Getting to Know Allah

Tidbits Meccans Surahs

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Getting to Know Allah

While the Koran offers little in terms of a timeline, Scholars have grouped Allah's revealed truths into two time periods; what he revealed to the Prophet during His Messenger's time in Mecca, and what He later communicated to him after His latest and greatest spokesperson took up residence in Medina.

Allah taketh away and Allah giveth back.

6:46 Say: “Tell me! If Allah were to take away your hearing and sight and seal your hearts, what god other than Allah would give them back to you?” Behold, how We make plain Our Revelations, but they turn away.

How Allah puts the arrogant and the wealthy to the test.

6:53 Likewise, We test some of them through others so that they may say: “Are these the ones whom Allah has favoured among us?” Does not Allah know best the thankful?

By enabling the poor and the indigent, the people who have a low station in society to precede others in believing, God has put those who wax proud of wealth and honour to a severe test. Moududi

If Allah is Merciful to the evildoers who repent and mend their ways it is because, according to Moududi, He has to be; it is "incumbent" i.e. obligatory.

6:54 And when those who believe in Our Revelations come to you, say: “Peace be upon you. Your Lord has prescribed Mercy upon Himself, that he who perpetrates evil in ignorance, repents afterwards and mends his ways [will find Him] All-Forgiving, Merciful.

Now you know how to spot the criminals in your midst, the vast majority will be those who do not believe in Allah's revelations.

6:55 And thus We expound the revelations so that the way of the criminals becomes clear.

Allah the Best-Decision-maker knows who to punish and when; as a good decision maker should.

6:57 Say: “I have clear proof from my Lord, and you deny Him. I do not possess that which you seek to hasten [punishment]. Judgement is Allah’s alone; He determines the right, and He is the Best-Decision-maker.”

6:58 Say: “If I possessed that which you seek to hasten, the matter between you and me would have been settled; and Allah knows best the wrongdoers.”

Allah delivers people from the depths of both land and sea; a reassurance for both sailors and miners, I am sure.

6:63 Say: “Who will deliver you from the dark depths of the land and the sea? You call upon Him humbly and secretly saying: ‘If He delivers us from this we will certainly be thankful.’ ”

6:64 Say: “Allah delivers you from this and from every distress; yet you associate [other gods with Him].”

That Allah is responsible for armed conflicts and the ensuing death and destruction is self-evident, and is another of Allah's many signs that He is not a figment of someone's imagination, that He really does exist.

6:65 Say: “It is He Who has the power to inflict upon you punishment from above you or from under your feet; or to mix you up dividing you into factions, and make you taste the might of one another.” See, how We make plain our revelations, that, perchance they might understand.

Fear the Author of the "true guidance", for He is more than just a guide, and you have His Messenger's word on that.

6:71 Say: “Shall we call, besides Allah, on what neither profits nor harms us, and turn on our heels after Allah has guided us?” [We shall then be] like one who, being tempted by the devils in the land, is bewildered though he has friends who call him to guidance [saying]: “Come to us.” Say: “Guidance from Allah is the true guidance. And we are commanded to submit to the Lord of the Words;

6:72 “And perform the prayers and fear Him; for He is the One unto Whom you shall be gathered.”

6:73 It is He who created the heavens and the earth in truth, and the Day He says: “Be”, it will come to be. His Word is the Truth, and His is the sovereignty on the Day the trumpet is blown (Judgement Day). The Knower of the Unseen and the Seen, He is the Wise, the Well-Aware [of all things].

Allah and that vision thing (remember Bush junior):

6:103 Vision does not attain Him, but He attains the vision, and He is the Kind, the All-Knowing.

Allah love His Messengers, one has to assume, even if He does not care to reign in the enemy He assigns to each.

6:112 Likewise, We have assigned to every Prophet an enemy, the devils of men and jinn, revealing one to the other tawdry speech in order to deceive; but had your Lord willed, they would not have done it. So leave them to what they invent;

6:113 So that the hearts of those who do not believe in the Hereafter may incline to it and accept it; as well as to perpetrate that which they themselves are perpetrating.

Allah is the only judge you want, He wrote the Book on justice!

6:114 Shall I seek a judge other than Allah, when He is the one Who sent down the Book fully expounded? Those to whom We have given the Book (the Torah) know that it is revealed from your Lord in truth. Do not then be one of the doubters.

6:115 The Word of your Lord has been completed in truth and justice; no one can change His Words. He is the All-Hearing, the All-Knowing.

6:116 And were you to obey most people on earth, they will lead you away from the Path of Allah. They follow nothing but conjecture, and they only lie.

6:117 Your Lord knows best who strays from His Path, and He knows best who are the rightly guided.

