The Islamic Hereafter89:27 O quiescent soul,

89:28 Return unto your Lord well-pleased and well-pleasing;

89:29 And join the ranks of My servants;

89:30 And enter My Paradise.


The Nuts and Bolts  

Location and Construction

Heaven is just above the clouds and is supported by invisible pillars anchored in the earth (13:2), and that is the truth, but you probably don’t believe it.


13 Ar-Ra’d

In the Name of Allah,

the Compassionate, the Merciful

13:1 Alif – Lam – Mim – Ra.

These are the verses of the Book; and that which has been revealed to you (Muhammad) by your Lord is the truth, but most people do not believe.

13:2 Allah is He Who raised the heavens without pillars that you can see; there He sat upright on the Throne and made the sun and the moon subservient, each running for an appointed term. He manages the [whole] affair and makes clear the Revelations so that you may be certain of meeting your Lord.

Heaven and Earth are made of the same materials, which would explain the need for pillars to stop it all from crashing to the ground.

21:30 Have the unbelievers not beheld that the heavens and the earth were a solid mass, then We separated them; and of water We produced every living thing. Will they not believe, then?

Paradise was remodeled into seven levels after Allah created the Earth and everything on it.

2:29 It is He Who created for you everything on earth, then ascended to the heavens fashioning them into seven, and He has knowledge of all things.

While busy renovating Paradise, Allah was not unaware of what He had created below.

23:17 We have created above you seven spheres, and We were not oblivious of the creation.

Allah completed the seven heavens of Paradise in just two days, complete with lamps, or what we know today as stars.

41:9 Say: "Do you really disbelieve in Him Who created the earth in [two days] and assign equals to Him? That is the Lord of the Worlds."

41:10 And He set up immovable mountains upon it and blessed it, and ordained therein their varied provisions in four days equally to all those who ask.

41:11 Then He arose to heaven while it was smoke, and He said to it and to the earth: “Come over, willingly or unwillingly.” They said: “We come willingly.”

41:12 Then He completed them as seven heavens in two days and assigned to each heaven its proper order. And We adorned the lower heaven with lamps as protection (from the demons). That is the determination of the All-Mighty, the All-Knowing.


It is unclear as to identity of “those who ask” in Revelation 41:10 as humans had not been created at this point.’s preferred explanation: “In our opinion the correct meaning of the verse is this: Allah placed within the earth the full provisions of food precisely and exactly in accordance with the demands and needs of every kind of creature that Allah would create in the earth from the beginning of the creation till Resurrection.”


Heaven can be compared to a high edifice anchored to a fixed earth.

40:64 It is Allah Who made the earth a fixed station for you and the sky a high edifice. He fashioned you in a shapely manner and provided you with the good things. That for you is Allah, your Lord; so blessed be Allah, the Lord of the Worlds.

Allah created the heavens and the Earth in six days without getting tired, after which He sat on His throne, where you will still find Him to this day managing the whole thing.

50:38 Indeed, We have created the heavens and the earth and what is between them in six days, and We were not touch by weariness.


7:54 Your Lord is truly Allah, Who has created the heavens and the earth in six days, then He sat upon the Throne. He covers the day with the night, which pursues it relentlessly. The sun, the moon and the stars are made subservient by His Command. To Him belongs the Creation and the Command. Blessed is Allah the Lord of the Worlds.


10:3 Truly, your Lord is Allah Who created the heavens and the earth in six days, then He sat on the Throne controlling all things. There is no intercessor without His Leave. That is Allah, your Lord; so worship Him. Do you not pay heed?


32:4 Allah, Who created the heavens and the earth in six days, sat upon the Throne. You have no guardian or intercessor, apart from Him. Do you not recollect?

32:5 He manages the affair from the heaven to the earth; then, it ascends to Him in one day whose measure is a thousand years of what you reckon (the events of a thousand years of your history are a day’s work for Allah,

At one point in time during Creation, Allah, still sitting on His throne—which either hovers or floats—tested the waters.

11:7 And it is He Who created the heavens and the earth in six days, and His Throne was upon the water, that He might try you [and see] which one of you does the best work. And if you (the Prophet) say: “You will surely be raised up after death”, the unbelievers will say: “This is nothing but manifest sorcery.”


Water may have existed before Allah created the heavens and the earth, as incredible as that may seem.

