CANADA - The Fractured Nation Interviews

An inquiry into the Breakup

The Second Edition (2008) is back in print.

Paperback, 232 pages

Nominated for The Sunburst Award for Canadian Literature of the Fantastic


Required reading for anyone who cares about the future of Canada

Imagine a world where Canada is just a memory. Imagine that the breakup of Canada has been a reality for almost ten years.

How did Canada’s demise come about? What has happened since Canada disappeared from history, and what do former Canadians have to say about the country that is no more. That is what Canada - The Fractured Nation Interviews is all about.

In five interviews with unique and engaging characters from varied backgrounds, the events, the decisions that led to the break-up of Canada—that caused what appeared to be a stable, representative parliamentary democracy to just collapse almost from one day to the next—are dramatically explored.

The Interviews are slightly different from your normal interviews since they are not only meant to inform, to teach a little bit of Canadian history and stimulate discussion but also, I hope, to entertain by bringing to life an imaginary, near-future where Canada is just a memory.

The Interviews are controversial. Always remember that Johnny, Diane, Muhammad, Boom-Boom, Maude and Jean are fictional characters and it is the opinions of different segment of Canadian society they are expressing; opinions which will definitely not leave you indifferent.



The Setting for The Interviews makes for a simple and inexpensive production (mini-series).