Mecca in the Crosshairs

Deterring a Nuclear Attack on the United States by Islamists

To discourage the former Soviet Union from launching a nuclear attack, the United States promised retaliation in kind. How do you deter al-Qaeda or a like-minded terror organizations whose members revel in mass murder and, unlike the leadership of the former USSR, have no fear, even wish for death in Allah's Cause, not only from acquiring nuclear weapons, but using them to kill on a biblical scale?

Promising retaliation in kind against the country from which the attack is launched or which facilitated, sheltered or rendered assistance will have no dissuading effect; it will only increase the likelihood of massive American deaths in a nuclear fire by creating an opportunity for martyrs to enter Paradise in droves via a punitive nuclear strike.

The only retaliatory target that could have a dissuading effect on Islamic terrorists detonating one or more nuclear device on U. S. soil is Mecca.

Mecca is central to Islam. Its importance for the believers cannot be overstated! Promising to turn the city into a radioactive wasteland if any Islamist terror cell anywhere in the world attacks you with nuclear weapons may be America's best hope of avoiding the unthinkable.

It may also be in everyone's interest, including Islamic State and al-Qaeda, for the American leadership to make the threat against Mecca explicit.

It is not outside the realm of possibility that elements within the military, with nuclear weapons at their disposal, would seek revenge for a devastating nuclear attack on the homeland and incinerate Mecca, and maybe Medina for good measure, with or without Presidential approval.

Bernard Payeur, June 6, 2015