The Counterfeit Citizen

Counterfeit Citizen

A citizen who, because of conflicting allegiances, most often religious, cannot be trusted to put the interest of his country first.


Multiculturalism is a well-meaning doctrine which seeks to accommodate the innocuous traditions and customs of all cultures within a national identity.

Multiculturalism Canadian Style

Canadian-style multiculturalism views all value systems as equal, thereby leaving champions of irreconcilable value systems to compete Darwinian-like for supremacy.

Canadian-style multiculturalism preaches that “if we respect people’s culture we also have to respect their religion which we cannot hope to understand not being part of the culture” thereby denying a majority of citizens a say in any discussion about the future of their country.

Canadian-style multiculturalism makes it easy to confuse race, culture and religion. In Canada, raise an objection to the granting of an exemption under the law for Muslims and you risk being accused of racism, as if Islam was a race not a religion.

Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all convictions, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.

W. B. Yeats, The Second Coming

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing (or words to that effect)" Edmund Burke (1729-97)

What are those who value freedom of expression to do in the face of those who are "full of passionate intensity" in the pursuit of its destruction?

The worst they can do, according to Edmund Burke, is do nothing.

In Burke’s time, it was against corruption and abuse of power and privilege that good men were asked to stand up and be counted.

It is to the courage of such good men, and eventually women, that the system of government by the people, for the people was re-born in the American and French Revolution (the Greeks had an early version) and evolved into the democratic system of government we have today with its guarantee of freedom of speech and expression.

In Burke’s day the good men who challenged evil faced fines, prison and a few, the hangman’s knot, or some other form of capital punishment.

Today, challenging the EVIL that could end the march of civilization means courting a horrible random death at the hands of men and women who have no respect for human life – their own and the life of the innocent they murder.

Faced with this casual, cruel fate for challenging evil in the twenty-first century, good Canadian men and women, encouraged by their government, remain silent in the hope that this EVIL will pass them by, that the EVIL that threatens to end the march of Western Civilization is just a glitch in that March, and that the latest EVIL will not triumph even if they remain silent.

The Canadian, and like-minded European governments, using so-called hate legislation, encourage this indecent self-destructive silence by threatening crippling fines, even jail, for those who would denounce the ideology which fuels the passions of evil men, thereby allowing the EVIL to grow unchallenged

In Canada the fight against an EVIL which poses a threat to our way of life, if not our right to life itself, is further undermined by official government policy of see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil that seeks to accommodate incompatible values systems under a tortured definition of multiculturalism; a definition which gives protection and precedence to tribal customs and medieval religious practices in its Charter of Rights and Freedoms.


This Charter shall be interpreted in a manner consistent with the preservation and enhancement of the multicultural heritage of Canadians.

Wahhabism, the most virulent form of Islam, the Islam of Al Qaeda the Taliban and Saudi Arabia, considers anywhere the Koran is not the law of the land and where unbelievers can be found the Land of War.

In this Land of War Islam must be imposed by force and those who refuse to submit to the Will of Allah are to be killed on the spot. Christians and Jews may continue breathing if if they agree to pay a poll tax (a tax on people) while acknowledging your superiority as a Muslim.

The latest post-war generation, even after 9/11, would rather not be reminded that war has come to them; that they live in the Land of War.

The post second-world-war generations have never had to face death at the hands of another human being for their political views or religious beliefs. Not anymore!

Multiculturalism has created pre-Munich like conditions in Canada by convincing a large enough portion of its citizenry that the antithesis of Western Civilization, which it has cloaked radical Islam in a veneer of respectably, is not to be feared and should be accommodated.

Canada's multicultural doctrine maintains that all systems of beliefs are equally valid. If push comes to shove, and if all systems of beliefs are equal, what is the harm in exchanging one system of belief for one of equal value.

How many was it? Thirty million or more dead, for what Churchill called “the unnecessary war”; a war that could have been averted if people had been willing to stand up and be counted before the enemy grew in sufficient strength to take on the free world in a murderous, genocidal war.

Will the outcome be the same, a bloody, global war to dwarf all wars to try to regain cherished freedoms carelessly thrown away?

Bernard Payeur