Narrated Imran bin Hussain:

While I was with the Prophet, some people from Bani Tamim came to him.

The Prophet said, "O Bani Tamim! Accept the good news!"

They said, "You have given us the good news; now give us (something)."

(After a while) some Yemenites entered, and he said to them, "O the people of Yemen! Accept the good news, as Bani Tamim have refused it."

They said, "We accept it, for we have come to you to learn the Religion. So we ask you what the beginning of this universe was."

The Prophet said "There was Allah and nothing else before Him and His Throne was over the water, and He then created the Heavens and the Earth and wrote everything in the Book."

Then a man came to me and said, "O Imran! Follow your she-camel for it has run away!" So I set out seeking it, and behold, it was beyond the mirage! By Allah, I wished that it (my she-camel) had gone but that I had not left (the gathering)."

Bukhari 93.514

As to what Allah means by "He might try you [and see] which one of you does the best work":

This enunciates the purpose of the creation: Allah created the heavens and the earth for the sake of the creation of mankind and He created mankind to test human beings by delegating to them the powers of vicegerency (sic) and making them morally responsible for using or abusing them, just as they liked.


Allah’s heaven is close by; Neil Armstrong flew past it. In the Koran, as best as we can discern, heaven or Paradise is just above the clouds, with the moon in the same orbit as the sun, which is a large lamp illuminating a flat Earth along with the seven levels of Paradise.


78 An-Naba'

In the Name of Allah,

the Compassionate, the Merciful

78:1 What are they asking each other about?

78:2 About the great tidings,

78:3 Concerning which they are disputing.

78:4 Indeed; they will certainly know (whatever they say about the Hereafter is false, and all their concepts about it are wrong, Moududi).

78:5 Then, indeed; they will certainly know.

78:6 Have we not made the earth as a couch for you?

78:7 And the mountains as pegs?


78:12 And built above you seven mighty [heavens]?

78:13 And created a shining lamp?

One should be able to see the foundation of the heaven closest to the Earth from the ground and notice that it is free of any cracks of the type that tend to become visible, over time, in manmade constructions.

50:6 Have they not beheld the heaven above them, how We erected it and adorned it, and it has no cracks?


67:1 Blessed be He whose hands is the sovereignty and He has power over everything.

67:2 He Who created death and life so as to test you as to whoever of you is fairer in action. He is the All-Mighty, the All-Forgiving.

67:3 He Who has created seven stratified heavens. You do not see any discrepancy in the creation of the Compassionate. So fix your gaze, do you see any cracks?

Stare too long, or too often skyward, and you will strain your eyes.

67:4 Then, fix your gaze again and again, and your gaze will recoil back to you discomfited and weary.

A much larger heaven is part of Allah’s plans.

51:47 And heaven, We have built it mightily, and We shall surely expand it.


Some buildings in heaven are made of bricks, which some unbelievers asked Allah to rain down upon them as proof that Muhammad was telling the truth.

8:32 And when they said: “O Allah, if this is indeed the truth from You, then rain down upon us brickstones from heaven, or inflict upon us a very painful punishment.”

Most of heaven’s buildings are likely multi-level (similar to a modern apartment complex) and built above a source of fresh water.

39:20 But those who fear their Lord will have chambers over which other chambers are built and beneath which the rivers flow. That is Allah’s Promise. Allah does not break His Promise.

Some will receive the equivalent of a penthouse suite.

25:72 Those who do not bear false witness; and when they pass by idle talk, pass by with dignity;

25:73 And those who, when reminded of the Sign of their Lord, do not fall down upon them deaf and blind (turn a deaf ear, Moududi).

25:74 And those who say: “Our Lord, grant us, through our wives and progeny, beloved offspring, and make us a model for the God fearing.”

25:75 Those shall be rewarded with a high chamber (in Paradise) for their steadfastness, and will be received therein with greeting and peace.

25:76 Dwelling therein forever. What a delightful resort and lodging!

The last revelation in Surah 25, The Light, has more relevance to Hell than Paradise, so it may have been in response to a some interruption or question from a non-believer or apostate.

25:77 Say: “My Lord will take no notice of your supplication. For you have disbelieved and that shall be your inevitable perdition.”

Single-family dwellings are also likely.

29:57 Every living soul shall taste death; then unto Us you shall be returned.

