The Home Front

Wishful Thinking

"This Khalifah [the Islamic State] will have no BORDERS … only FRONTS!" Islamic State

Remember the chilling line from Poltergeist "They're here!!" uttered by Carol Anne. And so they are.

British citizens should take no solace from Prime Minister Cameron's announcement that returning holy war veterans will be temporally denied entry into Great Britain, in part, so that dubious "deprogramming" initiatives are not overwhelmed by transiting homicidal religious fanatics.

The stay-put-jihadists represent as great, if not a greater threat than returning holy warriors. Every nation at war has to deal with a fifth column, a cabal who seek to undermine through covert and overt activities a society from within so as to facilitate its eventual conquest.

A first step to addressing the clear and present danger posed by Islamic fifth columns is a serious discussion of the book which is both their inspiration and their operational manual and what to do about it.

All Western nations have been reluctant to do this, a testament to the influence of surreptitious Jihadism, with Great Britain being the most reticent, going as far as threatening prosecution of anyone who would attempt it.

Thank you for your offer to help get my manuscript published. I understand your caution about not taking anything for granted. As you explained, “With the new race and religious hate laws coming through” after the London bombings “it could be considered illegal if Pain, Pleasure and Prejudice is deemed an attack on a person’s religious belief.”

From Letter to a Publisher

A comprehensive deterring solution must be found to the challenge of what I call the counterfeit citizen, a citizen who, because of conflicting allegiances cannot be trusted to put the interest of his country first. Not doing so, risks relegating the fragile exception to nothing more than a footnote in a revisionist history on how Allah's Kingdom on earth came about.

The Killing of Fusilier Lee Rigby

British officials ordered an increase in security around military installations across London after a man believed to be a British soldier was hacked to death outside army barracks in the south-eastern part of the city.

The killing was by two men who allegedly yelled “Allahu akbar” – or “God is great” in Arabic ...

Globe and Mail, May 22

In sentencing Michael Adebolajo to 45 years in prison for hacking to death fusilier Lee Rigby on a public street, Judge Sweeny repeated Prime Minister Cameron's piteous statement that what he had done was "a betrayal of Islam."

Sweeny was promptly corrected by Adebolajo's co-butcher who was sentenced to life in jail. Clutching a Koran in one hand, Michael Adebowale shouted from the dock: "It's a lie! It's not a betrayal of Islam!"

Adebowale is right.

Judge Sweeny was being politically correct, as was Cameron when he appeared in the British House of Commons after the brutal murder and announced that: "The fatal attack on soldier Lee Rigby was a betrayal of Islam."

People who have never read the Koran tell people who have read it and live and kill by it that they are wrong. It's all wishful thinking of course, and further proof that terrorism works.

Bernard Payeur

Butchers on the March