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What Holy Warriors and Islamists Have To Do With It

A fear of Islam is a legitimate fear, not a phobia. It is a rational fear of the irrational. The most visible manifestation of this fear inducing irrationality is the believer who seeks martyrdom in suicidal attacks because of what is allegedly written in a book in Paradise whose contents were revealed by an illiterate who claimed to be an intimate of the Author.

Fear is what non-believers who get close and personal with the Koran and Allah’s unrestrained visceral hatred and cruelty for their kind will experience, for that is the intent. It is a fear nourished and amplified by the Author’s demands of believers when it comes to dealing with those for whom He has nothing but contempt: from avoiding them, to enslaving them, to killing them.

Islamophobia looks at the lifetime of people who believe they have a God-given license to kill unbelievers and Muslims—whom, Allah warns can't be trusted—and at the people who would dismiss the purpose-driven, fear-inducing atrocities committed by modern-day holy warriors as nothing to be worried about.

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A Licence to Kill

Overcoming a Reluctance to Kill

Why Holy Warriors Have No Qualms about Murdering Children

Teaching Cruelty

Fitna and the Seductive Sounds of Hatred and Cruelty

Getting Kids to Feel Nothing

Hooked on Sadism

A Real Life Example of the Appeal of Scriptural Sadism

Safeguarding Antipathy

Can We Be Friends?

A Pitch for Martyrs

Jihad as Penance

Common Lies Told About What Is in the Koran


Lies on CNN

Common Lies Told About Muhammad

Never Had Sex With A Child  

A Prophet of Mercy  

An Illiterate

Not a Wife Beater

Terrorism Works

American Example

Spanish Example

British Example

French Example

Canadian Example

An Alternative to Terror

Silencing Critics the Old-Fashioned Way

Welcome to the Twilight Zone

Who Are You Calling an Islamophobe?

Moderates v. Fundamentalists

The True Unbelievers

Reformers Beware

Conscientious Objectors

Successors in the Lands


Canada Day 2008


Imam Certification

Senate report leaves bitter taste with Canadian Muslims

Senate recommendation misunderstood

Jewish Tribes Exiled From Medina

Majid Fakhry vs. Yusuf Ali and Others

On the Ritual Slaughter of Animals

How Much Pain and Suffering

Why the Suffering?