dynamic Duo, it is the full shapeless burka and niqab, and she must be accompanied on stage by her father, her husband or a close male relative.

If the appropriate male is not available she can always suckle a stranger if she is lactating, making him Muhram, thereby eligible to be her guardian for the occasion.

But that's it, unless she prefers to simply stay at home, like Allah counseled His Messenger wives - rev.33:33, and not risk burning in Hell for an eternity.


* The Prophet did allow women to venture out of the house to answer the call of nature unaccompanied by a male.

Narrated Aisha:

The Prophet said to his wives, "You are allowed to go out to answer the call of nature. "

Bukhari 4.148 

28 - How Islamists are Smarter Than Andrea Horwath

I have lived with Islamic totalitarianism and religious barbarism in all its forms.

Where are those armchair intellectuals and apologists for Islamic barbarism who, in France, compel girls to wall themselves inside a portable prison?

Veiling women spreads the vision of an Islamic world.

Chahdortt Djavann

Chahdortt Djavann: "Islamist have mined (as in minefield) the debates"

In a scathing book, the Iranian born essayist lambastes the intellectuals and "useful idiots" who, according to her, are being played.

Novelist and essayist, Chahdortt Djavann left Iran for France in 1993.

This inveterate enemy of the veil today launched "How to effectively combat Islamic ideology (Grasset), a book which would show how, on the issues of the veil, "Islamophobia" and terrorism "Islamists have mined the debates and any intellectual and political discourse."

Le Point (my translation), Nov. 26, 2016

Please note that the picture of Ontario NDP leader meeting an Hamilton imam last September veiled and barefoot is not meant to imply that her host is an islamist, only that Horwath is clueless.

Local dupes

All About the Veil

Nov 27 - Baby Names

On the evening of July 14, a large truck, with at its wheel a holy warrior, drove into a Nice crowd celebrating Bastille Day crushing 84 people to death, including 10 children.

In August, a woman decided to test the waters and the forbearance of the locals by wearing the widely detested by those who see nothing holy in what holy warriors do, the burkini.

This month, a family whose last name is Merah wants to name their newborn Mohammad.

So what's the problem? Muhammad, and variations thereof, is the most common boy's name on the planet.

It so happens that Mohammad Merah is also the name of another notorious holy murderer of children, shooting three of them dead, along with four adults during his murderous rampage a few years earlier.

When the parents showed up at the Nice city hall to register the infant, officials decided that it was not in the best interest of the child to be saddled with an infamous holy warrior's moniker for the rest of his life as a French citizen, and asked the Court to intervene.

A decision is expected shortly.

From an unbeliever's perspective, a believer's existence is an extremely rationed one and that rationing extends to naming their children.

Out of respect for the most insecure of omnipotent deities, Islam does not sanction the naming of children after Roman, Greek or even Norse deities who may, at one point in time, have competed for your ancestors' attention and for whom Allah has only disdain.

And lets not forget the countless Eastern gods and goddesses whose worshippers must convert or be killed on the spot.

It is also not recommended to name your child after an enemy of Islam past or present, further restricting the pool of choices for devout parent.

Finally, if you are going to blame anyone for a child's name, blame the father, for the mother has only as much say in the naming of her child as her husband will allow.

Nov 26 - Counter-Productive Terror in Mosul

Slaughter of innocents continues in battle for Mosul

Omar Ali stands outside his home in eastern Mosul weeping. The young father's sense of relief after being liberated from ISIS has been replaced by a feeling of unbearable loss.

Only a day earlier his 18-month-old daughter Amira was there on the pavement in the Zahraa neighborhood playing with relatives when a mortar round landed nearby. Shrapnel tore through the air and the child's skull. Amira was killed instantly. Her two cousins were seriously injured…

"ISIS now has no course of action but to target children and civilians, because they are the easiest to attack," says Lt. Khaleel Amer, head of the triage center. "The mortar rounds have left so many civilians wounded or dead."

CNN Nov 25, 2016

The Prophet, as I have mentioned on more than one occasion, believed in the strategic and tactical application of terror in Allah's Cause.

The indiscriminate lobbing of shells where children play may terrorise their parents, and offsprings who are old enough to appreciate the danger, but not in the good way God's Messenger intended.