Allah establishes leading sinners in every city, which He will, more often than not, then destroy, pitilessly slaughtering every men, women and child because of the presence of wrongdoers He placed among them.

6:123 And thus We have set up in every city its leading wicked sinners so as to plot therein. However, they only plot against themselves, although they do not realize it.

Allah refused to favour with a spectacle to awe his audience, as He did for Moses and lesser prophets, His greatest and last Messenger, the Prophet Muhammad, leaving some to wonder why.

6:124 And if a sign comes to them, they say: “We will not believe, until we are given the like of what Allah’s Messengers have been given.” Allah knows best where to place His Message. Those who commit sins will suffer humiliation and severe punishment from Allah on account of their plotting.

If your heart feels constricted as if rising in the air, that is Allah’s doing.

6:125 Whomever Allah wants to guide, He opens his heart up to Islam, and whomever He wants to lead astray, He makes his heart extremely constricted, as though he were ascending to heaven. Thus Allah inflicts His punishment upon those who do not believe.

6:126 This is the Path of your Lord, perfectly Straight. We have expounded the revelations to people who take heed.

6:127 Theirs is the abode of peace with their Lord and He is their Protector, for what they used to do.

If you take devils for patrons you might think you are being righty guided. But, you would be wrong, and you have Allah's Word on it!

7:30 “A group of you He has guided and another group was doomed to error; for they have taken the devils for patrons, apart from Allah, and they still think that they are rightly guided.”

Allah controls His Universe from a seated position.

7:54 Your Lord is truly Allah, Who has created the heavens and the earth in six days, then He sat upon the Throne. He covers the day with the night, which pursues it relentlessly. The sun, the moon and the stars are made subservient by His Command. To Him belongs the Creation and the Command. Blessed is Allah the Lord of the Worlds.

10:3 Truly, your Lord is Allah Who created the heavens and the earth in six days, then He sat on the Throne controlling all things. There is no intercessor without His Leave. That is Allah, your Lord; so worship Him. Do you not pay heed?

Call on Allah humbly in secrecy, in fear and hope etc.

7:55 Call on your Lord humbly and secretly. He certainly does not like the aggressors.

7:56 And do not sow corruption in the land after it has been put in order. Call on Him with fear and hope. Allah’s Mercy is indeed close at hand for the beneficent.

People are so ungrateful!

10:12 And if hardship afflicts man, he calls Us lying down, sitting or standing; but when We lift his hardship, he passes on, as if he never called Us to [lift] a hardship that afflicted him. Thus what the transgressors do seems fair to them.

Aggressive ungrateful people whom He saves from drowning and provides with a safe landing only to have them resort to unjustified violence.

10:22 It is He who makes your journey on land and on sea; so that when you are in the ships and they sail with them driven by a fair wind, and they rejoice in it, a stormy wind comes upon them and waves surge over them from every side, and they think that they are being overwhelmed. Then they call upon Allah, professing submission to Him sincerely: “If you save us from this, we shall be truly thankful.”

10:23 But when He saves them, they resort to aggression in the land wrongfully. O people, your aggression shall recoil upon yourselves. It is what you enjoy in the present life; then unto Us shall be your return; whereupon We will inform you about what you were doing.

Allah has an illiterate’s fascination with books and writing, even what animals do and when is recorded in the Book.

11:6 There is no beast on earth but its sustenance is [provided] by Allah; and He knows its resting place and its repository. All is in a Manifest Book.

Allah’s Throne floats, or hovers.

11:7 And it is He Who created the heavens and the earth in six days, and His Throne was upon the water, that He might try you [and see] which one of you does the best work. And if you (the Prophet) say: “You will surely be raised up after death”, the unbelievers will say: “This is nothing but manifest sorcery.”

Allah is a whimsical god who “does whatever He pleases”.

14:27 Allah confirms those who believe with the firm word in the present life, and in the life to come; but He leads the wrongdoers astray. Allah does whatever He pleases.

14:28 Have you not seen those who turn Allah’s Grace into disbelief and lead their people to the abode of ruin (Hell)?

14:29 In Hell they will burn, and what a wretched abode!

14:30 And they set up equals to Allah in order to lead people away from His Path. Say: “Take your pleasure; for your fate is the Fire.”

Allah is a god who just keeps on giving; but, are you grateful. Nooo ...

14:34 He gives you all you ask Him for. And were you to count Allah’s favours you will never be able to exhaust them. Man is truly unjust and ungrateful.

Let it “Be”!

16:38 And they solemnly swear by Allah that Allah will not raise from the dead anyone who dies. Surely, His is the true promise, but most people do not know.

16:39 [They shall be raised up] so as to make clear to them that whereof they differ, and that the unbelievers may know that they were lying.

