Overcoming a Reluctance to Kill

In conflict situations … [there is] a powerful resistance to killing one's own kind, a resistance that exists in every healthy member of every species.

Konrad Lorenz, in his definitive book, On Aggression, notes that it is rare for animals of the same species to fight to the death. In their territorial and mating battles animals with horns will butt their heads together in a relatively harmless fashion, but against any other species they will go to the side and attempt to gut and gore.

Similarly, piranha will fight one another with raps of their tails but they will turn their teeth on anything and everything else, and rattlesnakes will wrestle each other but they have no hesitation to turn their fangs on anything else. Lorenz suggests that this 'non-specicidal' tendency is imprinted into the genetic code in order to safeguard the survival of the species."

From A Resistance To Killing by Lieutenant Colonel Dave Grossman

Only lunatics, sociopaths/psychopath, those who have been conditioned to kill as a reflexive reaction e.g. soldiers and finally those who believe they are doing God’s work e.g. Islamists will kill another human being in cold blood.

Brigadier General S. L. A. Marshall, Chief Historian of the European Theater of Operations in World War II, in a series of interviews with American riflemen concluded that only 15 to 20% of them fired their weapons at an exposed enemy soldier. His conclusions have been supported by other studies.

The modern military has largely overcome this reluctance in a normal person to killing another human being, even in theaters of war, through repetition and operant conditioning (modification of behaviour based on stimulus/response), making it an automatic reflexive reaction for a soldier to fire his weapon at a threat, real or imaginary.

What if your objective is to deliberately and methodically eliminate a segment of humanity for which you will require the assistance of the general population?

You do what the NAZIs did. You dehumanize that portion of humanity you wish to eradicate, making their elimination the moral equivalent of getting rid of a pest.

In his book Hitler’s Willing Executioners: Ordinary Germans and the Holocaust, Daniel Jonah Goldhagen presents evidence that the dehumanization of the Jews by the Christian churches for the alleged murder of Christ and other offences pre-disposed Germans to accept and participate in the murder of millions of Jews.

Islamists have taken this dehumanization process one step further, adding demonization to the mix.

4:76 Those who believe fight for the Cause of Allah, and those who disbelieve fight on behalf of the Devil. Fight then the followers of the Devil. Surely the guile of the Devil is weak.

Islam, as a religion, has proven particularly effective at overcoming people's strong genetic predisposition against killing one of their own kind by concentrating on a thorough indoctrination in the Koran.

It starts at home where a child is expected to have a least mouthed in its entirety, under the tutelage of its mother, what philosopher Robert Redeker, writing in Le Figaro described “as a book of incredible violence".

This home schooling in the Koran is usually followed by a more formal and structured indoctrination at a madrassa (Islamic school).

It does not end there. What the believers have been taught at home and at school is re-enforced every day of their adult lives through mandatory daily prayers where they are compelled to repeat some of the most hateful, cruel scriptures known to man; scriptures filled with insistent invitations to murder unbelievers wherever you find them and be amply rewarded should they die in the process.

This comprehensive continuous conditioning in hate and violence means that committed religious leaders have at their disposal a sizable people's army of willing executioners of unbelievers, heretics and those who don’t believe enough.

Your Willing Executioners

"Combination of pictures showing the five gunmen who carried out the July 1 attack in Dhaka, during which 20 hostages were slaughtered at a restaurant, posing in front of a flag of the Islamic State group at an undisclosed location." AFP-JIJI

Holy warriors in the employ of Islamic State preparing to simultaneously behead more than a dozen men.

You get the picture!

Bernard Payeur