29:58 Those who have believed and done the righteous deeds, We shall install them in chambers in Paradise, beneath which rivers flow, dwelling therein forever. Blessed is the wage of those who labour!

29:59 Those who stood fast and in their Lord they trust.

Those held in high esteem may even have their own palaces.

25:10 Blessed is He Who, if He wishes, will accord you better than that – Gardens underneath which rivers flow, and will build palaces for you.

… (intermediate revelations see Chapter Hell)

25:15 Say: “Is that better or the Garden of Eternity which the God-fearing have been promised, as a reward and ultimate resort?”

25:16 They have therein what they desire, abiding forever, as a promise binding upon your Lord.


25:24 The companions of Paradise on that Day shall be better lodged and more fairly accommodated.

Still others will be provided with a piece of land to call their own.

39:73 And those who feared their Lord will be led to Paradise in throngs. Then, when they have reached it and its gates are opened, [they will enter it] and its keepers will say; “Peace be upon you; you have fared well, so enter it to dwell therein forever.”

39:74 And they will say: “Praise be to Allah Who has been truthful in His Promise to us and has bequeathed upon us the land, wherein we are able to settle in Paradise wherever we wish. Blessed is the wage of the labourers!”

39:75 And you will see the angels circling around the Throne proclaiming the praise of their Lord. And it will be justly decided between them and it will be said: “Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds.”

Distance from Hell

Look down and you might be surprised who you see.

37:50 Then, they will advance one towards the other asking each other.

37:51 One of them will say: “I had a comrade;

37:52 “Who used to say: ‘Are you then one of the confirmed believers?’

37:53 “Will we, once we are dead and have become dust and bones, be really judged?”

37:54 He said (to his companion): “Are you looking down?”

37:55 He looked and saw him in the centre of Hell.

37:56 He said: “By Allah, you almost caused my perdition.

37:57 “But for my Lord’s Grace, I would have been one of those brought forward.”

God, the people of Paradise, and the people of Hell will all be within shouting distance.

7:42 As to those who believe and do the good deeds, We do not charge any souls except with what is within its power. Those are the people of Paradise, abiding therein forever.

7:43 And We shall remove all rancour from their hearts; and under them rivers will flow. They will say: “Praise be to Allah Who guided us to this; we would never have been guided, had not Allah guided us. The Messengers of our Lord came with the truth.” Then a voice will cry out to them: “This is indeed the Paradise which you have been made to inherit for what [good] you used to do.”

7:44 And the people of Paradise will call out to the people of the Fire: “We have found what our Lord promised us to be true; so have you found what your Lord promised to be true?” They will say: “Yes.” Thereupon a caller from their midst shall call out: “May Allah’s curse be upon the wrongdoers;

7:45 “Who bar [others] from Allah’s Way and desire it to be crooked; and they disbelieve in the Hereafter.”

Gardens and Springs

48:4 It is He Who sent down the Serenity upon the hearts of the believers that they may increase in faith upon their faith. To Allah belongs the hosts (legions, Moududi) of the heavens and the earth; and Allah is All-Knowing and Wise.

48:5 That He may admit the believers, men and women, into gardens beneath which rivers flow, dwelling therein forever, and that He may remit their sins. That, in Allah’s Sight, is a great triumph.

Underground rivers, which must run in layers of extraordinary depth to be hidden from view, irrigate the gardens of Paradise.

4:57 As to those who have believed and do the good works, We shall admit them into Gardens beneath which rivers flow, abiding therein forever. They have therein purified spouses, and We will admit them to a very shady place.

Rainwater, which science tells us comes from the surface evaporation of the oceans followed by the process of condensation, may just be recycled water from Paradise.

31:10 He created the heavens without pillars that you can see and laid down in the earth immovable mountains, lest it shake with you, and scattered throughout it every variety of beast. And We have sent down water from heaven, thereby causing it to grow in it every noble kind [of plant].

31:11 This is Allah’s Creation; so show Me what those apart from Him have created. Indeed, the wrongdoers are in manifest error.

The gardens of Paradise form an impressive estate, indeed.

57:21 Vie with one another unto forgiveness from your Lord and a Garden the breadth of whereof is like the breadth of the heavens and the earth; it has been prepared for those who believe in Allah and His Messengers. That is Allah’s Bounty which He confers upon whoever He pleases. And Allah is the Great Bounty.

