The Reward of the Female Martyr

A question was posed on the Hamas website by a prospective female suicide bomber as to what are the “rewards for a female martyr.” Would she get the equivalent of the male suicide bombers who are promised a “fairly extensive harem of women in return for martyrdom.”

Question: I wanted to ask: what is the reward of a female martyr who performs a martyrdom operation; does she marry 72 of the houris?

Answer: … the female martyr gains the same rewards as does the male, with the exception of this one aspect [the houris], so that the female martyr will be with the same husband with whom she dies. “And those who have believed and their progeny, followed them in belief. We shall join their progeny to them. We shall not deprive them of any of their work; every man shall be bound by what he has earned” [52:21]. The one who is martyred and has no husband will be married to one of the people of Paradise.

David Cook, Understanding Jihad, p.146

Except for a husband for a spinster who blows herself up on Allah’s behalf, the reward is the same as what a stay-at-home housewife could expect from God: reclining on a couch in the shade with a husband who may be too busy enjoying his houris to pay much attention to her.

36:55 Today the Companions of Paradise are busy enjoying themselves;

36:56 Together with their spouses they are reclining on couches in the shade.

Bernard Payeur