Islamic State's holy warriors would be well advised to stop targeting children with explosives if they do not want to lose the modicum of support they may still enjoy among the trapped population of Mosul.

Nov 25 - Faith-In-Your-Face Newscast Comes to Canada

Speaking of AGGRESSIVE multiculturalism (see yesterday's entry):

Ginella Massa Becomes First Hijab-Wearing Journalist To Anchor A Major Canadian Newscast

The CityNews reporter took the anchor seat during the network's late-night newscast on November 17.

“It feels really amazing to be the first hijabi (sic) reporter in Canada, but I certainly hope I’m not the last," she said.

Massa received a wave of elation from fans and supporters after her newscast.

The Huffington Post, November 21, 2016

English media's celebratory approval of this milestone event was immediate and predictable. Quebec's, in the person of journalist Sophie Durocher, offered a more considered response.

On November 17, Ginella Massa became the first hijab-wearing woman in Canada to deliver a newscast. It happened at the Toronto station CityNews.

Massa wrote on Facebook: "It's a great feeling to be the first woman and anchorperson in Canada to wear the hijab and I sincerely hope I will not be the last."

I ask myself: how Quebecers would react if Sophie Thibault or Julie Marcoux (television reporters and anchors) wore the hijab?

What next, the chador?

After presenting her newscast, Ms. Massa (a Catholic who converted to Islam) wrote on social media: "I look forward to the day when it will not be a big deal for someone who looks like me to present a newscast. "

How would we react if a veiled woman reported on Bill 62 on religious neutrality in the public services? Or a story about the lawsuit between a Muslim school and a militant anti-Islamist?

After the hijab, what about a news anchor wearing the chador?

And since we are in Justin Trudeau's Canada, how long before a woman wearing the niqab presents the 10 o'clock news? Or a burqa?

When we speak of diversity on screen, I am all for more blacks, Asians, Latinos, Arabs, etc., but the religious orientation of a newscast anchor is absolutely not a reflection of diversity.

The online site Yahoo Style wrote that Ms. Massa's newscast represented "An important step forward for her and all women of the Muslim faith."

Muslim women are fighting against the veil. And to associate a woman wearing the veil to "all women of the Muslim faith" is a stretch and bad journalism.


Objectivity is the first quality we look for, no, that we demand of a news anchor. We don't care about his or her political views, whether they are for or against abortion, who they voted for. And we certainly don't need to know their religion ...

We would never accept that a news anchor read the news wearing the badge of a political party; why should we put up with news anchors displaying their faith close up.

The same requirement would apply to a newsreader wearing a kirpan, a cross around their neck, or a pastafarian a colander on his head ...

Sophie Durocher, Journal the Montréal, Nov 23, 2016 (my translation)

Nov 24 - A Consequence of Aggressive Multiculturalism

"Aggressive multiculturalism has wreaked havoc in the West", sociologist Mathieu Bock-Côté told Le Point in an interview.

"The weakening of our great historical and anthropological anchors", he said, "has pushed people to revolt. This is one of the greatest fears of our time, becoming strangers at home."

(My translation)

Justin Trudeau's government has embraced aggressive multiculturalism like no other government before it.

A signature policy, increased immigration to unprecedented levels, seems to be an attempt at fulfilling the father of multiculturalism's – the current Prime Minister's dad – dream of making Canada a country of minorities so as to deny Québec's claim to special status.

Jean Souviens Interview

Boom-Boom Singh Interview

Nov 23 - Turkey Reconsiders Abandoning Children to the Sharia

The government of President Erdogan has withdrawn a bill that "critics said would legitimise statutory rape and encourage the practice of taking child brides."

The government still insist that what it proposed "would not pardon rapists or sexual abusers and was simply intended to exonerate men who marry underage girls apparently with consent."

This is not over.

That Erdogan thought this was a good thing is another indication the he is one with the thinking of the Prophet on these matters.

If you are a committed Islamist*, this gives you reason to hope that, given time, with God's Messenger as his guide, their wills will prevail.


The child who became the legal precedent for men marrying children.


* In looking at ways to release prisoners whom the Sharia does not consider guilty of any crime, Erdogan may be seeking to bolster his support among Islamists.