Each level of Paradise contains two gardens with much greenery, two gushing springs, fruit trees such as the drought-tolerant pomegranate, and other trees ordinarily found in oases, e.g., palm trees.

55:46 But, for him who fears his Lord two gardens [are reserved].

 55:47 So, which of your Lord's Bounties do you both (jinn and humans) deny?

55:48 They have numerous branches.

55:49 So, which of your Lord's Bounties do you both (jinn and humans) deny?

55:50 And there are therein two flowing springs.

55:51 So, which of your Lord's Bounties do you both (jinn and humans) deny?

55:52 Therein is a pair of every fruit.

55:53 So, which of your Lord's Bounties do you both (jinn and humans) deny?

55:54 Reclining upon couches whose linings are of brocade and the fruits of the two gardens are near at hand.

55:55 So, which of your Lord's Bounties do you both (jinn and humans) deny?


55:62 And beneath them (the two gardens) are two other gardens.

55:63 So, which of your Lord's Bounties do you both (Jinn and humans) deny?

55:64 Of dark green colour.

55:65 So, which of your Lord's Bounties do you both (Jinn and humans) deny?

55:66 Therein are two gushing springs.

55:67 So, which of your Lord's Bounties do you both (Jinn and humans) deny?

55:68 Therein are fruits, palm trees and pomegranates.

55:69 So, which of your Lord's Bounties do you both (Jinn and humans) deny?

Food and Refreshments

43:68 O My servants, today you have no cause to fear nor to grieve.

43:69 Those who believe in Our Signs and are submissive.

43:70 “Enter Paradise, you and your spouses joyfully.

43:71 “Platters and cups of gold shall be passed around them, and therein shall be whatever souls desire and eyes delight in, and in it you shall dwell forever.”

43:72 That is the Paradise which you were given as an inheritance for what you used to do.

43:73 Therein you have abundant fruit from which you will eat.

The rivers running above ground on Allah’s humongous seven-stacked oasis will be of milk that never turns sour, of honey, and one that you would not expect, considering God’s prohibitions against alcoholic beverages.

47:15 The likeness of the Garden which the God-fearing have been promised is this: rivers of water not stagnant, rivers of milk whose taste has not changed, rivers of wine delighting its drinkers and rivers of distilled honey. Therein they have every variety of fruit and forgiveness from their Lord too …

Even when describing the wonders of Paradise, Allah can’t resist mentioning Hell.

47:15 ...Are they to be compared with those who dwell in the Fire forever and are given to drink boiling water which will rip up their bowels?

There may not be that much variety in the fruits provided by Allah, it may only seem like it.

2:25 Proclaim the good news to those who have believed and have done the good works; they will have gardens under which rivers flow. Every time they get some of the fruits with which they are provided, they will say: "This is what we were provided with before", because they are given each time something that looks like it. They will also have their pure spouses there, and they shall live there forever.


44:55 They call therein for every fruit in perfect security.


Islam Question & Answer (Q&A), “a website which aims to offer advice and academic answers based on evidence from religious texts in an adequate and easy-to-understand manner,” on the meaning of "purified spouses" in Revelation 2:25 and why men in Paradise will not be blessing their partners with semen, whether these women are facsimiles or the real thing.

In Paradise, a husband has sexual intercourse with his wife and they both find pleasure, but this is done without releasing semen. Allah the Almighty says: “And they will have therein purified spouses, and they will abide therein eternally.” [Quran 2: 25] Commenting on this verse, Mujaahid and ‘Ataa’ may Al-lah have mercy upon them mentioned that the people of Paradise are purified from menstruation, urine and semen. Also, it was reported on the authority of Abu Umaamah may Allah be pleased with him that the Prophet, sallallaa-hu ‘alayhi wa sallam, said that the people of Paradise have sexual intercourse with their spouses with a male organ that does not drain and a desire that does not subside.

More in Love, Sex and Islam, Boreal Books.


Wine will be available for the privileged, delivered in a specially sealed bottle or jar after collection from a special spring; however, even they may have to fight over it.

83:25 They are given to drink from a sealed wine;

83:26 Whose seal is musk. Over that, let the competitors compete;

83:27 And its mixture is from Tasmin (a spring in Paradise);

83:28 A spring from which the well-favoured drink.

