Getting to Know Allah

Allah on the Present Life

Getting to Know Allah87:14 He who cleanses himself shall prosper;

87:15 Remembering your Lord’s Name and praying.

87:16 No, you prefer the present life;

87:17 Whereas the Hereafter is better and more lasting.

87:18 That, indeed, is in the ancients scrolls,

87:19 The scrolls of Abraham and Moses.

Allah never misses an opportunity to remind people how life is better in the Hereafter. In one of more than a dozen revelations about a God who provides for whomever He pleases in whatever quantity He pleases, He makes a rare admission about life in the here-and-now being pleasurable, if only for a short time.

13:26 Allah enlarges and restricts the provision to whom He pleases. They rejoice at this worldly life, but worldly life is nothing but a fleeting pleasure compared with the life to come.


There is no humor in Islam. There is no fun in Islam. There can be no fun and joy in whatever is serious.

Ayatollah Khomeini

Loving living in the here-and-now rather than seeking the better life in the Hereafter is a sin, as benefits a religion which often takes on many of the trappings associated with death cults, the suicide bomber being its most violent manifestation.

16:107 That is because they love the present life more than the Hereafter, and because Allah does not guide the unbelievers.

16:108 They are those whose hearts, ears and eyes Allah has sealed; and those are the heedless.

Hell awaits those who prefer living in the here-and-now; those who have a “passion” for life as opposed to a yearning for death.

79:34 Then when the Great Calamity (Judgement Day) shall come;

79:35 On the Day that man will remember what he has done;

79:36 And Hell shall be exhibited to whoever can see.

79:37 Then, as to him who has transgressed,

79:38 And preferred the present life;

79:39 Hell, indeed, is the refuge.

79:40 But as to him who fears the station of his Lord, and forbids his soul from passion;

79:41 Then, Paradise is the refuge.