16:40 Indeed, when We want a thing to be, We just say to it: “Be”, and it comes to be.

It is only logical that shadows would prostrate themselves before Allah, both in revelations received in Mecca and in Medina.

16:48 Have they not considered all the things Allah has created, casting their shades right and left, and prostrating themselves before Allah in humility?


25:45 Have you not considered your Lord, how He has stretched out the shadow? Had He willed, He would have made it still, then made the sun a signal thereof.

25:46 Then, We would have drawn it towards Us slowly.

Angels are not too proud to prostrate themselves before Allah.

16:49 And before Allah all creatures in the heavens and on the earth, together with the angels, prostrate themselves, and they are not proud.

16:50 They fear their Lord, high above them, and they do what they are commanded.

Allah has instructions for bees and knows about the healing properties of honey.

16:68 And your Lord revealed to the bees: “Build homes in the mountains, the trees and in what men construct for you.

16:69 “Then eat from all the fruits and follow your Lord’s smoothed paths.” From their bellies comes out a syrup of different hues, wherein is healing for mankind. Surely, in that there is a sign for a people who reflect.

You will one day forget who is responsible for you forgetting.

16:70 Allah created you, then He will cause you to die. For some of you will be brought back to the worst age, so that they will no longer know anything, after having acquired knowledge. Surely, Allah is All-Knowing, All-Powerful.

Allah provides the brides who will provide you what you and He prefer: sons and grandsons.

16:72 Allah has given you wives from among yourselves, and from your wives, sons and grandsons, and has provided you with all the good things. Will they believe in falsehood, then, and deny Allah’s Blessings?

16:73 And they worship, besides Allah, what cannot provide anything for them from the heavens or the earth and can do nothing.

Allah's heart may be in the right place; but, what about all the poor unbelievers who do good?

16:97 Whoever does a good deed, whether male or female, while a believer, We shall make him live a good life; and We will give them a better reward than what they have done.

Those over whom the “accursed Devil” has no authority:

16:98 When you recite the Qur’an, seek refuge with Allah from the accursed Devil.

16:99 He has no authority over those who believe and have put their trust in their Lord.

16:100 His authority is only over those who befriend him and who associate others with Him (Allah).

Allah will amply reward those who have a death wish, even if their striving for the Hereafter leaves them stranded in the here-and-now, they will be rewarded with an increase in rank. Death, however, holds promises of a higher ranking.

17:19 But as for those who desire the Hereafter and strive for it, as they should, while they are believers, their effort will be appreciated.

17:20 For them all – these and those – We shall provide from Allah’s Bounty; and the Bounty of your Lord will not be denied to anyone.

17:21 Behold how We have made some of them surpass the others, although the Hereafter is far higher in rank and more preferable.

If Allah saves you from this or that peril, remember to give thanks, or you may find yourself in a worse mess.

17:66 Your Lord who drives for you the ships at sea, that you may seek His Bounty. He is indeed Merciful to you.

17:67 And if you are touched by adversity at sea, those you call upon other than He will wander away; but when He delivers you to land safely, you turn away. Man is ever thankless.

17:68 Are you, then, assured that He will not cause the land to cave in under you, or release a sandstorm upon you, and then you will find no one to protect you?

17:69 Or are you assured that He will not return you to it a second time, releasing upon you a roaring wind and drowning you, on account of your disbelief. Then you will find no one to defend you against us.

Allah speaks plainly and clearly.

18:1 Praise be to Allah, Who revealed the Book to His servant and did not leave in it any crookedness.

18:2 He has made it straight to warn of severe punishment from Himself and announce the good news to the believers, who do righteous deeds, that they shall have a good reward (Paradise).

18:3 Abiding therein forever.

What is better than wealth and children?

18:46 Wealth and children are the adornment of the present life, but the everlasting good works are better in your Lord’s Sight in reward and better in expectations.

Winners and Losers!

18:103 Say (O Muhammad): “Shall We inform you about the greatest losers of their works?

18:104 “Those whose endeavour in the present life has gone astray and they still believe that they are doing well.

18:105 “Those who disbelieve in the Revelations of their Lord and in meeting Him. Their works are in vain and We will not take any account of them on the Day of Resurrection.

18:106 “That is their reward – Hell, on account of their disbelief and their taking my Revelations and my Messengers as objects of scorn.

18:107 “Indeed, those who believe and do the good works, the Gardens of Paradise shall be their dwelling.

18:108 “Abiding therein forever and not desiring to be ever removed therefrom.”

The Koran may contain only about one tenth the words of the Bible, the King James Version, but that is not because Allah's had exhausted His vocabulary or ran out of ink.