Perhaps the not-so-favoured will drink from a spring of water mixed with camphor, a source whose capacity only increases the more people drink from it. 

76:5 The pious will surely drink from a cup whose mixture is camphor,

76:6 A spring from which the servants of Allah shall drink, making it gush abundantly.

From a spring called Salsabil, waiters will fill cups “whose mixture is ginger” to pass around.

76:15 And cup-bearers shall go round them with vessels of silver and goblets of glass,

76:16 Goblets of silver which they measured exactly.

76:17 And they are given therein to drink a cup whose mixture is ginger.

76:18 A spring therein is called Salsabil.

Why a spring called Salsabil from

This is to suit the taste of the Arabs who liked the wine flavored with ginger mixed water. But this flavoring will not be achieved by adding ginger mixed water to it: it will be a natural fountain which will have the flavor of ginger but without its bitterness; Therefore, it will be called Salsabil, which implies such water as flows gently and pleasantly down the throat on account of its being sweet, light and palatable.

Meat dishes may be available if Allah allows the slaughter of His beasts of heaven.

42:29 And of His Signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth and the beasts He has scattered abroad in them; and He is able to gather them together, whenever He wishes.

Food lovers who gave food to the destitute—not because it was the right thing to do, but for Allah’s sake—can expect to receive the silk, the garden, the food, the furniture, relaxation in the shade, etc., all in addition to avoiding Hell. 

76:7 They fulfil their vows and fear a Day whose evil is rampant.

76:8 And they give food, despite their love of it, to the destitute, the orphan and the captive.

76:9 [They say]: “We only feed you for the sake of Allah; We do not want from you any reward or gratitude.

76:10 "We fear from our Lord a dark and dreadful Day.”

76:11 But Allah will guard them against the evil of that Day and give them radiance and joy.

76:12 And reward them for their forbearance, with a garden and silk.

76:13 Therein, they shall recline upon couches, and they shall see therein neither [blazing] sun nor bitter cold.

76:14 And its shades shall come close to them and fruit-bunches shall be brought down.

Clothing etc.

In Paradise, silk garments will be all the rage, if not in the kere-and-now. 

18:30 As for those who believe and do the good deeds, surely, We will not waste the reward of him who does the good work.

18:31 Those shall have Gardens of Eden, beneath which rivers flow, bejeweled therein with bracelets of gold, and wearing green clothes of silk and brocade, reclining therein on couches. Blessed is their reward and fair is the resting place!

Narrated Anas bin Malik:

The Prophet said, "Whoever wears silk in this world shall not wear it in the Hereafter."

Bukhari B 72.723

Allah's love of silk is again evident in three more reminders of what the believers will be wearing in Paradise.

22:23 Allah shall admit those who believe and do the righteous deeds into Gardens, beneath which rivers flow. Therein they shall be adorned with gold bracelets and pearls, and their raiment there shall be of silk.

22:24 They had been guided to the fair words and guided to the Path of the Praiseworthy.


35:33 Into Gardens of Eden they enter, wherein they are adorned with gold bracelets and pearls and their clothing therein will be silk.


44:51 However, the God-fearing are in a secure place;

44:52 In gardens and well-springs.

44:53 They wear silk and brocade facing each other.

Clothing is not optional!

20:118 “You will certainly not be hungry therein, nor be naked.

Sun block will not be required in Paradise.

20:119 “And you will not thirst therein, nor be exposed to the heat of the sun.”

The Password

Before the angels come to take you up to Paradise and all it has to offer, you must correctly identify your Lord.

41:30 Those who say: “Our Lord is Allah”, then are upright, the angels shall descend upon them saying: “Do not fear or grieve, but rejoice in the Paradise which you were promised.

41:31 “We are your protectors in the present life and in the Hereafter, wherein you shall have whatever your hearts desire and you shall have therein whatever you call for;

41:32 “As hospitality from an All-Forgiving, Merciful One.”

A Man's Paradise

83:34 But today, the believers shall laugh at the unbelievers.

83:35 Upon couches, they gaze around.