Nov 22 - Mary at the Ka'ba and Mar Behnam

Historic Iraqi Christian monastery found ransacked by Islamic State

The history pages of Iraq’s Christian community lie in charred fragments on the floor of a fourth-century monastery near Mosul which Islamic State militants ransacked during a two-year occupation that ended over the weekend.

The jihadists at the Mar Behnam monastery burned a collection of books about Christian theology, scraped off inscriptions written in Syriac – the language used by Jesus – and demolished sculptures of the Virgin Mary and the monastery’s patron saint.

Reuters, Nov. 21, 2016

A picture of Mary could be found in the Ka'ba before Mecca surrendered to the Prophet.

Narrated Ibn Abbas:

The Prophet entered the Ka'ba and found in it the pictures of (Prophet) Abraham and Mary.

On that he said' "What is the matter with them (i.e. Quraish)? They have already heard that angels do not enter a house in which there are pictures*; yet this is the picture of Abraham. And why is he depicted as practicing divination by arrows?"

Bukhari 55.570

The fact that God's Messenger had her picture and other representations of revered figures found there destroyed – which has served as an example for holy warriors as to what to do when they come across such obscenities – does not mean that Mary, the mother of the lesser Prophet Jesus is not held in high regards by Allah.

Quite the opposite. In fact, she is the only female mentioned by name in his Koran.

Things about Mary


* How the Prophet learnt about angels' aversion to pictures.

Nov 21 - Islamophobia

Trump's choice for national security adviser, retired US Army three-star lieutenant-general Michael Flynn, tweeted in February that the "fear of Muslims is rational".

Is a fear of Islam justified?

Nov 20 - Turkey Abandons Children to the Sharia

A bill which would allow men accused of raping underage girls to be cleared if they marry the girl has been preliminarily backed by Turkish MPs.

The bill would pardon men only if they had sex without "force or threat" and if they married the victim. Critics say it legitimises rape and child marriage, and lets off men who are aware of their crime.

BBC Nov 18, 2016

Sharia law assumes a child knows what it is to have intercourse and that her silence when asked if she would like to have intimate relations with you may be considered her consenting to penetration.

This is, of course, based on a saying of the Prophet, which makes it beyond the reach of the laws of man and common decency and morality.

Poor Turkey. To have come so far only to see it all undone by one man's quest for the absolute power that comes from being the enforcer of God's Law (one meaning of Sharia).

The poor children ...

Nov 19 - Listen to Ahmadinejad

While we await the ruling in the slander lawsuit brought against writer Djemila Benhabib by Muslim school of Montréal, a timeless argument for freedom of speech.

Nov 18 - Selling It!

As a confident of God it is not inconceivable that the Prophet related to His Mentor his experience as a borrower and this is what prompted the Almighty to ban the charging of interest. We will never know.

What we do know is that the merchant in the Messenger could not resist his urge to control every aspect of a believer's existence to include buying and selling stuff.

Nov 17 - Developers Helping Believers

A plan to build a new suburb dedicated to Muslims runs counter to Quebec’s values, Premier Philippe Couillard said.

Montréal Gazette Nov.15.2016

Is there anything wrong with developers providing devotees of the one true god with affordable rent-to-own housing which pays lip-service to the Koran's prohibition against paying interest and which limits their contact with those who would corrupt them, Christians in particular, as demanded by the Almighty?

Ask any English-Canadian politician, with the exception of Conservative leadership candidate Kellie Leitch, and they will tell you this is in keeping with Canadian values, nothing to worry about.

HAMM Anyone?

Nov 16 - Holy Warriors and the Charity of Unbelievers

Some 75,000 children in north-eastern Nigeria risk dying of hunger in "the few months ahead", the UN says.

Boko Haram jihadists laid waste to the region before being pushed back by Nigerian forces in recent months.

UN humanitarian co-ordinator Peter Lundberg said that overall 14 million people needed humanitarian assistance in a region that was the former stronghold of Boko Haram militants.

BBC Nov 15, 2016

Expect the remnants of Boko Haram to interfere with any donations of food from non-Muslim countries, as Al-Shabaab did in Somalia, even if it means the death of thousands of children.

Allah, or perhaps His Messenger, instinctively appreciated the strategic value of helping people in need in recruiting for His Cause. The reverse is also true, which is why holy warriors must guard against charity from unbelievers reaching the believers.