18:109 Say: “Were the sea to become ink for my Lord’s Words, the sea would be exhausted before the Words of my Lord are exhausted, even if We were to bring its like to replenish it.”

Angels never tire of worshipping Allah.

21:19 To Him belongs what is in the heavens and on earth; and those with Him (the angels) are not too proud to worship Him, nor do they tire;

21:20 Glorifying Him night and day without growing weary.

A lesson for mankind explained:

21:92 This, your community is indeed a single community and I am your Lord; so worship Me.

21:93 They fell apart into factions; but they will all return unto Us.

Moududi’s comment (partial):

[these verses address] the whole of mankind. It means: "O mankind, in reality all of you belonged to one community and had one and the same religion and all the Prophets brought one and the same Creed which was this: `Allah alone is the Lord of all mankind: therefore they should worship Him alone. "' But afterwards the people corrupted this Creed and invented and adopted the things they liked and mixed their own theories, whims and practices in it. This brought into being countless communities and religions.

The sound of light! Allah is the only god who could have brought you daylight. Do you not hear? Do you not see? So give thanks!

28:71 Say: “Have you considered, what if Allah had made the night to last for you continuously until the Day of Resurrection? What other god than Allah will bring you light? Do you not hear?”

28:72 Say: “Have you considered, what if Allah had made the day to last for you continuously until the Day of Resurrection? What other god than Allah will bring the night to rest in? Do you not see?”

28:73 It was out of His Mercy that He created the day and the night, so that you may rest in it and seek some of His Bounty, that perchance you may give thanks.

Allah will test those who say “We believe” in private.


29 Al `Ankabut

In the Name of Allah,

the Compassionate, the Merciful

29:1 Alif – Lam – Mim.

29:2 Have the people supposed that they will be left alone to say: “We believe”, and then they will not be tested?

29:3 We have indeed tested those who preceded them; and Allah shall certainly know those who speak the truth and shall know those who lie.

29:4 Or have those who do the evil deeds supposed that they will outstrip Us? Wretched is what they judge!

It is a righteous deed to honour your parents; that is, unless they believe in Allah's obsession: the damned associates!

29:8 We have commanded man to be kind to his parents; but if they strive with you to associate with Me that of which you have no knowledge, then do not obey them. Unto Me is your return and I will tell you what you used to do.

29:9 Those who believe and do the righteous deeds, We shall admit them into the company of the righteous.

Those who say they will bear your sins are liars!

29:11 And Allah certainly knows the believers and He knows the hypocrites.

29:12 The unbelievers said to the believers: “Follow our path and let us bear your sins”; but they will not bear any of their sins. Indeed they are liars.

29:13 They shall bear their own burdens, plus burdens upon burdens, and they will be questioned on the Day of Resurrection concerning what they used to fabricate.

Allah is All-Sufficient. You need Him, He does not need you.

29:5 He who expects to encounter Allah, surely Allah’s Term shall come; and He is the All-Hearing, the All-Knowing.

29:6 He who strives only strives for himself. Allah is All-Sufficient, in need of no being.

29:7 And those who believe and do the righteous deeds. We shall remit their sins and We shall reward them with the best of what they used to do.

Allah knows what is in the “breasts of all of mankind”.

29:10 There are some people who say: “We believe in Allah”, but if one of them is injured on account of Allah, he reckons the persecution of men similar to Allah’s punishment. If, however, victory comes from your Lord, they will say: “We were with you.” Does not Allah know better what is in the breasts of the whole of mankind?

Allah’s earth may be vast, but it is still not vast enough for more than one god.

29:56 O my servants who believe and do the righteous deeds, My earth is vast, so worship Me alone.

Allah provides for both beasts and humans.

29:60 How many a beast does not bear its provision, yet Allah provides for it and for you. He is All-Hearing, All-Knowing.

A taste of mercy!

30:33 When people are visited by some adversity, they call upon their Lord, turning to Him; but when He lets them taste a mercy from Him, behold, a group of them associate [other gods] with their Lord;

30:34 So as to be ungrateful for what We have given them. Indulge yourselves, then. For you shall certainly know!

30:35 Or have We sent down to them an authority, and he speaks about that which they were associating with Him?

30:36 If We let people taste a certain mercy, they rejoice at it; but if misfortune befalls them, on account of what their hands have perpetrated, behold, they are in despair.

30:37 Have they not seen that Allah expands and restricts the provision for whomever he wishes? Surely, there are in that signs for a people who believe.

30:38 So, give the kinsman his due, as well as the destitute and the wayfarer. That is better for those who desire the Face of Allah. Those are the prosperous.

Why Allah will allow some to keep ill-gotten-gains:

30:41 Corruption has appeared in the land and the sea, on account of what men’s hands have earned; so that He may let them taste the reward of some of their deeds, that perchance they may return.

