The Saudi Koran

A Gratuitous Discrediting of Christian Doctrine

Uzza: They had an oilman as a President with little appreciation of the perfidy of the Saudis. That may have had something to do with it. He allowed them to continue spreading the good news even if that good news was responsible for the horrible death of thousand of American men, women and children.

Bob: What is this "good news" you keep referring to?

Uzza: The Koran. Today, that is the Saudi sponsored translation which a respected scholar of the Book wrote “reads more like a supremacist Muslim, anti-Semitic, anti-Christian polemic”.

The Saudi Koran concludes with evocatively capitalised denunciations squarely aimed at recruiting Christians in Allah's Cause, such as BIBLICAL EVIDENCE OF JESUS BEING A SERVANT OF GOD AND HAVING NO SHARE IN DIVINITY and FINALITY OF PROOF ON THE FABRICATION OF THE STORY OF THE CROSS and. Imagine if every bible contained a gratuitous denunciation of Muhammad’s Prophethood, that people thought him a madman and Allah admitted as much, the hell that would result.

From: Warnings of a Crusade

A well-argued appendix to the free Saudi sponsored translation of the Koran (the most widely available worldwide), which reinforces Allah’s denial of the Crucifixion along with Jesus’ divinity using quotes from the Gospels themselves.