Charity Becomes a Tax

Nov 15 - NAZIs v. Holy Warriors: A Comparison

Two-year-old girl killed in church attack

A two-year-old girl has died from injuries she sustained in an attack at a church on the island of Borneo in Indonesia.

Intan Olivia Marbun was severely burned after an attacker threw petrol bombs at a group of small children playing outside the church on Sunday. Three other children were injured.

Police arrested a suspect after he was captured by local people following the attack.

The attacker has been identified as a militant linked to local extremists supporting the so-called Islamic State (IS) group.

Police say the attacker was wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with the word "jihad".

BBC, Nov 14, 2106

It is unfair to compare the NAZI genocidal slaughter of those they considered racially deficient and the mass killing of those Allah considers inferior believers by holy warriors except in one respect, and that is in the murder of children.

The Jewish victims of the NAZIs could not stop being Jews and escape death, but an adult non-believer put to death by a believer, under normal circumstances, need not have died. All they had to do if they were of the Book i.e. Christians and Jews, and literally keep their heads, was to humbly pay the right-to-live-as-an-inferior-tax.

As to the polytheists, they could simply convert and keep on breathing.

You could say that non-believing adults freely chose death and its instrument, the superior believer. But that is not the case for children.

It is unfortunate holy warriors do not consider children too young to understand what is being asked of them ineligible for slaughter in Allah's Cause.

Islamic State brutality comes to light after military advance ...

At one point, he said, the fighters [holy warriors] had donned army fatigues and managed to trick a few families into believing they were arriving Iraqi forces. When the civilians went out to greet them, Tariq said, they were executed. “Even a one-year-old baby, they put a bullet in his head.”

Iraq — Reuters, Nov. 08, 2016

In killing children, holy warriors are no better than the NAZIs who sent children to the gas chamber.

Ref: Lebensraum

Rel: Why Dead Children Don't Matter - Jul 25

Nov 14 - Remembering the Paris Massacre and More Proof that Terrorism Works

Yesterday was the first anniversary of the Paris terrorists attacks that left 130, mostly young people attending a concert, dead.

Since that massacre, France has closed 20 of 2,500 mosques for allegedly preaching a radical interpretation of Islam.

In July, 86 people, including 10 children, were crushed to death in Nice. The following month, France's Minister of the Interior, Bernard Cazeneuve, announced that his government would be working with the French Muslim Council to launch a foundation to help finance mosques within France.

The shuttered mosques are expected to quickly be replaced, if they have not already, by mosques financed by French citizens with a little help from their government.

The slaughter in Paris caused a halt to what the Nice massacre reversed.

The murder of children in such a horrible manner was perhaps enough to convince the French government that what the county needed was more mosques, not less, in spite of an obvious disinterest in more prayer houses by the rank-and-file.

More proof that terrorism works if you are willing to be brutal enough!


Build a mosque in the here-and-now, and Allah will build you one in the Hereafter.

Nov 13 - Brutality Inspires Brutality

Islamic State sends message in Mosul with crucifixions … Five crucified bodies were put on display at a road junction on Tuesday, a clear message to the city’s remaining 1.5 million residents that Islamic State is still in charge, despite losing territory to the east of the city.

BAGHDAD — Reuters, Nov 9, 2016

The Reuter's account does not mention if they were crucifixions in the Islamic style as demanded by Allah for those who would oppose Him and His Messenger.

5:33 Indeed, the punishment of those who fight Allah and His Messenger and go around corrupting the land is to be killed, crucified, have their hands and feet cut off on opposite sides, or to be banished from the land. That is a disgrace for them in this life, and in the life to come theirs will be a terrible punishment.

The inspiration for this brutal punishment came shortly after God witnessed how His Messenger punished eight alleged murderers.

Narrated Anas bin Malik:

A group of eight men from the tribe of 'Ukil came to the Prophet and then they found the climate of Medina unsuitable for them. So, they said, "O Allah's Apostle! Provide us with some milk."

Allah's Apostle said, "I recommend that you should join the herd of camels."

So they went and drank the urine and the milk of the camels (as a medicine) till they became healthy and fat*. Then they killed the shepherd and drove away the camels, and they became unbelievers after they were Muslims.

When the Prophet was informed by a shouter for help, he sent some men in their pursuit, and before the sun rose high, they were brought, and he had their hands and feet cut off.

