The Fractured Nation Interviews

Muhammad Abdullah

On the Roots of Western Civilization

Canada - The Fractured Nation InterviewsMuhammad: Greek and Roman civilizations? As civilizations – if you can call them that – they were an abomination to Allah, The All-Knowing, and everything that He stands for. The roots of The Renaissance, the misguided enlightenment philosophy of the 18th century, all can be traced back to those decadent, so-called Greek and Roman civilizations.

Just think what the world would be like if Allah, The Bestower, had not given us the Koran, the word of God as revealed to the Prophet Muhammad, the peace and blessings of God be upon him, to remind us what being civilized is all about.

Johnny: [meekly] The Greeks and Romans of antiquity, the Greeks in particular did give the “West” democracy; the foundation of modern medicine and modern science; a philosophy or a way of questioning the world around us and the world beyond; the idea that liberty is humanity’s most precious possession; ethics and morality that comes from within, an understanding of …


I tremble at the blasphemy our Muslim children would have been exposed to if the former country of Canada had not allowed and then paid for private Islamic schools. Thank Allah The Guardian, the Preserver for the madrassas, the enlightened Canadian leadership that promoted them and the taxes that funded them.

Madrassas' Impact on National Unity

Johnny: For the handful of viewers who may not be familiar with the term madrassa, it is a school for Muslims. Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest oil producer at the time, financed madrassas around the world. These madrassas taught Wahhabi fundamentalism, a branch of Islam that rejects any innovation occurring after the 3rd century of Islam. Osama bin Laden was a Wahhabi Muslim.

Muhammad:: Madrassas are not ordinary schools. Ordinary schools teach students to think for themselves; madrassas teaches children to thinks the way God and His Messenger want them to think. While some madrassas teach courses in literature, science and history from a Muslim perspective, their primary function is to indoctrinate students into the Faith.

Johnny: How do they do this?

Muhammad: It begins with the children learning Arabic so that they will be able to read the Koran in the original Arabic – the language of God. In conjunction with learning the language of God they will begin the arduous process of reading and re-reading the Koran, in Arabic, until they have committed most, if not all of it, to memory. In addition, madrassas teaches the fundamental of Sharia Law which means teaching the children the sayings and example of the Prophet which, along with the Koran, is the basis of Islamic Law.

Johnny: That has to take up a lot of class time, when you consider that the Koran contains more than six thousand revelations and the authenticated sayings of the Prophet Muhammad number in excess of ten thousand.

Muhammad: Yes, but that is time well spent. Wouldn't you agree?

Johnny: Perhaps, but this must not leave much time for anything else.

Muhammad: What is more important memorizing God’s words and learning about the life and times of the perfect human being and reading what he had to say about how we should conduct ourselves, or wasting time reading decadent literature and learning about satanic inventions and science that questions God’s accomplishments.

Johnny: It has certain logic. Were children attending a madrassa in the former Canada required to memorize those horrifying, nightmarish descriptions of Hell contained in the Koran?

Muhammad: Of course. Whether a madrassa is in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia or the former Canada the basic curriculum is always the same, and yes that includes memorizing verses about what Hell is like.

Johnny: Why would you do this?

Muhammad: We want our children and young people to remember those horrifying, terrible visions of Hell for the rest of their lives. We want them to be constantly reminded of what awaits them should they deviate from the path that Allah The Guide To The Right Path, The Merciful, The All-Forgiving, the Loving has chosen for them.

Johnny: What about the Koran’s constant reminders that unbelievers are destined to burn in this Hell for an eternity and should not be pitied in this world for they will not be pitied in the next.

Muhammad: What is the matter with you! These are reminders from Allah, The Accounter (sic), and as leaders and teachers we would be derelict in our duty to Allah, The Lord of Majesty and Bounty, if we did not remind the children and young people about what Allah, The Forgiving, will do to those who refuse to believe.

Why are you asking me these questions? I thought you invited me to talk about the demise of the decadent and depraved Canadian Confederation.

Johnny: I brought up the issue of madrassas to get your opinion as what role they played in bringing about The Fracture.

Muhammad: They played no role whatsoever!

Johnny: The majority of terrorist acts that preceded and followed The Fracture were committed by graduates of madrassas.

Muhammad: Does that mean that terrorist acts committed by public school graduates against Muslims were the result of a public education. Of course not! Your logic makes no sense.

Johnny: From what I remember of the period, while there were many acts of violence committed in the name of God, the suicide bomber was almost exclusively a Muslim tactic and the bomber usually had spent a considerable amount of time studying the Koran and the sayings of the Prophet – usually in a madrassa or in a madrassa-like setting.

Muhammad: As Muslims we are truly blessed, so many young people willing to sacrifice their lives to defend their faith.

Johnny: And the lives of so many others.

Muhammad: Our young people were and are willing to sacrifice their lives if it means sending the enemies of Allah, The Reckoner, to their just punishment and if a few dozen or a few thousand innocent people are killed in the process, what does it matter “God will sort out his own."

Johnny: And you say that madrassas had nothing to do with young people willingly giving up their lives in an inglorious act of self-immolation if it meant killing the enemies of Allah — including children and people who had never heard of Him?

Muhammad: This noble, selfless martyr’s death has nothing to do with the madrassas; it is the duty of every Muslim to defend his faith, to the death if necessary, if it is under attack. A teacher in a madrassa is expected to remind young people of their duty to Allah, our Sovereign Lord, and the punishment that awaits those who fail the Lord, and that is all.

Johnny: So, in your opinion, in the former Canada, Islam was under attack?

Muhammad: It is not an opinion, it is a fact! In many regions of the former Canada, they would not allow the free practice of our religion as is demanded by Allah, The Compeller. As Muslims, we had no choice but to fight those who would deny us the right to worship and live as Muslims. Not to do so, would have been to risks Hell’s fire. Muslims would have much preferred to remain in a united Canada.

Johnny: Under your own terms?

Muhammad: Under Allah's terms.

Johnny: I think I understand.

Muhammad: You seem to know much Islam. You must have read the Koran?

Johnny: Yes, a translation, or should I say an interpretation by Majid Fakhry that has the seal of approval of Al-Azhar University of Egypt, a world renowned center for Islamic studies.

Muhammad: What do you know about God’s Messenger? What do you know about the Prophet, the peace and blessings of God be upon him?

Johnny: You mean the Prophet Muhammad?

Muhammad: [expressing disbelief] What is this! Of course I am referring to the Prophet Muhammad, the peace and blessings of God be upon him, you miserable…

Johnny: I’m sorry; of course you would be referring to God’s last and greatest Prophet. That was really stupid of me to enquire “which Prophet?” Yes, I am familiar with the life of the Prophet Muhammad – these days who isn’t – having read a number of biographies.

Muhammad: You have read the Koran and are aware of the fate that Allah reserves for unbelievers; you know about the life and teachings of the Prophet, the peace and blessings of God be upon him, and you have not been inspired to become a Muslim?

Johnny: At the time, and I mean no disrespect to Allah or His Messenger, no I did not seriously consider becoming a Muslim.

Muhammad: [shaking his head in disbelief] That is, that is… unbelievable.

Johnny: Perhaps after this informative interview I may reconsider my religious options.