Getting to Know Allah

Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

Getting to Know Allah"Sign, sign, everywhere a sign ... Do this, don't do that, can't you read the sign... If God was here, He'd tell you to your face, man, you're some kinda sinner."

Allah's Signs are not at all like the signs the Five Man Electrical Band ranted against – except perhaps for the Koran which is one big written sign with many "Do this, don't do that" – but, the sentiments expressed in the selected lyrics are, oh, so appropriate.

People wanted signs that were out of the ordinary for them to believe, such as having angels descend from heaven, or the dead come to life to say a few words on Allah's behalf ... but such sign were out of the question. Allah kept those to himself. His rational being that they would still not believe unless He allowed them too, something He was also not prepared to do.

6:109 They swear by Allah most solemnly that, were a sign to come to them, they would surely believe in it. Say: “Signs are only with Allah”; but how do you know that, if those signs come, they will still not believe?

6:110 And We will divert their hearts and their sights [from the truth], as they failed at first to believe in it; and We shall leave them dumbfounded in their wrongdoing.

6:111 Even if We send the angels to them and the dead speak to them, and if We bring everything before them, they would not believe, unless Allah wills; but most of them are ignorant.

Allah’s Signs are, for the most part, naturally occurring phenomena, circadian rhythms which He professes to manipulate and calibrate and genocidal acts of wanton destruction for which He claims authorship – the exception being the claim of creating heaven and earth and everything in between, Judgement Day and the existence of the Hereafter.

Allah making you die for a short period every night by taking away your soul is a Sign for thinking people.

6:60 And it is He Who makes you die at night and knows what you do by day. He raises you up in it, until a fixed term is fulfilled; then onto him is your ultimate return. He will declare to you what you used to do.

39:42 Allah carries off the souls of men upon their death and the souls of those who are not dead in their sleep. He then holds back those whose death He has decreed and releases the others till an appointed term. Surely, there are in that signs for a people who reflect.

Allah will drown those who don’t believe in His Signs, such as making sailing ships stop and go.

30:46 And of His Signs is sending forth the wind bearing good news and to let you taste part of His Mercy, and that the ships may sail at His Command, and that you might seek part of His Bounty; that perchance you may give thanks.


42:32 And of His Signs are ships sailing in the sea like high mountains.

42:33 If he wishes, He will calm the wind, and then they will remain motionless upon its surface. In that are signs to every steadfast and thankful person;

42:34 Or destroy them for what they (the passengers) have earned, while pardoning many;

42:35 That those who dispute concerning Our Signs might know that they have no escape.

Allah, the wind beneath the wings, is also a Sign.

16:79 Do they not see the birds subservient in the vault of the sky, nothing holding them aloft but Allah? Surely, there is in that signs for a people who believe.

67:19 Have they not considered the birds above them spreading their wings and folding them? They are only held up by the Compassionate. He is the Perceiver of everything.

It is Allah Who creates night and day and the sun, the moon and the stars as a means of finding your way, and those too are Signs.

6:96 [He is] the Cleaver of the dawn; and He made the night a time of rest, and the sun and the moon a means of reckoning. Such is the ordering of Allah, the Mighty, the All-Knowing.

6:97 And it is He Who created the stars for you so as to be guided by them in the dark depths of the land and sea. We have made plain the signs for a people who know.


40:61 It is Allah Who made the night for you, to rest in it, and the day to see your way. Allah is truly Bountiful to mankind, but most people do not give thanks.

40:62 That for you is Allah your Lord, Creator of everything. There is no god but He. How then are you perverted?

40:63 Thus as those who used to repudiate Allah’s Signs were perverted too.

In addition to His signs, Allah sends down provisions which should be an even greater incentive to call on him even if it displeases the less credulous.

40:13 It is He who shows you His Signs and sends down from heaven provision for you; but only he who repents will remember.

40:14 So, call on Allah professing religion sincerely unto Him, even if the unbelievers should resent it.

Well-fed and starving people are also signs from Allah.

39:52 Did they not know that Allah expands the provision to whomever He wishes and constricts it? Surely, there are in that signs to a people who believe.

Signs within signs:

31:31 Have you not seen that ships cruise upon the sea by Allah’s Grace, to show you some of His Signs. There are in that signs for every steadfast, thankful one.

Only ungrateful traitors repudiate Allah Signs.

31:32 And if waves cover them like a canopy, they call upon Allah, professing religion sincerely to Him; but when He delivers them to the dry land, some of them are lukewarm. Yet none repudiate Our Signs except every ungrateful traitor.

What will happen to the ungrateful traitors!

34:4 Those who have believed and did the righteous deeds those shall receive forgiveness and a generous provision.

34:5 But those who go around striving to rebut Our Signs those shall have the punishment of a very painful scourge.


34:38 But those who go around challenging Our Signs those will be summoned to the punishment.

Genocide as a sign:

32:23 We have, indeed, given Moses the Book; so do not be in doubt concerning his encounter, and We made it a guidance to the Children of Israel.

32:24 And We appointed some of them as leaders guiding by Our Command, when they stood fast and believed firmly in Our Signs.

32:25 It is your Lord Who will judge between them on the Day of Resurrection, regarding that whereof they used to differ.

32:26 Was it not shown to them how many generations We have destroyed before them, while they were strolling in their dwellings? Surely, there are signs in that; do they not hear?

Allah says punishment a lot, and it most often has to do with not believing or making fun of His Signs and, of course, believing in other gods.

