CSIS Complicit in Trafficking Canadian Teenagers to ISIS

Shamima Begum: Spy for Canada smuggled schoolgirl to Syria Ms Begum was 15 when she and two other east London schoolgirls - Kadiza Sultana, 16, and 15-year-old Amira Abase - travelled to Syria to join the IS group in 2015. At the main Istanbul bus station, the girls met Mohammed Al Rasheed, who would facilitate their journey to IS-controlled Syria...

Mr Akunjee said it was "shocking" that a Canadian intelligence asset was a key part of the smuggling operation - "someone who is supposed to be an ally, protecting our people, rather than trafficking British children into a war zone". "Intelligence-gathering looks to have been prioritised over the lives of children," he said...

A Canadian Security Intelligence Service spokesman said he could not "publicly comment on or confirm or deny the specifics of CSIS investigations, operational interests, methodologies or activities".

BBC August 30, 2022

Trudeau defends CSIS after U.K. author claims agency informant smuggled girls into Syria. Two of the girls — Sultana and Abase — are now dead. CBC August 31, 2022.

The Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) promised Rasheed Canadian citizenship in return for information on ISIS. If he was involved in the smuggling in 2015 of two teenaged girls from Montréal to Syria and into the hands of ruthless faith-driven men, it would make CSIS complicit in the trafficking, not only of British citizens, but Canadians as well, to The Islamic State.

The girls from Montréal, like Begum, "are believed to have slipped out of the country on a flight to Turkey," (Toronto Star, Feb 27, 2015). "Rasheed was in charge of the Turkish side of the [smuggling] network" (BBC). As their informant, CSIS would know if Rasheed was involved in the trafficking of vulnerable Canadians like Shayma Senouci (pictured right). Refusing to "comment on or confirm or deny the specifics" of this extraordinary operation should not be an option.

Following the girls' flight to The Islamic State I posted What Every Prospective Jihadi Bride Should Know, a dissuading article for teenagers enamored with the idea of becoming the bride of a holy warrior believing they will find fulfillment and purpose in the bed of the ultimate bad boy.

Prime Minister Trudeau will not say whether Rasheed has been granted asylum in Canada. The only way we may get to the bottom of this is for the parents, whose sons and daughters were trafficked to ISIS by CSIS’s double-agent, to sue the government in search of the truth, not in anticipation of a massive payout to drop their lawsuit.

Bernard Payeur