Then he ordered for nails which were heated and passed over their eyes, and they were left in the Harra (i.e. rocky land in Medina).

They asked for water, and nobody provided them with water till they died.

Abu Qilaba, a sub-narrator said, "They committed murder and theft and fought against Allah and His Apostle, and spread evil in the land."

Bukhari 52.261

Allah would later extend to apostates the punishment He made mandatory in revealed truth 5:33.


* Prophetic Medicine

Nov 12 - Extreme Vetting's Achilles' Heel

Trump's plan for extreme vetting of immigrants can only work if the country with which the United States shares the longest undefended border does the same.

Setting historically high targets for immigrants, as Canada is doing, which can only be met through lax vetting is inviting an overreaction by a Trump government to a terrorist attack on U. S. soil if Canada is the gateway for even one perpetrator.

How extreme vetting might work.

Nov 11 - A Holy Warrior's Dream Come True

Attacks on women in Islamic head scarves, racist graffiti and stories about bullying of immigrant children indicated a backlash against U.S. minorities from Donald Trump supporters after his presidential win.

Reuters, Nov. 10, 2016

Much of the violence which does not discriminate between men, women and children perpetrated by Islamists is aimed at provoking a violent counter-reaction which will not discriminate between moderates and extremists thereby driving the moderates into the arms of the extremists.

A Trump presidency, with the likelihood of a violent kneejerk shotgun counter-reaction, for holy warriors is a godsend and guarantees a significant increase in terrorist activity on U. S. soil during the lecher's tenure.

Facilitating the work of extremists in Allah's Cause are the so-called moderates who insist on wearing the paraphernalia of orthodoxy thereby increasing the likelihood that they will be the targets of revenge attacks.

Nov 10 - When Telling a White Lie Can Get You Killed

On November 4, a crowd which the police estimated at 200,000 marched through Jakarta, some demanding that Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama be jailed, others that he be put to death for claiming what we in the West, who do not know any better, take for granted.

It all started with an opponent citing a verse from the Koran which he said warned Muslims against voting for a Christian. What verse is not mentioned in the CNN report.

It does not matter, verses warning Muslims against associating with Christians are "so numerous", to quote Abu Yusuf Riyadh-ul-Haq, an Islamic scholar based in the United Kingdom, " I can’t recite every one of them".

The man, commonly known as Ahok, said that was not the case; and now they want to put him away, some permanently for telling a lie, even if the accused may not have known it was a lie at the time he told it.

Saying a god did not really mean it will usually not get you killed if it is meant to soften some of the more hateful things gods may have inadvertently let slip. But not if that god is Allah. That is blasphemy! And of the worst kind, for it is adding insult to injury, accusing the most omnipotent of omnipotent gods of not being clear in His instructions, when in vaunting His skills as a lawgiver, He decrees that He is.

11:1 [This is] a Book with Verses which are elaborately formulated and clearly expounded from the Wise, the All-Aware.

It is also ridiculously easy for Muslims to fall into the blasphemy trap, as did a fifteen year old Pakistani boy who misunderstand a question about whether he believed in the teachings of the Prophet (see Feb 4 - A Celebration of Self-Mutilation).

Blasphemy laws should be outlawed. They are not only the anti-matter of freedom of speech and expression but a reflection of the worse we can be.

Limits to a Kinder, Gentler Islam

Nov 9 - An American Muhammad? V

Electing an American Muhammad is just the start for those who believe that fighting fire with fire is the solution, and even those who don't.

Whether you favor a peaceful solution to our current difficulties or a violent one, you need to get acquainted with the tactics and strategies of those who would convert you by hook, by crook or by the sword.

In Jihad in the Koran, Allah narrates how He won the Arabs over to His Cause. How He did it, along with pertinent advice from His spokesperson, has served as a template for equally successful violent and non-violent campaigns for converts and territory to this day; therefore, there is no reason to expect a change in strategy or tactics.

Nov 8 - An American Muhammad? IV

Bestselling French author and winner of the highest award for literature in both France and Germany, Michel Houellebecq, struck a nerve in France with his book Submission (Soumission), forcing the France Prime Minister "to offer assurances that the country was not on a path to becoming the France of Houellebecq’s."

