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Canadian Eh!Misogynistic 'garbage' not welcome here, Mayor Watson tells U.S. blogger ...

Ottawa Citizen, Feb. 3, 2016

His Worship used the word "garbage" to describe an American blogger who wanted to come to Ottawa to discuss, among other things, the rise of feminism and the “elimination of traditional sex roles” and do so on city property.

The mayor is also quoted as saying that the type of language which he is protecting us from "has no place in a civil society." Isn't that like the pot calling the kettle black considering his Worship's use of the word garbage to describe Mr. Valizadeh.

Misogyny comes in many forms and from many quarters, and it should be talked about without a public official stepping in to protect us from such a discussion, especially where the man identified as garbage by his Worship sought to justify his views with a quote from the New Testament.

Another group whose scriptures contain quotable misogynist material will be making their presence felt at City Hall and city venues February 25. This is in keeping with Tariq Ramadan's exhortation to Muslim women to invest (my translation of "investir") i.e. invade the public space dressed in traditional Islamic garbs as a way of promoting Islam everywhere.

It was Tariq Ramadan's mother, Wafa al-Banna, the daughter of Hassan al-Banna, the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, who instructed her son in the salafist theology which guides the actions of Islamic State, and which her son would see propagated worldwide, assisted by the non-threatening example of females on parade to conceal the encroachment on the secular of an intolerant brutal ideology.

On Ottawa Hijab Day it is not only believing women who will be asked to wear the most visible symbol of their religion, but non-Muslim women as well, in what the organizers call a show of solidarity with their sisters. I would hope that if some of the women wish to quote from the Koran or the sayings of the Prophet where misogyny is the topic that our mayor would allow such s discussion to take place, even if it's on city property.

As a gay mayor I would have thought his Worship would have been more aware of the strict delineation of roles when it comes to sex in Islamic scriptures – who does what to whom and when – and the severe consequences for those who deviate from what God and His Messenger consider acceptable intercourse e.g. homosexuals.

In response to Mayor Watson's valiant and successful efforts to save his constituents from being exposed to, in his words, “pro-rape, misogynistic, homophobic garbage” I  posted the following link which invited a rebuttal from Cody, which gave me an opportunity to clarify why I do what I do.


The mayor has obliviously not read the Koran: Women As Fields to Be Ploughed

Cody ...

Thanks for taking the opportunity to link to your personal website to promote your books...

Let's be honest and acknowledge most religions have traditionally treated or regarded Women very poorly... so please stop trying to incite islamophobia.

Interestingly I noticed that the folks commenting on the Return of the Kings website were quoting the New Testament to justify their believe that women should be submissive to men. Maybe you should write a book about Christianity now that you've written what looks like 11 books on Islam?

P.S. You're a decent writer by the way. I enjoyed some of the secular writing on your website.


Thank you for your thoughtful observations. Just a small correction. I have actually only written four books on Islam: 1,001 Sayings and Deeds of the Prophet Muhammad, Between a Pillar and a Hard Place, Let Me Rephrase That and Pain, Pleasure and Prejudice. Six books, and a play, are actually excerpts from the rather hefty 333,000+ words Layman's Guide to the Koran that is Pain, Pleasure and Prejudice.

If you will allow me to again take this opportunity to link to what, to my knowledge, is the most comprehensive guide to the Koran written by a layperson:

Pain, Pleasure and Prejudice

As to the accusation of "trying to incite islamophobia", a link to what I am trying to do:

A Dialogue on the Koran

The world desperately needs an honest discussion about Islam, starting with an unfettered dialogue on the Koran, if we are to allay the fear of the other and foster a trust in the other that is sadly lacking and a reason to fear that the worst is yet to come.

What I could have added:

Racist was once the goto epithet used to put a stop to any discussion about Islamic scriptures that hit too close to home until enough people pointed out that Islam is a religion not a race; now it is Islamophobe which serves the same purpose. I could have accused Cody of being a Christianophobe (sic) for doing what I did, and which I consider completely acceptable, using scriptures to make a point, just like the believers do all the time.

Bernard Payeur, February 3