Sandstorms are supposed to make you believe in God. Where snow falls, a wind turning white should serve the same purpose.

30:51 And were We to send forth a wind and they saw it turning yellow, they would continue thereafter to disbelieve.

Some people never go gray. Must be the devil's doing or Grecian formula.

30:54 It is Allah who created you from a weak substance, then gave you strength after weakness, then after strength weakness and grey hair. He creates what He pleases and He is the All-Knowing, All-Powerful.

Night and day, day and night. It's all Allah's doing and He never misses an opportunity to remind you!

24:44 He alternates the night and day. In that there is a lesson for those who have eyes to see.


31:29 Have you not seen how Allah causes the night to phase into the day, and the day to phase into the night; and He has subjected the sun and the moon, each of them running to an appointed term, and that Allah is Well-Aware of what you do?

31:30 That is because Allah is the Truth and what they call upon, apart from Him, is the falsehood and that Allah is the All-High, the Great.


35:13 He causes the night to phase into the day and the day to phase into the night and He has subjected the sun and the moon, each running for an appointed term. That is Allah, your Lord to whom belongs the dominion, whereas those you call upon, from Him, do not possess a date’s crust.


39:5 He created the heavens and the earth in truth. He wraps up the night around the day and He wraps the day around the night. He has subjected the sun and the moon, each running for an appointed term. He is indeed the All-Mighty, the All-Forgiving.

Allah may send down the rain, know when He will bring about Judgement Day, know if you are pregnant, know what will become of the fetus; but claiming that no "living soul know in what land it shall die" can't be right – two example of people knowing their time and place of death are those who take their own lives instead of keeping to some mythical god's timetable and the condemned man.

31:34 Allah surely has the knowledge of the Hour and He sends down the rain. He knows what is in the wombs, whereas no soul knows what it shall earn tomorrow; nor does any living soul know in what land it shall die. Allah is All-Knowing, Well-Informed.

Allah is a real Know-it-all!


34 Saba’

In the Name of Allah,

the Compassionate, the Merciful

34:1 Praise be to Allah, to whom belong whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on earth, and praise be to him in the Hereafter. He is the All-Wise, the All-Informed.

34:2 He knows what penetrates into the earth and what goes out of it, what descends from heaven and what ascends to it. He is the All-Merciful, the All-Forgiving.

For the Knower of the Unseen, not even a particular of dust will escape His attention.

34:3 The unbelievers say: “The Hour will not come for us.” Say: “Yes, indeed, it will come, by my Lord, Knower of the Unseen, from Whom not the weight of a speck of dust will escape in the heavens or on earth; nor is anything smaller or bigger than that but is in a Manifest Book.”

And by the way, if you have to barter you provision in the performance of some righteous deed, we have to assume, Allah will replace it, no questions asked because of the good provider He is.

34:39 Say: “It is my Lord Who expands the provision to whomever of His servants He wishes and restricts it. Anything you spend, He will replace it. He is the Best of Providers.”

Present, past, future tense, it’s all the same to Allah. The Hereafter should come after.

34:51 If you could see how they (the unbelievers) were terrified. There was no escape, and they were seized from a near place*.

34:52 And they say: “We believe in it”, but whence can they attain it (the belief) from afar**?

* Moududi: “On the Day of Resurrection, every culprit will be seized in a way as though he lay in hiding close by.”

** Moududi: “They should have believed when they lived in the world; they have come a long way away from it. After having arrived in the Next World how can they get a chance to repent and believe?"

Allah is not a modest god; but you already knew that!

35:10 Whoever wishes Glory, it is to Allah that the glory utterly belongs. Unto Him good words ascend and the righteous deeds uplifts it. Those who contrive evil deeds will incur terrible punishment and the contriving of these will come to grief.

The different hues of fruits, animals and people is Allah's doing.

35:27 Have you not seen how Allah sends water down from the sky, and then We bring forth thereby fruits of diverse hues. And of the mountains there are lanes, white and red, of diverse hues, and some pitch dark.

35:28 And of people, beast and cattle, some are of diverse hues also. Indeed, of His servants, only the learned fear Allah. Allah is All-Mighty, All-Forgiving.

As every businessman and merchant knows, you have to spend money to make money. Praying may also be beneficial to the bottom line.

35:29 Surely, those who recite the Book of Allah, perform the prayer and spend of what we provided for them, secretly and publically, may hope for a trade which does not slacken.

35:30 That He might pay them their wages and increase them from His Bounty; He is indeed All-Forgiving, All-Thankful.

It may only be for a short time, depending on when Allah decides to bring an end to His creation; in meantime, believers, the place is all yours!