For those who don’t receive mansions, palaces, apartments or single-family dwellings—that is, the majority of the dwellers of Paradise—there will be plenty of couches. Couches, with uplifted mattresses interwoven with gold threads, lined up to face one another in an oasis that provides shade that stretches to infinity. On these couches, men will recline to drink cool, clear spring water and non-alcoholic wine from golden cups. They will also enjoy a variety of fruits and halal (permissible) meats served on platters made of gold, with wide-eyed maidens standing around averting their gazes.

37:39 And you (unbelievers) shall only be rewarded for what you used to do.

37:40 Except for Allah’s sincere servants.

37:41 To those is assigned a fixed provision,

37:42 Of fruits; and they shall be honoured;

37:43 In the Gardens of Bliss;

37:44 Upon couches, facing each other.

37:45 A cup of pure spring water shall be passed around them;

37:46 Snow-white, a delight to drinkers.

37:47 Wherein there is no gall and they are not intoxicated by it.

37:48 And they also shall have wide-eyed maidens averting their gaze.

37:49 They resemble hidden pearls.


Scholars are all over the place as to the identity of these "maidens." Respected Islamic information site speculates that these maidens are probably “innocent girls who died immature and Allah will recreate them as young and beautiful women.” That is as good a farfetched explanation as any. As to the "wide-eyed houris", they are, according to convert and author Yahiya Emerick, "pleasure mates who are soulless and programmed to please believing men’s every carnal desire."


Reclining on fine furniture, popping grapes, and drinking wine are not the only enjoyment heaven will have to offer. After all, we are talking an eternity here. How to pass the time—or, more accurately, how men would amuse themselves for an eternity—presented a real problem for Allah in terms of public relations. Basically, Paradise, as described in the Koran comprises eating, drinking, fornicating, visiting with friends and relatives, and making fun of the unbelievers roasting below in Hell. It is a place where each man can fornicate to his heart’s content, with God providing perpetual virgins, blushing maidens and permanently aroused, sexually adept female facsimiles: the infamous houris.

Sixteenth-century Islamic scholar Al-Suyuti (died 1505) wrote that in Paradise, there will be so much sex to be had that men will walk around with permanent erections.

Each time we sleep with a houri we find her virgin. Besides, the penis of the Elected never softens. The erection is eternal; the sensation that you feel each time you make love is utterly delicious and out of this world and were you to experience it in this world you would faint. Each chosen one [Muslim] will marry seventy [sic] houris, besides the women he married on earth, and all will have appetizing vaginas.

How could God describe such a place without comparing Paradise to one gigantic brothel in the sky? One aspect that differentiates Paradise from a bordello is that the beneficiaries of Allah’s Beneficence are married to their sex partners.

44:54 Thus it will be; and we gave them wide-eyed houris in marriage.


52:17 The God-fearing are indeed in gardens and bliss,

52:18: Rejoicing in what their Lord has given them; and their Lord shall guard them against the punishment of Hell. [saying]:

52:19 “Eat and drink merrily, for what you used to do.”

52:20 Reclining on ranged couches, and We shall wed them to wide-eyed houris.

The marriage ceremony may include branding of the houris. Professor and author Malcolm Clark, formerly of the Department of Religion at Butler University, states that according to one Tradition of the Prophet, one of the houris’ voluptuous breasts is branded with the name of her husband and the other with the name of her husband’s benefactor, Allah. This will make it easier for men to keep track of the equivalent of their herd, a harem of houris, making it less likely for one to accidently fornicate with another’s houris. In addition to houris skilled in the sexual arts, men will have access to extra-virginal, kind-hearted (and round-breasted) girls who never lose their virginity, even after intercourse, and never grow old.

56:35 We have formed them originally;

56:36 And made them pure virgins,

56:37 Tender and unageing,

56:38 For the Companions of the Right;

56:39 A throng of the ancients,

56:40 And a throng of the latecomers.


78:31 The God-fearing will score a victory,

78:32 Gardens and vineyards,

78:33 And round-breasted mates,

78:34 And a brim-full cup.


Why would God make, in Revelation 56:36, a distinction between your run-of-the-mill virgin and a pure one?'s singular explanation:

This signifies the virtuous women of the world, who will enter Paradise on the basis of their faith and good works. Allah will make them young no matter how aged they might have died in the world; will make them beautiful whether or not they were beautiful in the world; and will make them virgins whether they died virgins in the world or after bearing children. If their husbands also entered Paradise with them, they would be joined with them. Otherwise, Allah will wed them to another dweller in Paradise.


