An Islamist's Worse Fear

It is not men with guns whom Islamists fear the most, but women who would think for themselves. Their worst fear is that a Western education will cause women to abandon the life a misogynous god has charted for them and strike out on their own; and worse still, fight them.

This is one reason why women, not men, are the preferred target of terrorist groups like Boko Haram, Nigeria's most blood-thirsty Islamic terrorist group, whose name translates into “non-Islamic education is a sin”.

Smart compassionate women also represent a real danger for a pitiless religion which values ignorance (dogma) above all else:

Five women immunizing children against polio shot dead in Pakistan

Globe and Mail, December 18

Seven charity workers, six of them women, shot dead in north-west Pakistan

BBC January 1, 2012

Women being killed by Islamists for attempting to immunize children against preventable debilitating diseases like polio that was thought to be eradicated but is making a comeback in Islamic communities steeped in the Koran and the Ways of the Prophet is the most visible sign that much of the world will not escape the impact of the rise of ignorance, especially where modern medicine is concerned.

A less obvious sign is cholera.

A cholera outbreak at a village in northeast Afghanistan has infected at least 1,492 people ...

CBC News , August 13

Drinking water contaminated by the feces of an infected person is allegedly the primary cause of cholera. I say allegedly because of something the Prophet said about the purity of water:

Narrated AbuSa'id al-Khudri:

I heard that the people asked the Prophet of Allah (peace be upon him): Water is brought for you from the well of Buda'ah. It is a well in which dead dogs, menstrual clothes and excrement of people are thrown.

The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) replied: Verily water is pure and is not defiled by anything.

Abu Dawud Book 1, Hadith 0067

A concerted effort was made, after the Prophet's death, to set up a school of "Prophetic Medicine" based on the sayings and example of God's Messenger. With ignorance on the march this may still come about in jurisdictions controlled by the likes of Boko Haram.

The Prophet's prescription for whatever ails you.

Bernard Payeur