45:7 Woe unto every sinful liar;

45:8 He hears Allah’s Signs recited to him, then perseveres in his arrogance as though he did not hear them. Announce to him, then, the good news of a painful punishment.

45:9 And if he learns about any of Our Signs, he takes them in jest. Such people shall have a demeaning punishment.

45:10 Behind them is Hell and what they earned will not profit them a whit, nor what they have taken, apart from Allah, as protectors; and they will have a terrible punishment.

45:11 This is true guidance, and those who have disbelieved in the Signs of their Lord will have the punishment of a painful scourge.

Five signs in a row:

30:21 And of His Signs is that He created for you, from yourselves, spouses to settle down with and He established friendship and mercy between you. There are in all that signs for a people who reflect.

30:22 And of His Signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth and the diversity of your tongues and colours. Indeed, there are in that signs for those who know.

30:23 And of His Signs is your sleeping by night and day and your seeking some of His Bounty. There are in that signs for people who hear.

30:24 And of His Signs is showing you the lighting, to fear and to hope; and He brings down from the sky water with which He revives the earth after it was dead. There are in that signs for a people who understand.

30:25 And of His Signs is that the heavens and the earth shall arise at His Command. Then, if He summons you once, behold, you shall be brought out of the earth.

30:26 And to Him belongs whoever is in the heavens or on earth. They are all submitting to Him.

30:27 It is He Who originates the creation, then brings it back again; and that is easier for Him. He is the loftiest exemplar in the heavens and on earth, and He is the All-Mighty, the Wise.

Not Doing What is Being Asked as a Sign

A sign from Allah can also be not doing what He is asked to do, for example not dropping a peace of heaven, revelation 34:9, on those who do not believe in the Hereafter to prove the existence of Paradise*.

34:7 The unbelievers say: “Shall we show you a man who will tell you that, once you have been torn to pieces, you shall become again a new creation?

34:8 “Does he impute falsehood to Allah or is he possessed?” No, those who do not believe in the Hereafter will undergo the punishment and are in grave error.

34:9 Have they not looked at what is in front of them and behind them of the heavens and the earth? Had We wished, we would have caused the earth to cave in under them, or dropped fragments from heaven upon them. Surely, in that is a sign to every repenting servant.

* Remember, Paradise, in the Koran, was once part of the earth and only invisible pillars stop it from crashing to the ground, giving Allah the ultimate vantage point and plenty of handy materials to drop on the fools below who don't believe in His Signs.

21:30 Have the unbelievers not beheld that the heavens and the earth were a solid mass, then We separated them; and of water We produced every living thing. Will they not believe, then?


31:10 He created the heavens without pillars that you can see and laid down in the earth immovable mountains, lest it shake with you, and scattered throughout it every variety of beast. And We have sent down water from heaven, thereby causing it to grow in it every noble [kind of plant].

Why No Signs for the Messenger

It’s not that the Prophet’s audience did not want to believe that Muhammad was the latest spokesperson for the Almighty; if only Allah would give them a sign.

2:118 Those who do not know say: “If only Allah would speak to us (tell us that you are His Messenger), or a sign come to us.” Thus said those who came before them (to their Prophets). Their hearts are all alike. Indeed, We have made clear the signs for people who firmly believe.

Instead of sending a sign Allah tells His Messenger not to answer questions about Hell, at this time – those answers will come later – followed by a warning about abandoning the new religion; if you do, I will desert you and you will be the losers!.

2:119 We have sent you with the Truth as a bearer of good tidings and as a warner. You are not to be questioned about the people of Hell.

2:120 Neither the Jews nor the Christians will be pleased with you until you follow their religion. Say: “Allah’s Guidance is the [only] Guidance.” And were you to follow their desires after the Knowledge that came down to you, you will have no guardian or helper [to save you] from Allah.

2:121 Those to whom We have given the Book recite it as it ought to be recited. Those [people] believe in it; but those who disbelieve are the losers.

Those who believe don’t need signs!.

13:27 And the unbelievers say: “If only a sign were sent down to him by His Lord!” Say: “Allah leads astray whomever He pleases and guides to himself those who repent,

13:28 Those who believe and whose hearts find comfort in remembering Allah.” Indeed, in remembering Allah the hearts find comfort.

13:29 May those who believe and do the good works be blessed and have a happy homecoming!

The never-seen Book should be sign enough!

29:50 They said: “If only signs from his Lord were sent down on him (Muhammad).” Say: “Signs are only with Allah, and I am only a manifest warner.”

29:51 Does it not suffice them that We have sent down on you the Book which is recited to them? There is, indeed, in that a mercy and a reminder to a believing people.

29:52 Say: “Allah suffices as a witness between you and me. He knows what is in the heavens and on the earth; and those who have believed in falsehood and disbelieved in Allah – those are the losers.”

Only the perverted do not believe in Allah's Signs!

40:69 Have you not observed those who dispute regarding Allah’s Signs, how they are perverted?

A soul’s lament!

39:56 “Lest any soul should say: ‘Woe betide me for what I have neglected of my duty to Allah and for having been one of the scoffers.’

39:57 “Or it should say: ‘Had Allah guided me, I would have been one of the God-fearing.’

39:58 “Or it should say, when it sees the punishment: ‘If only I had a second chance, then I would be one of the beneficent’.”

39:59 Yes indeed! My signs came to you, but you denounced them as lies and waxed proud and were one of the unbelievers.