35:39 It is He Who made you (believers, Moududi) successors in the lands. Then he who disbelieves, his unbelief will recoil upon him; and their unbelief will only increase the unbelievers in contempt in the sight of their Lord. No their unbelief will only increase the unbelievers in perdition.

Allah’s Way is the only way, and that will never change, and there is nothing you can do about it. To even try to make Allah adapt to changing circumstances and a more enlightened constituency is to invite retaliation on a genocidal scale.

35:42 They (the Arabs, Moududi) swore their most earnest oaths that if a warner came to them they would surely be more guided than a certain nation (the Jewish or Christian nation). But when a warner came to them, that only increased their aversion.

35:43 Out of arrogance in the land and evil cunning. Yet the evil cunning will only recoil upon its perpetrators. Do they then look to anything other than the way of the ancients? For you will never find any alteration of Allah’s Way, and you will never find any deflecting of Allah’s Way.

35:44 Have they not travelled in the land to see what was the fate of those who came before them and were even mightier than they? Nothing in the heavens or the earth can thwart Allah; He is indeed All-Knowing, All-Powerful.

If in old age you have lost a few centimeters in height, that is also Allah’s doing, don't you know.

36:68 Whoever We grant old age, We would cause to shrink in form. Do they not understand, then?

Angel groups you may have never heard of (“The majority of the commentators are agreed that all these three groups (revelations 37:1-3) imply the groups of the angels” Moududi):


37 As-Sâffât

In the Name of Allah,

the Compassionate, the Merciful

37:1 By the rangers ranged in rows;

37:2 By the reprovers (sic) reproving;

37:3 By the reciters of a Reminder;

37:4 Your God is surely One,

37:5 The Lord of the heavens and the earth and what lies between them, Lord of the Orients.


37:164 There is not one of us but has a well-known station.

37:165 And we are indeed the rangers.

37:166 And We are those who glorify.

The bounteous who will have a bounty in both worlds.

39:10 Say: “O My servants who have believed, fear your Lord. Those who have been bounteous in this world will have a bounty, and Allah’s earth is vast. The steadfast will be paid their wages in full, without reckoning.”

The good and bad about the Word!

39:17 Those who shunned the worship of idols and turned in repentance unto Allah, theirs is the good news. “Announce, then, the good news to My servants.”

39:18 Those who hear the Word and follow the fairest of it; those are the ones whom Allah has guided and those are the people of understanding!

39:19 He upon whom the Word of punishment has been uttered, are you able to deliver from the Fire? 

Allah's discourse leaves a palpable harsh imprint followed by a mellowing effect on both the skins and hearts of those who hear it.

39:22 Now, what of one whose breast Allah has dilated unto Islam, so that he basks in light from his Lord? Woe betide then the hard-hearted, upon Allah’s mention. Those are in manifest error.

39:23 Allah has sent down the fairest discourse as a Book, both insistent and corroboratory, from which the skins of those who fear their Lord shiver. Then their skins and hearts mellow at the mention of Allah. That is the guidance of Allah whereby He guides whomever He wishes; and he whom Allah leads astray will have no guide.

With Allah, bad deeds don't have to be a deal breaker. Paradise can still be yours if you have enough offsetting good deeds.

39:32 Who, then, is more unjust than one who imputes lies to Allah and denounces the Truth as a lie when he hears it? Is not in Hell an abode for the unbelievers?

39:33 But he who brings the Truth and believes in it – those are the true God-fearing people.

39:34 They shall have what they wish from their Lord. That is the reward of the beneficent.

39:35 That Allah might remit their worst deeds and reward them their due according to the fairest deeds they used to do.

Allah's punishment is not only lasting, it is downright degrading.

39:40 “Whoever is visited by punishment will be degraded by it and a lasting punishment will befall him.”

Allah can’t be bribed and don’t even try.

39:47 Had the wrongdoers possessed all that is on earth and the like of it too, they would have redeemed therewith themselves from the terrible punishment of the Day of Resurrection, and there would have appeared to them from Allah that which they did not count on.

39:48 And there would have appeared to them the evils of what they have earned, and what they scoffed at would have afflicted them.

If Allah mends an injury, don’t think it is because you are special, that you have “some knowledge” that others don’t have. If you do, you may be smitten by something much worse.

39:49 When an injury touches a man, he calls upon Us. Then if We accord him a bounty from Us, he says: “I have been granted it on account of some knowledge.” However, it is a mere trial, but most of them do not know.

39:50 Thus those who preceded them have said it, but what they have earned did not avail them.

39:51 And so the evils of what they had earned smote them, and the evil-doers among these will be smitten by the evils of what they earned; and they will not frustrate Us.

Don’t expect Allah’s Mercy in the Hereafter if you have not repented in the here-and-now.

