Getting to Know Allah

Allah Knows the Secrets Within the Breasts

35:38 Surely Allah knows the Unseen of the heavens and the earth. He knows fully the secrets within the breasts.


39:7 If you disbelieve, Allah does not need you, although He does not approve disbelief in His servants. However, if you give thanks, He will approve that in you. No sinning soul shall bear the burden of another. Then unto your Lord is your return and He will tell you what you used to do. He knows the secrets within the breasts.


57:6 He causes the night to phase into the day and the day to phase into the night, and He knows the secrets within the breasts.

Allah knows “the secrets of the breasts” because He created them.

67:13 Conceal your words or proclaim them, He knows very well the secrets of the breasts.

67:14 Does He not know what He has created, though He is the All-Subtle, the All-Informed?

Allah knows what is in the “breasts of all of mankind.”

29:10 There are some people who say: “We believe in Allah”, but if one of them is injured on account of Allah, he reckons the persecution of men similar to Allah’s punishment. If, however, victory comes from your Lord, they will say: “We were with you.” Does not Allah know better what is in the breasts of the whole of mankind?

It is all recorded in a book in Paradise.

27:73 Your Lord, indeed, is Bountiful to mankind, but most of them do not give thanks.

27:74 And your Lord knows what their breasts conceal and what they reveal.

27:75 There is no hidden secret in heaven or on earth, but is in a Manifest Book.

Allah claiming that He “knows well the thoughts hidden in the breasts” in Revelation 64:4 may be the clearest indication yet that He was under the impression that thinking occurred somewhere in the chest cavity.


64 At-Taghâbun

In the Name of Allah,

the Compassionate, the Merciful

64:1 Everything in the heavens and on the earth glorifies Allah. His is the sovereignty and His is the praise, and He has power over everything.

64:2 It is He Who created you. Some of you are unbelievers, and some believers; and Allah perceives what you do.

64:3 He created the heavens and the earth in truth, and He fashioned you and shaped well your forms. Unto Him is the ultimate resort.

64:4 He knows what is in the heavens and on the earth, and He knows what you conceal and what your reveal. Allah knows well the thoughts hidden in the breasts.

A revelation in which “the secrets within the breasts” becomes the “the secrets of the heart.”

11:5 Behold, they turn their breasts sideways so as to hide [what they harbour] from Him. Indeed, when they wrap themselves in their clothes He knows what they conceal and what they reveal. He knows the secrets of the hearts.


Narrated Muhammad bin Abbas bin Ja'far:

That he heard Ibn Abbas reciting: "No doubt! They fold up their breasts." (11.5) and asked him about its explanation.

He said, "Some people used to hide themselves while answering the call of nature in an open space lest they be exposed to the sky, and also when they had sexual relation with their wives in an open space lest they be exposed to the sky, so the above revelation was sent down regarding them."

Bukhari 60.203


As with revealed truths about the Unseen, you will find more revelations about Allah knowing “the secrets within the breasts” intermingled with other claims that only the omniscient can make.