Remembering Uzza

If the Story of Islam Was Told to Me In a Pub

a work in progress

Remembering Uzza is meant to make learning about the Koran and the Prophet a mostly pleasant experience while not sugar-coating or leaving out the nasty bits.

And, is there a better place to learn about Islam then in the relaxed atmosphere of a favourite pub in the company of friends and a troubled but engaging young woman to give you an insider's perspective.

Uzza is a story for our time that has the potential to change the course of things to come... continue



All titles tentative

1.1 A Bad Case of Dogmatic Distress

1.2 Blame George W. Bush

1.3 No Scarf, No Service!

1.4 A Shirley Temple Anyone?

1.5 The Enemy Within


All titles tentative

2.1 Remember the Alamo

2:2 Archie Loses It!

2:3 Who Are You Calling Stupid?

2.4 A War That Pays For Itself

2.5 Rape Without Compassion and Overkill Become the Norm


All titles tentative

3.1 Stupid Is As Stupid Does

3.2 A Big Deal

3.3 Allahu Akbar! Khaybar is Ruined

3.4 For God and Booty

3.5 Warnings of a Crusade

3.6 An Untimely Death and the Birth of a Cult


Cover: Assume that the ragged outline of a saxophone player within the silhouette is that of a man playing Taps.

The highly stylized face was inspired by a public domain photograph of RCMP veteran Corporal Catherine Galliford.

Unlike Little Mosque on the Prairie, Uzza tells it like it is.