Women and the Koran

Would-Be Dressers

Women and the KoranMen, no matter what their marital status, must refuse the offer of a maid-servant, slave or pre-pubescent girl (one who has yet to begin menstruating, what most of us would call a child) to help them get dressed for prayers at least three times. If, after being denied three times, they still wants to give you a hand getting dressed, you may “approach each other.”

24:58 O believers, let those your right hands possess (slaves and maid-servants) and those who have not reached the age of puberty ask your leave three times: (to attend to you or approach you) before the dawn prayer, when you put off your clothes at noon and after the evening prayer. These are three occasions of nudity for you; after which you are or they are not at fault, if you approach each other. That is how Allah makes clear His signs to you. Allah is All-Knowing, Wise.

Your children who have reached the age of puberty should also ask your permission to come into your presence in the three occasions described in 24:58.

24:59 And when your children reach puberty, let them ask leave, as those who came before them asked leave. That is how Allah makes clear His Signs to you. Allah is All-Knowing, Wise.

A man could be naked in front of his slave-girls, maids or pre-pubescent girls if the cause of his nakedness was because he was getting ready for prayer. What about around the house? Yes, but only in the presence of his wives and slave-girls, as per Revelation 23:6 which has been interpreted as making masturbation a sin unless it is a wife or a slave girl who manipulates a male's "private parts" for the purpose of his achieving sexual release.


23 Al-Mu'minûn

In the Name of Allah,

the Compassionate, the Merciful

23:1 The believers have prospered;

23:2 Those who are submissive in their prayers,

23:3 And those who turn away from idle talk,

23:4 And those who give the alms.

23:5 And those who guard their private parts,

23:6 Except from their wives and what their right hands possess (slave-girls). [For these] they are not blameworthy.

23:7 Whoever seeks anything beyond that – those are the transgressors.