Hadd Offences

Empowering Executioners

Afghan Taliban Execute Couple For Eloping

CBS News, April 14, 2009

No, the title for this short exposé is not meant to downplay the insanity of a couple in love being shot to death by the Taliban for committing what is known under Islamic law as a “Hadd” offence and an alleged adulteress who suffered the same fate. Both Koran sanctioned murders occurring in the same month and caught on video.

Hadd offences are doing what is prohibited in the Koran and/or in the Hadiths.

Hadd offences, especially those involving sex or even the hint of sexual impropriety, usually carry the death penalty.

If a Muslim holy man or Islamic scholar is available he will usually be called upon to pronounce the death sentence as was done in the case of the young couple in Afghanistan who were caught trying to elope, but not the married woman accused of having sex with a man other than her husband.

The holy warrior who caught up with the poor woman, shown in a video pleading for her life, shot her point-blank without waiting for a holy man to pronounce sentence.

We should not be surprised that in the black and white pitiless world envisioned by Allah and Muhammad, to see holy warriors such as the Students of the Koran, (the meaning of Taliban in Arabic) take the law into their own hands, for they are eminently qualified to be both judge and executioner having assiduously studied the Koran and the words and example of His Prophet, to the exclusion of almost everything else.

Any study beside that of the Quran is a distraction, except the Hadiths and jurisprudence in the religion. Knowledge is what He [Muhammad] narrated to us, and anything other than that is the whispering of the Satan.


Allowing mostly young religious zealots to summarily execute combatants and non-combatants, including mothers and daughters, increases the terror factor, which, in practical terms, means that a relatively few pitiless individuals can control a large population.

In the often repeated words of the Prophet: "I have been made victorious with terror" Bukhari 52.220

Bernard Payeur