The New Home of Convert Bibeau and Rouleau

This morning a soldier was shot and killed near Parliament Hill by Convert Michael Zehaf-Bibeau who will now have joined Convert Rouleau in Firdaus. Convert Bibeau earlier ran over two Canadian soldiers, killing one, before being shot by police

The Prophet, in his hole in the ground must regret that he did not choose a martyr's death. If he had, today, he might be celebrating with convert Rouleau and convert Bibeau and other honoured guests, partaking of all the best a man's Paradise has to offer while enjoying the spectacle, if their Host will oblige, of the people they murdered in His Cause being interrogated by the sadistic hammer-wielding Munkar and Nakir.

Convert Bibeau, like Convert Rouleau, had his passport seized so that he would not kill people over there, but over here.

The absurdity of withholding the passport of those who want to travel to a war zone to kill and be killed in Allah's Cause after being exposed to Islamic scriptures is evident for all to see in the murder of soldiers at home.

Better the bloodlust be satisfied fighting in a war where the inexperienced are quickly dispatched to their reward in the sky. Should they survive, they can be arrested as prisoners of war if they try to return home, or simply not allowed back in.

Better still, treat those who express a desire to join Islamic State or its equivalent as enemy combatants and arrest them before they have chance to kill people here or over there.

Bernard Payeur, Oct 22 2014,

Bibeau and Rouleau, and a plea that may not have fallen on deaf ears:

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