Little Mosque On The Prairie

Spy Something or Get Out

Slandering CSIS

Suspicions are aroused when CSIS agent Nancy Layton (The Daily Show's Samantha Bee) comes to visit Mercy. She says she's here to fish, but Fatima thinks she's up to no good. Amaar argues for common sense: of course the government wouldn't spy on Mercy mosque... would it? Meanwhile, Amaar opens a store in the mosque to sell Islamic merchandise. He enlists Rayyan and Baber to run the store, unleashing Rayyan's competitive nature. (CBC)

Are the writers of the Little Mosque prescient and wanted to pile on or were they just lucky. Did they know before writing Spy Something or Get Out that Canada’s national and international reputation for judicious law enforcement would suffer a serious black eye due to the RCMP tasering a distraught Polish immigrant to death at Vancouver International Airport.

Were they just lucky when, in this episode, they suggest the RCMP’s sister agency the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) would launch a full scale assault on a village mosque because the imam has yet to decide how profits from the recently opened mosque's bookstore would be spent.

Worse still, the imam is physically restrained and threatened by a goon caricature of a CSIS agent for pumping his fist in the air because the raid means his mosque is now “on the map.”

And worse still, CSIS agents wear all-black uniforms with no identifying marks, reminiscent of the fascist “blackshirts” of Mussolini.To my knowledge the RCMP or CSIS have never raided a single mosque.

The CBC has announced that Little Mosque on The Prairie, if it is not already, will soon be airing in the West Bank, Gaza, Dubai and Turkey. Al Jazeera has confirm that other Muslim countries such as the United Arab Emirates are interested in obtaining the rights to broadcast Little Mosque On The Prairie.

Who is the CBC catering to with such a biased, unflattering portrayal of Canada’s police and security forces.

Good satire is always anchored in reality, if it isn’t, it’s just a lie.

Bernard Payeur

This episode was the basis of a complaint to the CRTC.