Stacy Bonds

And the Brotherhood Cheered

Sergeant cleared of sexual assault, but leaving woman topless 'unnecessary and demeaning'

... Ottawa police Supt. Mike Flanagan, who oversees the cellblock, said the applauding officers were supporting a fellow member through what had been a long legal process. " ... there is a brother and sisterhood that exists," said Flanagan. Ottawa Citizen April 5, 2013

There will be no consequences for the officers who showed so little respect for courtroom decorum and the victim sitting there by applauding a colleague accused of assaulting her in an Ottawa police station, as there will be none for Steve Desjourdy (if his union, the Ottawa Police Association has its way), and others of his fraternity who did a lot more than what the Judge admitted to in his ruling exonerating the only member of "the hood" who was charged.

When the video of the assault on Stacy Bonds became public, I wrote that "fathers should perhaps include in their cautionary warning to daughters going out on a date or a party in Ottawa, not to call the police if the date goes bad or the party gets out of control unless they absolutely have to."

Police officers cheering the Desjourdy verdict should make fathers doubly wary.

It is not clear whether the Ottawa Police Association gave the green light to their members' disgraceful behaviour in an Ottawa courtroom but they certainly encouraged it early on by throwing a "policemen's" party to show their support for some of the participants in the assault on Stacey Bonds - the woman who did all the kicking and face smashing being the focus of much of their solicitude.

Matt Skof, president of Ottawa Police Association is already on record as objecting to the police chief proceeding with a charge of discreditable conduct against Desjourdy; a charge which had been stayed during the criminal trial, but was reinstated by Chief Bordeleau on Friday afternoon.

In effect, Skof would like to see Desjourdy again be put in a position where he can kick and taser a homeless woman in a police cell and subject young women arrested for whatever reason to “unnecessary and demeaning” treatment, because, to paraphrase and summarize Skof, “he is one of us.” I really hope not.

Matt Skof, president of the union representing police officers, said Friday that although counsel had asked that he not discuss the case in detail, he thinks Desjourdy has been through enough.

“My opinion of it is obviously I’m very protective of our officers,” Skof said. “In cases like this, I wouldn’t even be entertaining these charges because I think he’s been through quite enough.

“This has been an incredibly long and difficult ordeal for Sgt. Desjourdy and we want to make sure we get him through this, too.”

Ottawa Citizen, April 6, 2013

It's not that I don't admire Mr. Skof's dedication; I can only imagine what my future would have been like if I had had him on my side.

It is unfortunate that the Ottawa Police Association cannot, or will not differentiate between a good cop and a bad cop preferring thereby to make good cops, the vast majority I suspect, look bad in the eyes of the people they have sworn to serve and protect.

Bernard Payeur

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