The Coming War with Iran and the End of Israel

CIA chief warns Trump: Scrapping Iran deal 'height of folly'

BBC November 30, 2016

People who believe they have a place to go when they die, and a good one, don't usually fear death as much as those who don't.

Khamenei, like most Ayatollahs, and like Trump, is a very rich man who can afford just about anything that Allah's materialistic and hedonistic Paradise has to offer, with the added benefit that he is first here. In Paradise, he would rank behind the countless messengers and martyrs even if worthy of a place in the seventh heaven which Allah and His greatest and last spokesperson call home.

He could, of course, improve his standing in Paradise, and stay in the best accommodation that its owner has to offer, by doing what God would do if He were here, and that is burn his real and imaginary enemies in a nuclear fire not unlike that of Hell. But I wouldn't count on it.

Old people, especially rich ones, unlike gullible young people, are in no hurry to meet their maker. A wealthy Ayatollah in the here-and-now, unlike the relatively poor, in real terms, true believers like Ahmadinejad, will not risk losing it all here on a promise of more of the same in the Hereafter made by a mortal claiming to speak on a god's behalf.

Trump is both a rich man and an opportunistic believer. Unless Khamenei drops the BOMB on Israel, he can be expected to rip up treaties and rattle sabers, but that is about it.

Pence, on the other hand, like Ahmadinejad, is not a wealthy man compared to the other two, and like Ahmadinejad believes in a Judgement Day and a scriptured (not a typo) end-times scenario.

Pence's fairytale begins and ends with an Israel that is not a radioactive wasteland. The slightest threat to make it inhabitable, if Pence is President (Trump is not only old for the demands of the job, but also overweight, and an early impeachment is a real possibility), and it's missiles and bombers away. Under a Pence Presidency, war with Iran is inevitable, if it has the BOMB.

The U. S. will not be able to stop a motivated Iran under attack from exploding at least one nuclear weapon over Israel, which will be enough to bring an end to the Zionist experiment, prompting a ten-fold retaliation in kind from the Israeli nuclear missile submarines on patrol in the Persian Gulf.

This devastating nuclear counter-strike will make the remainder of the Middle East and much of North Africa a radioactive desert. It all has to do with which way the Trade Winds blow, and in the Northern Hemisphere that is from East to West. Unless, of course, Hell's heavy breathing interferes, but I wouldn't count on that either.

Bring on Armageddon

Bernard Payeur

MAD Checkmated