Houellebecq's novel "imagines a situation in which a Muslim party upholding traditionalist and patriarchal values, with the support of France's Socialist Party, is able to win the 2022 presidential election."

Translations were instant bestsellers in Italy and Germany. The English edition has been available since September 2015.

Today, if the Americans are successful in electing a man who thinks like the Prophet, including that desperate times call for desperate measures, such as curtailing immigration in Allah's Cause, the most likely and equally perilous outcome is the America Alone of Mark Stein.

Nov 7 - An American Muhammad? III

"I could shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters." Donald Trump

"I could rape somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters" would also seem to apply.

Like the Prophet, Trump is confident that no matter how often he denigrates them he can count on the support of women to achieve his goals.

There may be more to women voting for a Trump than low-self-esteem as intimated in other postings on the election.

If women make a Trump Presidency a reality after what he said about them and admitted doing to them without their consent, it will prove God's Messenger correct in his assessment of their character and mental acuity.

Inferiors will usually not seek to make an inferior their leader, they know what they are incapable of.

In inferiors voting for a superior when the situation demands it, they are showing that they can rise above their programmed inferiority.

2:228 ... women have rights equal to what is incumbent upon them according to what is just, although men are one degree above them (what is meant here is that the men have a superior authority). Allah is Mighty, Wise.

What remains a mystery, however, is that most of the women voting for Trump need not fear a beating if they don't acknowledge by their actions that God meant men to be in charge.

4:34 Men are in charge of women, because Allah has made some of them excel the others, and because they spend some of their wealth. Hence righteous women are obedient, guarding the unseen which Allah has guarded. And those of them that you fear might rebel, admonish them and abandon them in their beds and beat them. Should they obey you, do not seek a way of harming them; for Allah is Sublime and Great!

Nov 6 - An American Muhammad? II

Only Women Bleed

Alice Cooper

God's Messenger did not tolerate any criticism of his person or his mission and neither does Trump. On first entering Mecca, after its surrender without a fight, one of the Prophet's first order of business was seeing to the murder of two women who, as girls, had satirized him in song.

Before and after, there were the poets who were often the reporters in the Prophet's day who suffered the same fate on the direct orders of the Prophet of Mercy*.

During his campaign, Trump ranted and raved against the reporters of his time and was openly contemptuous of female journalists.

Do they have anything to fear from a Trump presidency?

Only women bleed, so men in the media have less to fear than women, during a Presidential press conference for example, of being belittled and maligned by a bully.

Menstruation for both Trump and the Prophet is a reason for singling out women. For the Prophet, it was to exclude them from prayers or send them to the back.

For Trump, a woman's period is a reason to denigrate them, as he did Megyn Kelly during a debate, saying she had "blood coming out of her wherever".


* God's Messenger began to be referred to as the Prophet of Mercy when Mecca surrendered without a fight, after its inhabitants received a promised, which he broke the next day, but by then it was too late, that they could continue worshipping the three goddesses they considered the daughters of Allah if they became Muslims.

His reputation for compassion was a result of his being uncharacteristically magnanimous with the leadership of the city and the warriors and their families, but not the six men and four women who had no protectors.

Nov 5 - An American Muhammad? I

The Prophet Muhammad, just like Donald Trump, was much mocked and ridiculed – he was even accused of plagiarism – but still managed to achieve the status of Caliph of the Arabs.

Donald Trump is on the cusp of overcoming the same obstacles and becoming President of the Americans.

Trump would have the American electorate believe that he has extraordinary insights and that if they elect him President and do what he tells them to do they will be wealthier and as powerful as they have ever been.

In his claim to superior knowledge he is not unlike the Prophet, the only difference being that the latter said that his extraordinary insights came from his personal relationship with the Almighty, and that it was God, not him personally, who demanded that they listen to him and do as they were told.

33:36 It is not up to any believer, man or woman, when Allah and His Messenger have passed a judgement, to have any choice in their affairs. Whoever disobeys Allah and His Messenger have gone astray in a manifest manner.

Many did not care for his message and where that would lead them, even after he became the undisputed elected leader of Medina. The city became the powerbase of the self-proclaimed messenger of God from which he carried out a brutal successful campaign against his Arab brethren to get them to accept that his way was the only way.

What will Trump do as President to convince his detractors that his way is the only way?

