Alice Visits a Mosque to Learn About Judgment Day

A play about what to expect

Paperback, 79 pages

The dialogue is made up, but the revelations are real as are the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (the authenticated hadiths are from the Bukhari and/or Sahih Muslim collection unless otherwise indicated)..

The character of Alice only bears a remote resemblance to the heroine of Lewis Carroll's tale of a young girl "who falls down a rabbit hole into a fantasy world populated by peculiar, anthropomorphic creatures."

The phantasmagorical world that the imam describes to Alice is not a fantasy, it is real (or will be); brought to life through Allah's Revelations about the most ominous of days that will be Judgement Day.

Alice visits a Mosque to learn about Judgment Day is a short, thought-provoking, often brutal play/script (it could not be otherwise) about an important concept in Islam on which the Koran expounds at length.

Alice is not meant to offend but to enlighten. It is both a play and an invitation to learn more about the Koran and God's Messenger, the Prophet Muhammad. We hope you will read it (or see it if it makes it to the stage or the screen) in the spirit it was written.

Let Alice pique your curiosity about a book which has, and will continue to have an increasingly profound impact on your way of life, if not your right to life itself.


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