Justice for Rape Victims - Kabul v. Rotherham

Confronting the Horrible Truth!

Afghan gang rape: Seven men given death sentences.

BBC Sept 7, 2014

Okay, so the men were sentenced to death for armed robbery not rape; they robbed then raped the four women who were returning home from a wedding.

It is still inconceivable under Islamic law that a man could be sentenced to death for raping a woman, for the victim is always assumed to have precipitated the assault on her –  a visible hair is sufficient – especially if the assault occurred outside the home.

Forget the four witnesses to testify that she was not asking for it, under Sharia law, it is crime to watch people having sex.

A woman secluded in her husband's or father's home – under Sharia law the family home is exclusively the property of the male in charge - might be able to prove rape if at least two conditions are met. First, she must not have invited the rapist into the home; secondly, she has to have ripped her assailant's shirt, assume he is wearing one, while he was raping her from the front. If her assailant rapes her from behind, then it may be impossible to prove her innocence.

A believing rapist is bound to know about Allah's revelation as to how you can tell if a woman has been raped and avoid leaving evidence by only raping his victims from behind. From the Koran's story of the attempted seduction of Joseph:

12:25 They raced to the door, and she ripped his shirt from behind. When they met her husband at the door, she said: "What is the penalty of one who intended evil for your wife except imprisonment or severe punishment?”

12:26 He (Joseph) said: “She sought to seduce me.” And a member of her household bore witness: “If his shirt was torn from the front, then she is telling the truth and he is a liar.

12:27 “But if his shirt is torn from behind, then she lies and he is one of the truthful.”

Having said all that, at least the Kabul judge found a way to punish the rapists, while the authorities in Rotherham could not be bothered to even investigate the systematic rape of children.


Amy was just one of at least 1,400 girls who were groomed and raped over two decades in Rotherham, a grim post-industrial town in northern England. Most of the victims were working-class. They were typically 12 to 14 when they were lured into a life of drugs, alcohol and abuse. Nearly all the abusers were Muslim men of Pakistani origin.

Margaret Wente, The unspeakable truth about Rotherham, Globe and Mail. Sept 4, 2014

Samira Bellil wrote about a similar phenomenon in "Dans l’enfer des tournantes", In the Hell of the Gang-rapes, my not entirely accurate translation of the title of a book about the practice of young Muslim men gang-raping young girls in the predominantly Muslim suburbs of Paris.

Although perhaps not as reprehensible (in Paris it was mostly young morally conflicted men taking advantage of Muslim girls fleeing abusive households e.g. no dousing of girls as young as 11 with gasoline and threatening to light a match if they did not cooperate, as was done in Rotherham), both obscenities point to a systematic problem with Islam in the West and violence against women and children.

The Sin of Close Proximity and Gang Rapes

Now it's time for England to confront the horrible truth.

Under Sharia law, you can marry a child but you cannot abuse children the way these men did, except in war and the child is at least 9 years of age and part of the booty. The West, in this instance, must be as uncompromising as Islam in protecting children from such men.

Bernard Payeur