It may not be a war as witnessed in the Prophet's time, but it will be war, for Trump, like God's Messenger will not brook any opposition to his Caliphate.

Something to consider before you cast your vote.

Nov 4 - A Proliferation of Muhammads

Naming Children of Rapists After the Prophet

Nov 3 - A No-Lose Situation in Mosul

The shadowy leader of the Islamic State group has released a new message urging his followers to keep up the fight for Mosul as they defend the city against a major offensive aimed at routing the militants from their last urban stronghold in Iraq.

IRBIL, Iraq — The Associated Press Nov. 03, 2016

Holy warriors like those trapped in Mosul are in a no-lose situation. It's either home with their booty or Paradise.

Narrated Abu Huraira:

Allah's Apostle said, "Allah guarantees to the person who carries out Jihad for His Cause and nothing compelled him to go out but the Jihad in His Cause, and belief in His Words, that He will either admit him into Paradise or return him with his reward or the booty he has earned to his residence from where he went out."

Bukhari 93.549


Booty in the Koran

Booty and the Hadiths

Then again, they could call for peace, even if it's under false pretenses*, and remain in Allah's good books and live to fight another day.

47:35 So do not weaken and call for peace, while you have the upper hand and Allah is with you. He will not stint you your actions.


* "Taqiya (تقیة taqiyyah/taqīyah, literally 'fear, caution') is a form of Islamic dissimulation or a legal dispensation whereby a believing individual can deny their faith or commit otherwise illegal or blasphemous acts while they are in fear or at risk of significant persecution."


Killing Unbelievers Halal

War’s First Casualty

Nov 2 - Of Human Shields, Trump and Clinton

Putin ally [V.Zhirinovsky] says US electing Clinton would means war

CNN October 13

Much is made of Islamic State using human shields in Mosul but little about Al-Nusra Front doing the same thing in Aleppo, and which is largely responsible for the civilian casualties, because they are part of the anti-Assad coalition supported by the United States.

The repulsive Trump understands this, which is why he made the same argument, that was made in Le Point today, that the United States must find common ground with Russia to defeating the extremists in Syria and Irak and elsewhere and that includes defeating the Al-Nusra salafists, and end their obsession with defeating Assad militarily.

This disconnect of the Clinton campaign with what most Americans see as the clear and present danger will cost her the election, for Trump, for all his faults has said he will not risk a nuclear war over Syria which Clinton seems prepared to do.

Nov 1 - A Drop Dead Handsome Man

Another peaceful Halloween where no parents were foolish enough to risk their children's lives by sending or taking them trick and treating disguised as the Prophet.

It is really too bad. A fake beard* and a pasted-on bushy eyebrow would have been even more adorable on a child than the real thing was on the one who, by all accounts, was the most handsome of men.

An often quoted eye-witness description of God's Messenger is that of Umm Ma`bad who gazed upon his unavoidable brilliance when "he passed by the tent ... [and she] swore fealty to Islam before he departed" for Medina.

Muhammad was imposing and majestic. His face was luminous like a full moon.

I saw a man who is handsome, of glowing countenance, and of good proportions, with neither a large stomach nor a small head.

He is smart of appearance, with balanced features, deep black eyes, and long eyelashes.

His voice is not coarse. He has a long neck, a full rounded beard, and thick eyebrows that meet each other.

The Prophet came by his good looks honestly. God's Messenger may have been good-looking but his father was literally to-die-for gorgeous.

Not only does Arab tradition laud how handsome Muhammad was, but how exceptionally attractive was his father and the women they married.

It was said that when the breathtaking Abdulla (Muhammad’s father) married Amina the Prophet’s mother, 200 virgins of Mecca died of a broken heart, not only because the handsome Abdulla had not picked them, but because they would not be the mother of Muhammad the future Prophet.

From La Vie de Mahomet, Robert Lafont, 1962 by Virgil Gheorghiu (my translation)


* The Prophet coloured his beard using a bright orange natural dye called henna. Whether it was to cover grey strands or simply a fashion statement we do not know.


Logic and the Sharia

Better Red Than Dead?

Innovations in Terror and the Religion of Peace

Of Gods, Adolescents and an Orphan

Mothers' Day

Was the Prophet an illiterate?

The earth is flat! Who said it first?



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