The maidens from the following verse are the pure virgins of Revelation 56:36.

55:56 Therein are maidens lowering their glances and they have not been touched, before them by any man or jinn.

55:57 So, which of your Lord's Bounties do you both (Jinn and humans) deny?

55:58 They are like rubies and coral.

55:59 So, which of your Lord's Bounties do you both (Jinn and humans) deny?

The reward for doing good on Earth, i.e., beneficence, is Allah doing something good for you in the afterlife, e.g., ‘virtuous maidens’.

55:60 Shall the reward of beneficence be other than beneficence?

55:61 So, which of your Lord's Bounties do you both (Jinn and humans) deny?


55:70 Therein are beautiful virtuous maidens.

55:71 So, which of your Lord's Bounties do you both (Jinn and humans) deny?

Like on Earth, these virtuous maidens will be secluded. How else could they remain virtuous otherwise?

55:72 Wide-eyed, cloistered in pavilions.

55:73 So, which of your Lord's Bounties do you both (Jinn and humans) deny?

55:74 No man or jinn touched them before.

55:75 So, which of your Lord's Bounties do you both (Jinn and humans) deny?

55:76 Reclining upon green cushions and superb rugs.

55:77 So, which of your Lord's Bounties do you both (Jinn and humans) deny?

55:78 Blessed be the Name of your Lord, full of majesty and splendour.

Deserving males who would rather the company of immortal boys with alabaster-like skin—instead of purified wives, virtuous blushing maidens and voluptuous, easily aroused houris—will not be disappointed. Whether Allah makes a distinction between adult homosexual relationships and pedophilia, banning one and allowing the other, has been the subject of much discussion.

52:24 And boys of their own will go around them, as if they were hidden pearls.


76:19 And there go round them immortal boys; when you see them, you will think that they are scattered pearls.

76:20 If you look there, you will see bliss and a vast kingdom (they will live as if they had a vast kingdom, Moududi).

76:21 Upon them are green silk garments and brocade; and they have been adorned with silver bracelets, and their Lord has given them a pure potion (wine, Moududi).

In one of the more confounding juxtaposition of verses in the Koran, God’s focus then switches to Muhammad.

76:22 “This indeed has been your reward, and your endeavour has been appreciated.”

76:23 We have indeed sent down the Qur’an upon you as a revelation;

76:24 So bear up with your Lord’s Judgement and do not obey any sinful or thankless one of them.

Will women be allowed to have sex with multiple sexually adept, virile, hard-bodied, good-looking young men in Allah’s version of heaven? Not likely. The best women can expect in heaven is sex with their former spouse. A girl or woman who dies a spinster in Allah’s good books will be wedded to an eligible male in Paradise.

3:15 Say: “Shall I tell you about something better than all that?” For those who are God-fearing, from their Lord are gardens beneath which rivers flow, and in which they abide forever [along with] purified spouses and Allah’s good pleasure. Allah’s sees His servants well!


36:55 Today, the Companions of Paradise are busy enjoying themselves;

36:56 Together with their spouses they are reclining on couches in the shade.

36:57 Wherein they have fruit, and have all they call for.

36:58 “Peace”, uttered by a Merciful Lord.

For company, while their husband is busy elsewhere, mothers will have their fully grown children to talk to—but again, no idle talk!

52:21 And those who have believed and their progeny followed them in belief, We shall join their progeny to them. We shall not deprive them of any of their work; every man shall be bound by what he has earned.

52:22 And We shall supply them with fruit and meat, such as they desire.

52:23 They will exchange therein a cup of wherein there is no idle talk or vilification.

A maiden is generally understood to be a young unmarried woman. Muhammad said that in Paradise, everyone will be 30 or 33 years of age. This is worth mentioning because of the age of the “mates” in Revelation 38:52. Since no sex will be allowed with either houris or blushing maidens before marriage, this might seem somewhat old for a maiden.

38:49 This is a Reminder and the God-fearing will surely have a fair resort.

38:50 Gardens of Eden whereof the gates are wide-open for them.

38:51 Reclining therein and calling for abundant fruit and beverage.

38:52 And they have mates of equal age, averting their gaze.

38:53 “This is what you are promised for the Day of Reckoning.

38:54 “This is our provision which will not end.”

In heaven, everyone will love everyone; you may even be allowed to watch the guy on the next couch next to you making out.

