Between a Pillar and a Hard Place

Paperback 274 pages.

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If you are going to read one book on Islam, you have to read this one! In mostly short, easy-to-read, to-the-point essays, I touch upon everything you need to know about the resurgent would-be dominant religion and what it means for lesser and non-believers.

21:36 And if the unbelievers see you (Muhammad), they only take you as an object of mockery [saying]: “Is this the one who talks about your gods?” And they disbelieve in the mention of the Compassionate.

68:5-6 You shall see and they shall see, Which of you is the demented one.

61:9 It is He Who sent His Messenger forth with the guidance and the religion of truth, to make it triumph over every religion ...

Narrated Abu Huraira:

Allah's Apostle said, "I have been sent with the shortest expressions bearing the widest meanings, and I have been made victorious with terror, and while I was sleeping, the keys of the treasures of the world (the booty) were brought to me and put in my hand."

Bukhari 52.220


A Metaphor for Our Times

The Dream

The Letter under Glass in Istanbul

The Murder of Amr-ben-al Hadra’mi

The Massacre of the Banu Qurayzah

The War of the Apostates and the First Written Koran

Overcoming a Reluctance to Kill

Terrorism as a Force for Change

Doing the Work of the Extremists

The Greatest Genocide of all Time


Unholy Rewards for Holy Warriors

The Reward of the Female Martyr

Fitna and the Seductive Sounds of Hatred and Cruelty

The Day the Free World Got A Lot Less Free

A Faustian bargain

Teach Your Prisoners Well

Mecca in the Crosshairs

An Absurd and Dangerous Resolution

A Politically Correct Fabrication

Sufis and Why Heretics Must Die

Shouting at Dead People at Ground Zero

Wars Never-Ending

What Some Young Men Are Dying For

Hadd! Enough!


Stupid Women

Allah's Feminists - Amor Interview

Allah's Feminists and the Indecent Silence

The Hérouxville Fourteen

Women and the Bad Boys of Hamas

The Trouble with Manji

An Unlikely Crusader for Compassion

Getting Familiar with the Unfamiliar

Tempest Beneath a Chador

A Friendly Disagreement between Husband and Wife

Smart Women, Why Do You Even bother?

What if the Prophet Watched Jeopardy?

Shambat - A Woman Apart

The Two Marys


Excuses and What Matters


How the Veil Came To Be and Why

The Face Behind the Veil

The Tent Wearers of Afghanistan

Veiled and Window Shopping for a Man

When Satire is Just a Lie


A Woman's Prison

Family Law

Wife Beating - The Rules

The Example of the Prophet

Bum Sex Double Standard

The Nazanin Fatehi Story

Why Adulteresses must Die

The Stoning Ritual and Why the Practice Endures

Honour Killings


The Rape of Samira B. and the Sin of Khalwat

The Rape Verse

Groping at the Hajj

Kidnapped for Sex and Profit

VVF - A consequence of children having children

Breast Milk in Islamic Law

An Obsession with Hair and Virgins

A Fascination with Breasts

A Struggle between Contempt and Desire

The Cult of Masculinity

Widows of a Jealous of Man



Children, Sex and the Koran

Daggers are In, Flutes are Out

Lessons in Cruelty

Willing Executioners

Violence - The Koran vs. The Bible

The Warrior Gap



The Muslims Who Saved Us from Ourselves

Soheib Bencheikh on Showing Respect for Muslims

The Chapel at Beechwood Cemetery

Blue Rodeo, Children and Black Dogs

The Counterfeit Canadian

Learning to Live Together Now That It's Too Late

Momin Khawaja, Enemy Combatant


The End of Islamic Philosophy

When the Truth is a Lie

Muslims in Space

Zeitouna and the Distortion of History

Sam Harris on Democracy, Moderates and Islam

Reformers Beware

Limits to a Kinder, Gentler Islam

What Believers Must Not Admit

Whose Enlightened?


The End of Music

The Return of the Booty Economy

Nehru on Scriptures


Days of Pain and Madness

The Rape of P...

Perfume, Makeup and the Prophet

A Muslim Mourns the Death of a Christian


On the Ritual Slaughter of Animals

Why the Suffering?


Muhammad Abdullah Domeini

Democracy, Liberty and Art as Blasphemies

Khomeini on Sodomy and Bestiality

The End of Tolerance

The Names of God and Praising the Prophet