Sufis' Dangerous Love of Life

Fasting is a way to save on food

Virgil and prayer is a labor for old folks.

Pilgrimage is an occasion for tourism.

To distribute bread in alms is something for philanthropist.

Fall in love: That is doing something!

Eleventh-century Sufi Ansari of Herat

On Sunday April 3, 2011, Taliban suicide bombers killed 42 Sufi Muslims (19 men, 14 women and 9 children) for worshipping Allah by dancing, chanting and meditating at the Shrine of their founder.

Sufis are not on Allah’s official enemies list, for the life-loving sect was founded about five hundred years after the death of His last spokesperson, the Prophet Muhammad.

The Ayatollah Khomeini said that “there was no joy in Islam”; that unparalleled joy would come after death, after spending a lifetime worshipping Allah and killing His enemies.

Not so for Sufis. They worship Allah by singing, dancing and falling in love which, for the likes of Khomeini is an invitation to immorality and shirk (associating Allah with other gods or saying He consorts with females) the greatest of Islam's 50 or so greater sins.

In the inescapable logic of Islamic warfare strategy developed by God's greatest spokesman (Muhammad puts Clausewitz to shame in the clear cold-blooded logic he brings to the conduct of war against the unbelievers) these "heretics" sow disunity within the global Muslim community, the ummah, and must be eliminated.

By dancing (no pun intended) to their own spiritual tune, these Sufi heretics can only delay the ultimate defeat of those who will not submit to the Will of Allah. This is why they must die. This is why 19 men, 14 women and 9 children who were having fun worshipping their god had to be blown to bits.

Bernard Payeur