15:45 “The righteous will surely be amidst gardens and fountains.

15:46 [It will be said to them]: “Enter therein in peace and security.”

15:47 We shall remove all hatred from their hearts, and as brethren they shall recline, facing each other, upon couches.

You will never get tired, and never require sleep.

15:48 They shall not be touched by fatigue therein, nor will they be driven out.


35:34 They say: “Praise be to Allah Who lifted off our sorrow. Our Lord is indeed All-Forgiving, All-Thankful.

35:35 “He who out of His Bounty has made us dwell in the Abode of Everlasting Life, where no fatigue will touch us, nor any weariness.”

Paradise is where it’s happening!


56 Al-Waqi`ah

In the Name of Allah

the Compassionate, the Merciful

56:1 When the Happening comes to pass.

56:2 Of its occurrence there is no denial;

56:3 Abasing some, exalting others.

56:4 When the earth shall be shaken violently

56:5 And the mountain shall be reduced to rubble,

56:6 So that they become scattered dust.

56:7 And you shall be three categories:

56:8 The Companions of the Right - behold the Companions of the Right?


The Companions of the Right is taken to mean by most commentators “Companions of the Right Hand.” Those who have been given their books of good and bad deeds on Judgement Day in their right hand go to heaven; those who are given their books of good and bad deeds in their left hand go to hell (see chapter Judgement Day).


56:9 And the Companions of the Left - behold the Companions of the Left?

56:10 And the outstrippers (the privileged few), the outstrippers (sic);

56:11 Those are the favoured ones,

56:12 In the Gardens of Bliss;

56:13 A throng of the ancients,

56:14 And a small band of the latecomers.

56:15 Upon beds interwoven with gold;

56:16 Reclining upon them, facing each other.

56:17 While immortal youths go around them,

56:18 With goblets, pitchers and a cup of limpid drink.

56:19 Their heads do not ache from it and they do not become intoxicated.

56:20 And with such fruit as they care to choose;

56:21 And such flesh of fowl as they desire;

56:22 And wide-eyed houris,

56:23 Like hidden pearls;

56:24 As a reward for what they used to do.

Again, no idle talk or disparaging words, but you will be expected to extend your best wishes to your couch companions. You will be fed twice a day (not including between-meal snacks such as fruit, based on other revelations).

19:62 They hear therein no idle talk, but only: “Peace”; and they receive from their provision therein morning and evening.


56:25 They do not hear therein idle talk or vilification;

56:26 Only the greeting: “Peace, Peace!”

56:27 As for the Companions of the Right; and behold the Companions of the Right?

56:28 They are in the midst of thornless (sic) Lotus trees,

56:29 And braided acacias,

56:30 And extended shade,

56:31 And overflowing water;

56:32 And abundant fruit,

56:33 Neither withheld nor forbidden,

56:34 And uplifted mattresses.

Once again, no idle talk. What in heaven’s name will you talk about for an eternity if small talk is forbidden and you cannot have a conversation with God?

78:35 Therein, they do not hear any idle talk or denunciation.

78:36 A reward from your Lord, a sufficient gift;

78:37 The Lord of the heavens and the earth and what lies between them; the Compassionate to Whom they do not have the power to speak.

People who may or may not spend time in the grave.

52:25 They turn one to another asking each other questions;

52:26 They say: “We were formerly in the midst of our families living in awe;

52:27 “Then Allah was gracious to us and guarded us against the torment of the scorching wind.

52:28 “We used formerly to call on Him; He is the All-Gracious, the Merciful.”

Try to buy your way into Paradise and you will be in for a surprise.

39:47 Had the wrongdoers possessed all that is on earth and the like of it too, they would have redeemed therewith themselves from the terrible punishment of the Day of Resurrection, and there would have appeared to them from Allah that which they did not count on.

39:48 And there would have appeared to them the evils of what they have earned, and what they scoffed at would have afflicted them.

What a Paradise it is!

19:63 Such is the Paradise which We shall give as inheritance to those of Our servants who are God-fearing.

This is where the 9/11 terrorists aspired to arrive through their devastating actions. In Mohamed Atta’s heaven, he is pounding away on his couch, breaking hymens and popping grapes for an eternity, all the while enjoying the spectacle of those he slaughtered roasting in Hell.