Shared Prophets


Shared Prophets37:139 And Jonas was one of the Messengers.

After consulting seven other translations, six of which use the word ‘ship’, it is safe to assume that it is not Noah’s Ark referred to in Fakhry’s translation.

37:140 When he fled towards the laden Ark.

Jonas made it onto the ship only to be tossed overboard.

37:141 He cast lots, but was one of the losers.

37:142 Then the whale swallowed him, and he was to blame.

37:143 Had he not been one of those who glorified [Allah];

37:144 He would have stayed in its belly until the Day they will be resuscitated.

37:145 Then We cast him out into the wilderness.

37:146 And made to grow over him a gourd tree.

37:147 And We sent him forth to hundred thousand or more.

37:148 They believed so We accorded them enjoyment for a while.

Jonas, in the following, is spelled Dhun-Nun:

21:87 And Dhun-Nun (another name for Jonah), when he went out enraged, and he thought that We will have no power over him. So he called out in the darkness: “There is no god but You; glory be to You; I have certainly been one of the wrongdoers.”

21:88 So, We answered him and delivered him from distress; and thus We deliver the believers.

The fate of the people of Jonas/Jonah:

10:96 Surely, those against whom the Word of your Lord will be fulfilled are not going to believe;

10:97 Even if every sign comes to them, till they see the very painful punishment.

10:98 How is it, then, that no town believed so that its belief would profit it, except the people of Jonah? When they believed, We removed from them the punishment of disgrace in the present life and allowed them to enjoy life for a while.

10:99 Had your Lord willed, everybody on earth would have believed. Will you then compel people to become believers?

10:100 It is not given to any soul to believe, except by Allah’s Leave. And He lays the scourge on those who do not understand.