Little Mosque On The Prairie

Grave Concern

When a local cemetery is in financial crisis, Baber and Yasir see an opportunity. Why not buy a portion to use as a Muslim cemetery? This will guarantee being buried in the traditional Muslim way: on their right side, facing Mecca. But they soon realize Mecca isn’t the only thing they will spend eternity facing.(CBC)

The CBC said it changed the entire writing team for the return of the Little Mosque On The Prairie, and it shows in the first episode. The characters seem more incline to make fun of themselves instead of making fun of others. It’s a promising second beginning.

Speaking of graves, did you know that Muslims believe that when a person dies his or her soul sinks into the ground where he or she departed this life, to begin what Islam calls life in the grave (the other three lives are life in the womb, life in the world and the next life—heaven or hell). For the believers your soul will be alive and aware in your grave as you await Judgment Day.

If you died a believer, and are literally in Allah’s good books, you will be provided with a spacious grave complete with curtains and a bed. Every day an angel will visit you to open the curtains and show you heaven, your final destination on Judgment Day. If you die an unbeliever or if you die while in Allah’s bad books, your grave will be a cramped space with walls constantly closing in on you, making every breath you take a laboured one. Every day an angel will come to visit you and open the curtains to show you your final destination … Hell!

The Prophet said that “we would faint in terror if we could hear the screams of those being tormented” in their graves.

Bernard Payeur, October 4, 2007

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