39:53 Say: “O My servants, who have been excessive against themselves: Do not despair of Allah’s Mercy; Allah remits all sins. He is indeed the All-Forgiving, the All-Clement.

39:54 “Return to your Lord and submit to Him before punishment visits you then you will have no support.

39:55 “And follow the fairest of what has been sent down to you from your Lord, before punishment visits you suddenly while you are unaware.

Allah’s considers His creation of the heavens (seven of them to be exact) and the earth a greater accomplishment than creating life from dirt.

40:57 Surely, the creation of the heavens and the earth is greater than the creation of mankind, but most people do not know.

Allah does not have to be the only one with the fairest of speeches.

41:33 Who is fairer in speech than one who calls unto Allah and performs the righteous deeds and says: “I am one of those who submit.”

The furthest astray are those who argue about the provenance of Allah's Koran.

41:52 Say: “What do you think? If it (the Qur’an) is from Allah and then you disbelieve in it, who is more astray than one who is given to profound contention?”

Forget everything you have learned about the role of X and Y chromosomes at conception, Allah decides on the sex of the child you conceive, if He even deigns to allow you to bear children.

42:49 To Allah belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth. He creates whatever He pleases, and grants whomever He wishes females, and whomever He wishes males.

42:50 Or He marries them, males and females, and makes whomever He wishes sterile. Indeed, He is All-Knowing, All-Powerful.

Remember Allah often if you don’t want unwanted company in the here-and-now and in Hell.

43:36 And he who is blind to the remembrance of the All-Compassionate, We shall assign to him a demon, who will be his constant companion.

43:37 They (the demons) will certainly bar them from the Path, while they think they are well-guided.

43:38 But when he comes to Us, he will say: “Would that between me and you is the distance between East and West.” What a wretched companion!

43:39 Today, it will not avail you, being wrongdoers, that you are partners in punishment.

Allah's superior contriving may have something to do with stealth snitches in His employ who can write.

43:78 We brought you (Meccans, Moududi) the Truth, but most of you were adverse to the Truth.

43:79 Or had they contrived some scheme. We are certainly contriving too.

43:80 Or do they think that We do not hear their secret and their private counsels. Yes, indeed, and Our Messengers (angels) are in their midst writing down.

You are doubly evil if you think Allah will consider your evilness on apar with those who do good and believe in Him.

45:21 What, do those who have perpetrated the evil deeds believe that We shall regard them as equal to those who have believed and done the righteous deeds, whether in their life or death (making their lives and deaths alike, Moududi)? Evil is their judgement.

Be the best you can be and Allah may overlook your evil deeds; but don't believe you will be raised up from the dead and you are literally toast.

46:16 Those from whom We accept the best of what they do and overlook their evil deeds shall be reckoned among the companions of Paradise, this being the promise of the truth which they were promised.

46:17 But as for him who says to his parents: “Fie upon you. Do you promised me to be raised up (from the dead), while generations have already gone before me?” They both call upon Allah to help them: “Woe unto you, have faith. Allah’s promise is true.” But he will say: “These are merely legend of the ancients.”

The Creation did not weary Allah one bit, and He will do it again.

50:15 Were We wearied by the first creation? No, they are in doubt regarding a new creation (the new world order after the Day of Resurrection, Moududi).


50:38 Indeed, We have created the heavens and the earth and what is between them in six days, and We were not touch by weariness.

Had Allah wished you would be a totally different person, or not a person at all.

56:60 We have decreed death upon you and We would not be outstripped;

56:61 Had We wanted to change the like of you and form you afresh in a fashion you do not know.

56:62 You have already known the first fashioning; if only you would remember.

You reap what Allah sows!

56:63 Have you seen what your till?

56:64 Do you sow it yourselves, or are We the Sowers?

56:65 Had We wished, We would have reduced it to rubble, and so you would have remained wondering:

56:66 ”We are penalized, indeed;

56:67 “No, we are being deprived.”

The wood which you use to make a fire, that too is from Allah (desert-dwellers should be particularly grateful).

56:71 Or did you see the fire which you kindle?

56:72 Did you make its timber to grow or were We the Growers?

56:73 We have made it a reminder and a boon to the desert-dwellers.

56:74 Glorify, then, the name of your Great Lord.

Allah knows what He has created, thank goodness!

67:13 Conceal your words or proclaim them, He knows very well the secrets of the breasts.

67:14 Does He not know what He has created, though He is the All-Subtle, the All-Informed?

But, then again, with Allah, you never know. And what about Allah, in revelation 67:18, the last in this series, admitting that much of what He does is an abomination.

67:16 Are you sure that He Who is in heaven will not cause the earth to cave in upon you? Behold how it quakes!

