Anthony Bourdain Meets a Female Doctor

at a Libyan Barbecue

Ladies, Time to Create a Religion of Your Own!

In his foray into parts unknown, Anthony Bourdain visited Libya after the fall of Khadafy where he attended a barbecue on Libya’s Mediterranean coast with his newfound male friends.

It was very much an all-male bonding show until he runs into a female doctor. “Dr. Sheehan,” he explains in a voice-over “put her medical studies on hold to help tend to all manner of horrible war injuries.”

Bourdain ends his brief encounter with this female apparition with another voice-over:

Dr. Sheehan risked her life along with the men, but traditional and high bound rules of conduct do not allow her to sit with them during dinner. She's relegated to what might be called the kids' table. What can one say? We who like to think of ourselves as more enlightened in this area? I don't know. Rightly or wrongly I said nothing.

He said nothing! The man’s religion, or more accurately the only-the-men-matter religion appeals to a broad spectrum of male types who will not risk offending, if the person who could be offended is of the same gender.

Women, you can achieve, even over-achieve all you want, but where the man’s religion is concerned, you will never be granted the respect you deserve. To do so would deny a revealed truth which says you are dimwits with as much wherewithal as a domesticated ass. The only way you fight a revealed truth which asserts you are stupid is with another revealed truth which affirms you are not.

The first written, or more accurately, the first carved book of revealed truths is the Epic of Gilgamesh. The author of Gilgamesh gave the world the first religion where a human-like omnipotent being created the first homo sapien. The sensible choice for the honour of giving birth to the first biped went to a woman, the goddess Aruru.

The new revisionist books of revealed truths – knowledge obtained through communication with a deity – not only usurped a woman’s role in Creation but also accused the first woman of seducing the first man into committing the first sin.

In Gilgamesh, it is a woman’s generosity in endowing a man with wisdom which leads to the moronic original sin accusation of the Bible and the Koran. In Gilgamesh, it is a revealed truth that women were smarter than men until one of them decided to share her wisdom with the same type of male as at the barbecue.

In the make-believe world of revealed truths, opposites do not cancel each other out as they do in the real world; they simply create conflicts with often horrific real-world consequences.

Conflicts can, however, be a means of arriving at reasonable accommodations. By reasonable, I do not mean one sided cave-in to the other’s demand as is too often the case when the real-world is asked to accommodate the make-believe world’s revealed truths.

The religion which gave us the life-giving goddess Aruru could be the perfect foil to the religion that gave us the life-giver god Allah. It could create the necessary conflict to convince Allah’s men to compromise with Aruru’s women and arrive at a reasonable accommodation whereby both consider the other their equal.

Ladies, give it some thought. A man created the man’s religion; create its opposite by bringing Aruru back. You too need your religion and a powerful invisible friend in a high place if you are going to win this battle for equality.

Bernard Payeur, January 14, 2014