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Pain, Pleasure and Prejudice

PPP Pain, Pleasure and Prejudice

The Koran by topic, explained in a way we can all understand

Paperback: 828 pages. Comprehensive Index.

Quickly find out all that Allah has to say on any subject.


Pain, Pleasure and Prejudice may be too cumbersome or expensive for some, even as a paperback, which is why it has been broken up into six smaller books, all priced under $18.00.


Let Me Rephrase That!

Your Layman's Guide to Abrogations

Paperback, 204 pages.

16:101 And if We replace a verse by another – and Allah knows best what He reveals – they say: “You [Muhammad] are only a forger.” Surely, most of them do not know.

Knowing what more than 200 revealed truths (immutable facts communicated to a mortal by a god) an assumed omniscient deity replaced or abolished i.e. abrogated, as inconceivable as that may seem, is essential to understanding the ultimate Message of the Koran.


Kids and The Koran

Children and The Koran

Children and The Koran

The End of Empathy

Paperback, 186 pages

Read what children who should be enjoying Babar the Elephant and Cinderella are reading.

Children and the Koran is a comprehensive argument against exposing children to the hate and violence until they are old enough to decide for themselves if unbelievers are deserving of the Koran's merciless animosity.

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Teach Your Children Well

Teach Your Children Well

The future as a truism and a cliché

Paperback, 87 pages


The Prophet

Sayings and Deeds of the Prophet Muhammad

1,001 Sayings and Deeds of the Prophet Muhammad

Paperback, 440 pages.

Get to know the real Muhammad as his closest friends and his child-bride Aisha recall what he said and did. The authenticated sayings and example of the Prophet Muhammad, the hadiths, along with the Koran, are the basis of Sharia law i.e. God's Law.

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Remembering Uzza

If Islam was explained to me in a pub

Remembering Uzza is meant to make learning about Islam a mostly pleasant experience while not sugar-coating or leaving out the nasty bits.

And, is there a better place to get acquainted with a religion that has everyone talking about it then in the relaxed atmosphere of a favourite pub in the company of friends and a troubled but engaging young woman to give you an insider's perspective


Alice Visits a Mosque

Alice Visits a Mosque to Learn About Judgment Day

Paperback: 80 pages

The character of Alice only bears a remote resemblance to the heroine of Lewis Carroll's tale of a young girl "who falls down a rabbit hole into a fantasy world populated by peculiar, anthropomorphic creatures." The phantasmagorical world that the imam describes to Alice is not a fantasy, it is real (or will be), brought to life through Islamic scriptures and inspired dialogue about the most ominous of days that will be Judgement Day

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Fractured Nation Inteviews

Canada - The Fractured Nation Interviews

An Inquiry Into The Breakup

Paperback, 228 pages

2006 nominee for The Sunburst Award for Canadian Literature of the Fantastic.



Between a Pillar and a Hard Place

Between a Pillar and a Hard Place

Paperback, 274 pages

If you are going to read one book on Islam, you have to read this one! In mostly short, easy-to-read, to-the-point essays, I touch upon everything you need to know about the resurgent would-be dominant religion and what it means for lesser and non-believers.

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Boreal 2016


Paperback, 432 pages

A commemorative recreation on paper of comments, articles and extracts of a watershed year when headlines and scriptures came together like at no other time since went live in April of 2003.


Stopping the Draining of the Light

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