67:17 Or are you sure that He Who is in heaven will not let loose upon you a squall of pebbles? Then you shall know how My Warning sounds.

Allah admitting that much of what He does is an abomination.

67:18 Those who preceded you have disbelieved. How then was My Abomination?

You, and what army?

67:20 Or who is this who is a sentinel (your army, Moududi) for you to protect you against the Compassionate. The unbelievers are simply in error.

67:21 Or who is this who will provide for you, if He withholds His provision? Rather they have persisted in arrogance and aversion.

If you earn a living working the night shift, this may not be what Allah wished.

78:9 And made your sleep a period of rest?

78:10 And made the night as a garment?

78:11 And made the day a source of livelihood?


25:47 It is He who made the night a raiment for you, and sleep a period of rest, and made the day a rising up.

Allah swears to the stages of life and death and beyond.

84:16 No, I swear by the twilight,

84:17 And by the night and what it brings forth,

84:18 And by the moon when it is full,

84:19 That you will mount stage by stage.


You will not remain in one and the same state, but will have to pass through countless stages gradually, from youth to old age, from old age to death, from death to barzakh (the intermediary state between death and Resurrection), from barzakh to Resurrections from Resurrection to the Plain of Assembly, then to the Reckoning, and then to the meting out of rewards and punishments.



91 Ash-Shams

In the Name of Allah,

the Compassionate, the Merciful

91:1 By the sun and its forenoon brightness,

91:2 And the moon when it follows it,

91:3 And the day when it exhibits its light,

91:4 And the night when it obscures it;

91:5 And by the heaven and Him who erected it;

91:6 And the earth and Him who spread it out,

91:7 And the soul and Him who fashioned it well,

91:8 Inspiring it to profligacy and piety.

91:9 Prosperous shall be He who purifies it,

91:10 An ruined he who corrupts it.

Did Allah witness the burning of believers and did nothing?


85 Al-Burûj

In the Name of Allah,

the Compassionate, the Merciful

85:1 By the heaven of the many constellations;

85:2 And by the Promised Day;

85:3 And by every witness and what is witnessed.

85:4 Perish the companions of the Pit,

85:5 The fire well-stoked;

85:6 While they sat around it,

85:7 And were witnessing what they did to the believers.

85:8 They did not begrudge them except that they believed in Allah, the All-Mighty, the All-Praiseworthy;

85:9 To Whom belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth. Allah is witness of everything.

Allah is a Mighty Schemer, and what He is scheming about is no joking matter!

86:8 Surely, He has the power to bring him back (from the dead),

86:9 When the consciences of men shall be tested.

86:10 Then, he will have no power and no supporter.

86:11 And by the heavens which alternates (recurring cycle of rain, Moududi);

86:12 And the earth which is split up (ever bursting with verdure, Moududi).

86:13 It is indeed a decisive discourse;

86:14 And it is no joking matter.

86:15 They are indeed scheming mightily,

86:16 And I am scheming mightily.

86:17 So (Muhammad), give the unbelievers some respite. Respite them slowly.

Why Allah “straightens” out the provision:

89:15 As for man, whenever His Lord tests him, honouring him and favouring him with bounties, he says: “My Lord has honoured me.”

89:16 But when He tests him, straitening his provision, he says: “My Lord has despised me.”

89:17 Not at all: you do not actually honour the orphans;

89:18 And do not advocate the feeding of the destitute;

89:19 And you devour the inheritance greedily;

89:20 And you love wealth ardently.

Who is Allah talking too?

102:1 Covetousness has distracted you,

102:2 Till you visited the graveyards.

102:3 No; you shall surely know.

102:4 Again, no; you shall surely know.

102:5 No; if only you knew with certainty,

102:6 You would surely have perceived Hell (and ended up in Hell, Moududi).

102:7 Then, you will have perceived it with visual certainty.

102:8 Then, on that Day (Judgement Day) you will surely be questioned about the Bliss (My Bounties you enjoyed, Moududi).

Believe, do good by Allah and be steadfast and you will avoid falling prey to perdition.

103:1 By the aeon (time),

103:2 Man is, indeed, a prey to perdition,

103:3 Except for those who believe, do the righteous deeds, urge each other to seek the truth and urge each other to be steadfast.

If the following surah was Medinan, then the following revelations could be considered instructions from Allah to His Messenger not to attack the Meccans caravans during certain months; but it’s a Meccan surah. Pity.


106 Quraysh

In the Name of Allah,

the Compassionate, the Merciful

106:1 For Quraysh’s customary journey,

106:2 The journey of the winter and summer,

106:3 Let them worship the Lord of this House,

106:4 Who has fed them when they were hungry and secured them against fear.