Remembering Uzza

If the Story of Islam Was Told to Me In a Pub

A story for our time that has the potential to change the course of things to come.



1.1 A Bad Case of Dogmatic Distress

1.2 Blame George W. Bush

1.3 No Scarf, No Service!

1.4 A Shirley Temple Anyone?

1.5 The Enemy Within


2.1 Remember the Alamo

2:2 Archie Loses It!

2:3 Who Are You Calling Stupid?

2.4 A War That Pays For Itself

2.5 Rape Without Compassion and Overkill Become the Norm


3.1 Stupid Is As Stupid Does

3.2 A Big Deal

3.3 Allahu Akbar! Khaybar is Ruined

3.4 For God and Booty

3.5 Warnings of a Crusade

3.6 A Eulogy for the Ages


(1st draft)

It's the next day and Johnny is back at the bar talking to Archie.

Johnny: Too bad about Uzza.

Archie: Yes it is. You know that I record everything that goes on in my bar.

Johnny: No, I did not know that.

Archie: Well I do, and I would like you to make what happened last night part of your next broadcast.

Johnny: It will show you serving liquor to a woman you knew to be a Muslim. It will show Uzza questioning the tenets of her faith, a capital offense where she comes from.

Archie: I will lose my license, I will go to jail, her killer will go free and the guy who shot you, or someone like him, will come back to finish the job.

Johnny: You're asking me to commit suicide.

Archie: They are willing to kill and die for what they believe in; we should at least be ready to risk our lives, like Uzza did, in the hope that it will make a difference.

Johnny: But it won't make a difference. It's too late!


When writing about Islam you are always concerned that you will not get to finish what you started. One reason for posting a draft. Another, is to see if there is a network or a reputable producer out there willing to take it on and perhaps make a difference.

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